Let’s scare each other

I’m running late because I’ve spent all morning presenting Milhous with 75 kinds of food he won’t eat.

milhowse persnik

At the shelter, they gave me a bag of Science Diet kitten food, claiming that’s what he’d been eating.

Won’t eat it. Covers it up with his paws.

So I gave him a can of kitten Fancy Feast.

Won’t eat it. Covers it up with his assy paws.

Okay, then. Would you eat another dry kitten food? Let me head to the store again and get you another brand, she says a trifle shrilly.


What about adult canned food, she asks desperately.

Paw. Dick-ass paw, covering it.



He has the energy of a thousand suns, and he drinks water, but I’ve only seen him indifferently nibble a few bites of adult canned food. Everything else can go to hell.

Meanwhile, Lily and Iris are Templeton at the fair, as they are getting his dregs.


So, anyway, I was gonna tell you all about seeing Nosferatu at my old movie theater last night, where they had a live organist as opposed to a dead one playing, which would have been more in keeping with Halloween, but I guess really I just wrapped that all up even though I said I was “gonna” tell you.

Nosferatu coming back from a mani

But since I have to get in the shower now and worry about my kitten, and also make sure I have enough razors to stick in all the Halloween candy, I thought I’d turn it over to you today.

Let’s scare each other.

Yesterday I mentioned to The Poet that I was going to see Nosferatu, and she said the photos from that movie scare her to this day, and Dear Poet: Sorry I just scared you with that photo above.

I cannot, I mean cannot, look at anything having to do with The Exorcist or I get chilled to my very bone parts. That movie scares the crap out of me.

(Also, Milhous craps, so he MUST be eating something, right? He’s over in the chair and I can hear him purring. He seems fine other than NOT EATING.)

Anyway, back to our topic. The Poet and I then discussed other movies that have always scared us, and I told her about one that was on TV late at night, at some point in the early ’70s, and these people, I think, killed someone? And wrapped the victim in a sheet? And placed him on the elevator in their apartment to get rid of the body?

But then the ghost of that sheet would ride past their place, whistling and so on and trust me it was terrifying. The elevator would come up, right in their living room, and there’d be that sheet, just whistling.

“But what I wanna know is, how desperate for an apartment must you be to elect a place that has an elevator going right through it?” I asked.

“Might it have been a dumbwaiter?” The Poet asked.

And right then I knew.

ALL MY LIFE I’ve gone around thinking that movie had an apartment with an elevator going right through the living room–and hey, good design–when I’ll bet you anything it was a dumbwaiter and I was too young to know what one was back then.

So, my point is, what movies still scare you to this day?

Or even better, what ghosty things happened to you that you can’t explain, that still kind of scare you to this day?

When I was a kid, we turned part of the basement into a TV room. I’m certain we thought we were the height of sophistication with the particle-board walls we put up, decorated with a WC Fields poster.

That room had one bare hanging bulb you had to pull a chain to turn on or off, a dark-blue velvet chair and an old couch, plus one TV tray, as I recall. I watched all my Saturday morning cartoons down there, till the sun would creep in the windows and I’d feel guilty and bring my bowl up and go outside out of some sort of childhood duty.

Anyway, it was always slightly creepy to pull the chain on the bulb and leave the dark TV room and have the rest of the dark basement among you. I’d always


up the basement steps, in a way that would kill my knees now. Each step was covered in a sort of brown ribbed plastic that kept you from slipping, and in my MIND, there was always a scary creature, let’s say Nosferatu, just behind me, and if I made it up the brown steps I’d be fine.

So one time I’d successfully escaped the clutches of Nosferatu, Saginaw basement version, and at the top of the steps, I stared down to the basement in victory.

And the light in the TV room?

Turned on.

Then off.

Then on.



and I never told anyone that story till now.

So now you go.

95 thoughts on “Let’s scare each other

  1. The Sixth Sense….and The Exorcist. Totally kill me. I’ll never watch either again.
    I lived in a haunted three-story townhouse when I was 12-14. A childlike spirit would visit many nights….never did any harm, but scared the beejesus out of me by running up and down the stairs and through the hallways. I still get goosebumps thinking about it.


