It’s Britney, bitch

I’ve sat here for two days making little changes to this now-defunct site. “Should I start this up again?” I ask myself. Then I think about all the ways people could be unkind and I walk into the next room, all sweaty.

To be fair, I’m menopausin’, so I walk into every room all sweaty these days. Mother of GOD.

While I menopause and reflect, I also think about nice people. The nice people outweighed the not-nice ones up in here. Not literally. I mean, I don’t know how much you weigh. Maybe that would be a nice place to start. Let’s all get reacquainted by writing in and saying what we weigh!


So if I do come back, what do you want to know? Because I could sit here and recap the whole dang four and a half months and bore you to tears if you wanted. Also, the good news is, maybe five people will even see this site is up so there won’t be that many questions, and maybe I can write one nice, concise, here’s-what’s-you-wanted-to-know post and we can move forward from there.

Meanwhile, what’s new with you, five people? Tell all. Including your weight.


I seriously didn’t mean to write “Jooob,” with a b, but it was nice to get that typo back, just like old times.


yuu way HOW mutch? eyeriss can’t see it. think yuu look grate.

318 thoughts on “It’s Britney, bitch

  1. Menopause is a bitch. I’m heavier now than when I was 9 months preggers…..pfffttt….
    Dong quai root (all natural) really does help with the hot flashes though. Glad to see you’re back!!!


  2. It won’t accept my comments, but I wouldn’t tell anyone my current weight, which would place me somewhere in Muhammad Ali’s weight class. Glad you are back. Make sure I get this on emailAunt Kathy



  3. Welcome back! I’ve been doing Keto ever since you left. I weigh 165 and I’ve been on a plateau for a month. Menopause did me dirty in the weight department fifteen years ago. I have missed your wit and animals.


  4. I’m so very excited!

    Please share everything & anything. You’ve been missed!

    I weighed 122 @ the doctor a few weeks ago.


  5. How can it only be four months when I just thought last Thursday was only two days ago?
    I want to know about the house and everything you hope for in the house. How did you pick colors of paint and did the animals have input. Is Lily still cranky and has Iris adapted to her new yard?
    Mostly, I want to read your writing again. You are my tribe, and I take comfort knowing I am not alone in finding what passes for normal baffles and//or enrages me. And I need advice about my cat.
    Less recipes this time around, hmm?


  6. Glad you’re back! Would love (several) updates on what you’ve been up to. You’ve been deeply missed.


  7. Britney, bitch! You got some ‘splaining to do. Cause this morning the picture at the top of this here notblog was Eds and Eyeriss or Lily. But tonight the picture header is a house with Eds out front and your cool vintage glider taunting me. It’s making me wonder a thousand million questions that I want to ask. Instead, I will lay low and wait to see that there’s a Friday post (are you there God, It’s me AA, please let there be a Friday post). Also, I can’t even with those cute shutters and window awnings.

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  8. Tried to comment earlier and WordPress hated me, so if this is a duplicate I apologize to all the Pie Peeps. I vote for a recap of the finding of the new house and the move. Also, I tell no one my weight. It’s too scary.


  9. I was so happy to see that you had posted. I hope you will tell us all about what we’ve missed. I’ve missed my first cup of coffee and June updates so very much. Tickled that you “may” be back. As you see, you have many more than a measley five admirers. We love you!


  10. I want to know every flippin’ detail about your move. From the moment you decided to list the old house until you placed the last throw pillows in the new place and every offer that fell through on between. I am so happy you’re blogging again.


  11. Joooooonnn!! You’re back!!! (Running around in circles and screaming) Oh, happy day!!!!!!!!!

    Weight? 23.4 pounds less than i was the last time you posted. Yes, I am doing Weight Watchers. Trying to get healthy. Sigh.

    You moved??? Please do tell us the details.


  12. Tried to post this before, but here I go again. So happy to see comments from people I realized I considered friends. Sadie (possibly the nicest person I “know”, want to be you when I grow up), Tee, Amish Annie, Paula H&B, Mary Ellen from Napa (so sorry for your trouble)…and on and on. Haven’t had time to follow on IG. Again, so glad you’re back, June! Hope you keep not-blogging. Really missed all of you. Oh, and: Lovely post, June!

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  13. Welcome back! It’s been a great day. First encouraging news from my doctor and a new post. I’ve lost 40 pounds this summer but I’ve been sick. Not advised. Tell us about the animals and the new house.


  14. YAY!!! You are back. Mean people suck. And you know what they absolutely hate more than anything else? To be ignored. So ignore the mean ones and focus on the nice ones.


  15. JUNE! Oh this makes me so happy. I’ve got a big stupid grin on my face and I don’t think it’s going away any time soon. I have been doing the goddam keto diet since May and I’ve lost 30 pounds. 50 to go! I have missed your writing and would love to hear whatever you want to share.


  16. You were missed. I am 198. I would like to see and read about your new home, update us on the pets and your usual blog characters.


  17. So glad you’re back! I’ve missed the writing, and the pics on the Gram were nice, but, I’ve missed the writing. While you were gone, my hip still hurts, I have new windows (which will be great this winter), I bought new woolen mittens (in periwinkle!), my weight hasn’t changed for good or ill, and I’ve missed your writing.

    Also, I have a new cat (after losing Lucia). Her name is Cora, and I’ve had her since late May. She’s very pretty, and is a grey girl (!), but, she won’t let me touch her, or pet her, yet. She lives under my bed. She looks at me with terror on her face, but I remain patient that she’ll come around, eventually. Are you bringing home that cute tortie girl from your last batch of kittens? Will there be more batches of kittens? Welcome back!


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