  2. When my husband and I had first moved in together (not married yet), I woke up one morning, looked to the side, saw his head on the pillow next to mine, and SCREAMED. For some reason, I thought it lacked a body. So he woke up to me looking toward the bedroom door (don’t know why) and screaming, and he almost had a heart attack.

    I can’t handle really scary movies. Sixth Sense is my absolute limit. Or Get Out. That was okay. Except my husband (he of the disembodied head) and I had to walk home in the dark after that movie and kept expecting someone to jump out of the shrubbery at us.


  3. My sister and her friend in their early teens were home alone one night on the farm when my parents were out. The girls had watched The Exorcist and then gone to bed. They were awakened around 1 a.m by the bed shaking. Naturally they were terrified … phoned my parents, who were still out boozing with their buddies, and begged them to come home! … the next morning they learned there had been a mild earthquake … a rarity here in Saskatchewan.

    That’s as scary as it gets.
    I don’t watch scary movies, not even the trailers on TV. Nope. NoSiree.
    I think the last time I watched a scary movie was in the late 1970s and it was Susperia and I swear for a while there I was afraid to look into my eyes in the mirror and I started going to a Pentacostal Church where the preacher preached about Satan, and possessions he’d seen, and … nope, horror movies are not for me. My imagination doesn’t need any help.



  4. The Sixth Sense. When I watched it on TV, I had to call my brother and keep him on the line while I finished watching it. I’m watching it right now and it’s still as scary. M. Night Shyamalan is sick and talented.


    1. I have to take back my previous statement that I don’t watch scary movies since I did watch The Sixth Sense and The Birds as an adult although I didn’t find either scary. Last night, we watched The Mummy and Frankenstein both starring Boris Karlov. They were a hoot.


  5. My sister and I watched Midnight Lace, starring Doris Day, when we were kids. We scared each other for years afterwards by saying, “die, die, my darling”. As an adult, the movie Deliverance scared me. I read everything Stephen King writes, though.


  6. Ok, total wuss here. Don’t ever watch scary movies especially those advertised as horror. My two scariest movies #1 Wizard of OZ…those flying monkeys kept me up at night as a kid. #2 Jaws….dun dun, dun dun dun dun. Seriously freaked me out as a teen…I didn’t even swim in my backyard above ground pool that summer!!! Total scaredy cat.


  7. The Fly. And The Twilight Zone, especially one where there was someone outside an airplane on the wing, and he was peering in at the passengers. Shudder. I can’t do scary anymore.

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  8. My older sister was a totally predictable creature of habit. I guess I was around seven when I got the bright idea to scare her. She had this ritual that indicated she was about to take a shower: retrieving towels from hallway linen closet and laying out on bathroom counter, flipping on the light to the bathroom and leaving it on as she went to her bedroom, she would emerge wearing her bathrobe then go into the bathroom with her transistor radio (jeez, old much Krakkity?) and set it onto the bathroom counter to enjoy some sweet tunes to KZEW, as she took her shower. All of this I had observed from outside the bathroom. On this one occasion, I wrongly decided that hiding in the shower and scaring the hell out of her as she whipped back the curtain was just a brilliant idea. How fun, I thought to my young scheming self. So I wait for her to go in her room to change into just her bathrobe and I slip into the shower. Suppressing the desire to giggle, I recall being just GIDDY with anticipation of how funny this was, and how we were all (as I imagined my parents surely also would join in the fun of this brilliant gag of mine) going to have such a laugh! She comes in, closes the door…then proceeds to piddle around. I mean I could hear her moving about, but of course couldn’t SEE what she was doing. I thought surely she would hear my breath, as she was taking so long, holding my breath had become impossible. When she finally whips back that curtain, I scare her to the point that she turns, unlocks the door, and runs naked down the hallway to her bedroom. She was NOT amused. Nor were my folks. To this very day, I am unable to go into a bathroom…my own, at a friend’s house…ANY bathroom with a shower and curtain, without first checking that there is no one in the shower. This may not SOUND like a scary story but believe me when I tell you that “my” Boogie Man is of my OWN creation. This event some 40+ years ago still impacts my life to this moment. In fact, I paused writing this reply a couple minutes ago to go pee and tried to will myself not to do my usual peek. Couldn’t do it.

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    1. This reminded me of a movie I saw where a woman was killed by an intruder who hid in her apartment. She didn’t see him because he was standing in the bathtub where her sweaters were soaking. (Remember washing wool sweaters like that?) From then on I never went into the bathroom without checking to see that there was no one hiding in the bathtub. Two years ago I had my bathroom renovated and now have clear glass doors to my shower.

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      1. Elsiejb, I have always thought if I could ever “choose”, I would have glass doors instead of a shower curtain! Isn’t it telling that these 40+ years, and I still have to peek? It’s a sort of self created phobia, I suppose. Do you find that you must look every time you go into a bathroom, any bathroom where there is a curtain? Cheers to you, and take care! 🙂


    2. KZEW!!! Another Dallas person! The best radio station ever.
      P.S. Your lucky your sister didn’t throat punch you. No way she would have been punished for that.

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  9. When I was little we had Weird Theater on t.v. on Friday nights just after the news and I remember being so scared by the old west Cowboy Vampire (no clue the name of that cheesy movie) that to this day I can not sleep without the covers over my neck. And the Incredible Shrinking Man who got so tiny he was a dust mote and blew away. And Vincent Price in anything but especially the Wax Museum. I tried to like scary movies and saw the Exorcist, and the Shining, and the first Alien movie. But the last one I have seen was the original Halloween. I just don’t like scary stuff. I know, I am a baby about this stuff.


  10. The movie that turned me off scary movies forever was The Babysitter (I think, although when she is escaping the psycho she had no kids with her, so maybe she just gave them up or maybe she wasn’t a babysitter). The psycho called her and somehow, illogically, he was calling from INSIDE THE HOUSE ON THE SAME LINE!!! Scared the carp out of me. Then she escapes out to a car and is driving away and he looms up from the back seat. Peed myself I was so scared. For years I checked the back seat whenever I got into a car.
    Now that I’m old I can just say that I don’t do scary, violent, or heights, and I’m okay with that.


  11. I was probably 12 or so and was at my friends house. We were in her GIANT basement, effing around with a OUIJA board. After we had sufficiently scared ourselves into thinking we summoned the devil, we packed up and headed back upstairs. Halfway to the steps, something on the far wall CRASHED to the floor. Of course we screamed the rest of the way to the stairs. About, oh, 4 or 5 stairs up, a ball went whizzing past our heads like it had been thrown by a professional pitcher. Oh my god I never went in her basement or played with a OUIJA board again.

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  12. It wasn’t a movie but a TV show that would give me nightmares as a kid. Carl Kolchak The Night Stalker, especially the episode about the Black Knight. When I was a kid, I was positive I could hear a clanking suit of armor coming down the hallway toward my bedroom to kill me. Or the episode about the headless motorcycle rider. If I heard a motorcycle in the middle of the night, I just knew it was the headless rider seeking revenge on the people who caused his death. God, I loved that show!

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  13. When I was a kid, The Ghost and Mr. Chicken was the scariest movie in the world for me. That organ music! The gardening shears stuck in the portrait of Mrs. Simmons with blood gushing out! That disembodied voice shouting “Atta boy, Luther!” It was terrible! Just terrible!

    Today, my favorite scary movie is The Others. Just all around creepy without being gory although I really wish Nicole Kidman’s character wouldn’t speak in whispers. When I watch that movie, I have to crank up the sound just to be able to hear what she’s saying.

    The Insidious franchise is also really terrifying. Especially hearing Tiny Tim sing Tiptoe Thru the Tulips. That’ll give anyone nightmares.

    When we moved into our house back in 1995, it had been my grandparents house for nearly 50 years. My grandma had had a habit of getting up on the middle of the night, walking down the hall to the kitchen to get a drink of water and peer through the blinds of the window over the kitchen sink. Then she would walk back down the hall and go back to bed. Even after she died, she still kept up her nightly routine. We’d all hear footsteps going from her old bedroom to the kitchen and back again.

    My neighbors told me that about a week after my Grandma’s funeral, they saw her standing on the front lawn as they drove by. They waved out of habit and said she waved back, just like always. They told me it didn’t hit them as to what they just saw until they were halfway down the street and then they all said, “Uh, did anyone else see just Mamma Olga or was I just imagining it?”

    My husband, kids and I also compared notes and realized that all of us would see the same shadow person standing in the doorway to the kitchen. This sighting occurred if you used the hall bathroom in the middle of the night. You’d be sitting there doing your business and if the door was open, you could see the shadow person standing there at the end of the hallway in the kitchen doorway. From the way it was standing, I always got the impression it was my Uncle Donnie, who died at the age of 39.

    One time some friends of my son were talking about our ghosts and one of the guys said “Yeah, you hear things when you spend the night at Kevin’s but you don’t really see anything” and the other friend said “Oh, you see things, too. Like that shadow person in the kitchen that just stands there.”

    We also used to see a blurry blond haired little kid run past the windows overlooking the backyard. Always running from right to left (south to north), never the other direction.

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  14. Add me to the list of people who were terrified by The Birds as a child and watched it as an adult and thought “what the heck?” That movie isn’t the least bit scary! We were so innocent. I should re-watch Psycho – it’s probably like a nice family sit-com. Poltergeist can still scare me, though. I don’t watch any of the new horro stuff. I don’t need any more scary thoughts in my head! I’m tempted to watch The Haunting of Hill House, but my daughter tried and said she had to turn it off and she’s not even 1/100th the scaredy cat that I am!

    I had all the usual scary kid moments. We were sent to the dark and dingy basement to retrieve canned goods or potatoes or whatnot for my mom for dinner and it was dreadful. Either someone would turn the lights off on you or you’d walk into a cobweb or your horrible brother would slam the door and not let you out. Anyway you looked at it, it was a six year old’s worst nightmare.

    Happy Haunting everyone!


  15. No otherworldly experiences here, unfortunately. Movies that creeped me out include Invasion of the Body Snatchers in the early 80s (made my mother sleep with me for a week), The Changeling, the original Nightmare on Elm Street (had to leave the theater when the tongue came out of the phone) and Blair Witch Project, which Gumbo and I saw the very first weekend it pre-opened, so no one in the audience knew anything about it beyond the guerrilla internet marketing (is it real? it’s real; I saw it online! etc.). When it ended, everyone just sat there for a few minutes, then the guy behind us said, “That’s it. Next time *I* go camping, it will be in the middle of a lighted football field, with 100 of my closest friends”

    Have never seen The Exorcist. No one in my family will watch scary movies with me.

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  16. When I was a kid (maybe 5 or 6) my mom, aunt and grandmother took me to see “Psycho” and made me tell them the scary parts while they held their hands over their faces. Years later, I remember running home from school to watch “Dark Shadows” every afternoon. So ghosts and goblins do not scare me at all. That said, the most horrifying movie for me was “When a Stranger Calls”. I am more scared of real people that are crazed murderers than anything extra worldly. Love the movie Nosferatu and as a matter of fact I have it recorded to watch this week.

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    1. I used to come home from kindergarten and watch Dark Shadows with my mom. I loved that show! The intro of the scary music and the crashing waves would send shivers down my spine. It was awesome!

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  17. My parents are dead, but still make their presence very well known. A couple of examples: my daughter and I had been looking for a specific recipe of my mother’s for a couple of weeks. We were talking about it one day while my daughter had a small box in her hands. A small empty box. However when she moved the box, she heard something, so she opened it and there was the recipe.

    When my parents died, we moved to their house. Last year, we were discussing what the house looked like, the landscaping etc., years ago. There was disagreement about the age of some trees. The next day my husband got home first and in the middle of the floor there was a black and white picture of the exterior of the house just sitting in the middle of the floor. Back then, the pictures had the year on the little white border and it was from about a year after the house was built. He was totally creeped out.

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        1. I believe you, Paula. I have a couple of beings, we’ll just say they’re not in form, who help me find important things when I ask. Sometimes they put them right in plain sight and sometimes I will hear “a voice” say, for example, “Look in the pocket of your robe.” And there it will be. These guys have looked out for me twice and I think saved me from danger. They are very loving but sometimes are also stern. They do things similar to your picture and recipe stories.


  18. “The Last Man on Earth” with Vincent Price. Gave me nightmares for WEEKS. I still don’t do zombies and as a nifty marital note, my husband of 30+ years will still follow me down a dark hall moaning “Morgan.” That is quickly followed by screeching and flailing.

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  19. Newish here!

    In college i rented an old house in the middle of the country, about 20 minutes outside of town. I was broke, so I thought it was an even better deal that the rent house came with a bunch of old furniture. When I moved in, I noticed what I thought to be star details on the ceiling of each room. Friends would come over and informed me that they looked a lot like pentagrams. I asked the land lady, who told me the house was originally owned by her sister who was “into that witchin’ stuff”.

    Odd things would happen but I’m a skeptical person when it comes to the hoodaleedoodalie woo woo stuff, an rent was super cheap, so I was willing to write off a lot of things to just being coincidences. My friends would joke and talk to the “spirit” they convinced that I had in my house.

    I came home one night to lights flickering, some of the old furniture tipped over and this scene blaring at full volume on my TV:

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cfkAw6a05F0 (Cheeseball of a movie, but STILL)

    I moved that next weekend. I could easily brush it off as some kind of odd robbery or prank, but it was juuuuust enough to freak me out.


    1. At first glance, I thought you had started your comment with “Jewish here” and I thought, “WTH? Do we have to start identifying ourselves now? Do I have to change my avatar to a yellow star or WHAT?”


  20. Poltergeist. I still get twitchy if a TV goes to snow. I also had nightmares after watching Pet Semetary. Finally, Children of the Corn really creeped me out. I have never had an encounter with a ghost, but my kid freaked me out when she was about 3. She was upset and told me “they” did something. And I was like “who?” And she pointed to the other side of the room, saying “them” and no one was there. This is different from her imaginary friends, which she also had. It was like someone was there that she didn’t know. Weird.


  21. Back in the 70s, we were visiting my grandparents. They went to bed early and my older brother made my younger brother and I watch a movie called Ssssss about a guy who starts giving his assistant these injections that turn him into a snake. I’ve been terrified of snakes ever since and if I see a photo of one I will usually have a snake nightmare that night.

    Pet Semetary was so creepy that I couldn’t make it all the way through.

    I had several ghostly experiences in my former house. The scariest one was when I woke up in the middle of the night and heard something downstairs. I got up out of bed and walked to the top of the staircase. Clear as day I heard someone desperately trying to open a door. It was an interior door that had some movement but someone couldn’t get it opened, as if they were locked in a room in my house. I could hear the sound of someone desperately trying to turn the door knob and the sound of the door being pulled but not opening where it’s kind of bouncing in the door jamb if you know what I mean. Over and over and over for about 20 seconds I heard the door noise. I freaked the heck out, ran back to my bedroom, closed the door, and pulled the covers over my head.

    Occasionally I heard heavy footsteps in my house in the night. I live alone.

    I went downstairs one morning and found a sewing needle in the middle of the kitchen floor. I don’t sew and had not had a needle out for anything.

    And one Saturday afternoon I was in the kitchen and suddenly heard water running. I went into one of the downstairs bathrooms and the shower was on full blast. No one else was there but me, and I had not been in that bathroom for at least 4 or 5 hours. I took showers in my bathroom upstairs so that shower had not been turned on in quite some time.

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  22. The movie that scared me the most was a movie made for kids with the little boy from Family Affair where he was chasing a butterfly and fell off a cliff, then came back as a ghost that no one could see or hear. Scared the crap out of me.


  23. I don’t like scary movies or books. I think the last scary movie I saw was The Ring. I get nervous when I see large flocks of birds. (Thank you, Alfred Hitchcock!) I once sprinted away from fog coming across a lake as I walked to work from a distant parking lot. (Another thank you – to Stephen King.)


  24. I almost forgot this. Years and years and years ago, I was in school and I don’t know why, but there was an assembly and they showed The Blob. I was terrified. And that is one cheesy, poorly-made, stupid movie. But as a kid having never seen anything but Disney movies? TERRIFIED. Had my head in my hands in my lap and those rotten nuns would make me sit back up and watch the movie. So I sat back up but refused to open my eyes. The Blob, of all things. I’m embarrassed for my own self.


    1. I still get a twinge sometimes cleaning the sink—didn’t the Blob come up out of some woman’s drain, and she touched it with her finger and became Blob?


  25. Picture Mommy Dead . I still get creeped out by the song “The worms crawl in, the worms crawl out, in your stomach and out your mouth” (shudder). When I was growing up we had a picture hanging on our living room wall of some Spanish lady in a beautiful yellow gown. Her eyes followed you wherever you went. My older sister tormented me about that picture…said she was from the movie….(older sisters can be dicks). Fast forward a hundred years and I see that same picture in an antique shop in Hiawassee GA. Had to buy it and it hangs proudly on a wall in our mountain house, but truthfully it still scares me sometimes!


  26. Regarding the elevator movie: Sometimes in movies rich people’s apartments are depicted as having elevators which go directly to the penthouse apt. Presumably a key is required to enter or exit this special elevator, so maybe it was an elevator and not a dumb waiter. My 1st scariest movie was House of Wax. I still think of it at times. I saw Halloween Monday all by myself at the theater. Fun. The women got even.


  27. June is back! Seriously, still ridiculously happy.

    Coming back from a mani. Kilt me dead.

    Husband and I both remembered The Birds as being terrifying. So, when our kids were younger, we planned a movie night in order to pass on our PTSD. The Birds is dull. DULL! We were embarrassed by the wimpy scare. And a bit surprised by our remembrances. We were pelted with popcorn and it remains a familiar family tale. Mom and Dad’s scary scary movie. Or not.
    Doesn’t really fit the category as I am no longer afraid. But memories are funny things.


    1. Ok, The Birds is one of my scary movies. The first time I saw it was at an outdoor theater called The Grove at Texas A&M (I don’t think it’s been there for a loooooong time). There were trees all around and because it was early evening there were birds everywhere settling down for the night. So you could hear their wings fluttering and the leaves rustling with the birds movements and their quiet little bird chirping. It really heightened the fear factor when the birds attacked. When I’ve seen it since then I always am on alert and remember being surrounded by those real birds while watching the movie birds.


  28. The Exorcist for me too, though I have watched it alone in broad daylight. All of those things scare me less now that I have become on intimate terms with cancer, the biggest horror of all.
    My mother is a horror hater. She is prone to nightmares. My dad loved horror and watched Roland with his grandfather after he dropped my mother off from their dates. He let us watch the old horror movies on Saturdays when we were kids. I had to sneak and watch Dark Shadows for a while until my mom realized it did not give ME nightmares.
    I will not watch The Ring again. That scared the crap out of me. I love a good ghost story. Stir of Echoes and The Others are favorites. A good period piece Vampire Movie holds great appeal.
    I saw a ghost in a love one’s home when their 21 year old child was 3 weeks old. I was babysitting. A tall man in period costume walked through the house. I was freaked but much more so later when something whispered in my ear. I vould not understand what it said. I got off easy, others have been touched. A paranormal expert told them they have many spirits. She has a gift but it scares her, she has no desire to develop it.

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  29. Turning off the basement light and running for our lives up the basement stairs was a thing in our house too. With siblings, we would unexpectedly turn off the light on each other.
    Also, if I had to get out of bed in the middle of the night, I would stand on the edge and jump as far as I could and then RUN so the scary guy under the bed couldn’t grab my ankles.


  30. In junior high some of thought showing us The Fall of the House of Usher was a good idea. Scared the carp out of 12 year old me. I thought I was a genius and rented it a few years back for a Halloween viewing with my husband and it was a cheesy mess. Around the same time my mom was working at Fox and brought home a set of vampire teeth in a jar that Sharon Tate wore. This was a few months bed the murders.


  31. I never liked scary movies but watched one by accident in my mid-twenties that scared the bejesus out of me. I was home alone on a Friday night and it happened to be on TV. I was so scared I didn’t want to get up off my sofa and go to bed. As in, something might be under the sofa and grab me!

    It was called The Hitcher.


  32. When I was 5 my babysitter made me stay up with her to watch a scary movie. I have no idea what the movie was but it had a frightening clown in it. My parents fired the babysitter….not for making me watch the movie, but for having sex with her boyfriend in their bed.

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  33. I love the basement story.
    The Exorcist is still the scariest, hands down, turn yo head around. I still get chills when I hear Tubular Bells.
    Jeepers Creepers is a close second.
    I loved all the cheesy Christopher Lee Dracula movies when I was a kid.
    Bite me now, Gary Oldman.


  34. OK, I know this is really weird. Back in the olden days, when I was a little girl, there was a tire commercial on television. It might have been for Goodyear or Goodrich. Anyway, they’d show the tire and say, “Goodyear GRIIIIPS the road.” Then a big ol’ hand would come out of the tire in a gripping fashion and dig its fingers into road or whatever the tire was sitting on. The thought of that commercial still gives me the heebie-jeebies.


    1. Okay, now I don’t feel so silly about the heebie-jeebies I get from that commercial where crackers drop from high in the air into three bowls of soup and it splashes out (and the mess, the mess there’s going to be!). -Kate


  35. When we were ten, a friend and I saw Hush, Hush Sweet Charlotte. Truthfully, we only saw part of it because it scared us so badly, that we spent the rest of the movie in the lobby. But, to this day, I will not watch any scary movies.


    1. Oh, that movie scared me to death!! Also, Whatever Happened to Baby Jane and The Changeling with George C. Scott.


      1. Have never seen Whatever Happened to Baby Jane or The Changeling because Hush, Hush Sweet Charlotte scared me enough for a lifetime.

        See Sadie under Wimp in the dictionary.


  36. I will share my vet’s view on cats: No cat ever died of starvation and no cat ever died because it was stuck in a tree.

    My view on cats: Cats are dicks. But I love them.

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  37. I am a real horror movie lover and started early, watching the late horror movie on Friday nights. The Mummy movies scared me, but the scariest was the Creature from the Black Lagoon. I think that’s why I never wanted to swim in a lake, something might touch my foot. I never saw Nosferatu till I was grown up, and I thought he was kind of charming. Except for those fingers. Frankenstein and Dracula never did it for me. As an adult I thought I was immune to being scared by horror films until I saw The Ring and The Grudge. Still have to watch those behind my fingers. But I’d rather watch horror than anything else, well except for Jason Momoa.

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    1. I forgot to mention that as a young teenager, my cousins and I were at a drive-in and saw “The Curse of the Fly.” There were really strange looking servants and they took care of monsters in cages in the backyard. We scared each other for years just mentioning things about this movie.


  38. Ditto The Exorcist for me. I won’t ever watch that movie again.

    I’ve had one or two scary incidents but something that happened to my granddad was much scarier. (He always had these stories…) Anyway, he was about 16 at the time, so this was around 1936. He made deliveries for a drugstore pharmacy and he often worked very late. One night, he’s riding his bike out on a country road, making a delivery, it’s pitch black and he hears someone yell from somewhere to the side of him “Hey, you!”

    He keeps riding and he hears it again, right to the side: “Hey, you!” Not from behind him like it should have been if they were walking or even running because he’s on a bike. He would have heard a car. He said that happened several more times and he’s riding as fast as he can and each time, the voice comes from the same distance, off to the side of him. He can’t out-ride it.

    I got CHILLS when he told me that.

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  39. The shelter I foster for also sends you home with Science Diet kitten food. When my kittens had bad poop that nothing would fix they told me to go get Purina Kitten Chow. Apparently its a thing. My animal food snooty self was appalled. Isn’t Purina pet food junk food? I was all judgy
    with “How can you feed that to your child” thoughts. Then I just got the freaking food and got over myself. The cats loved it, eventually the bad poop stopped.


  40. EVery Sunday after church my parents would drop my sister and me off at the movies for a matinee. I was about 12 and my sister a few years younger. We saw ‘The Abominable Dr Phibes’ with Vincent Price and it scared the bejesus out of us. Then we saw the ‘Count Yorga’ films and that scared us worse–to this day I have never watched another Count Yorga show because it was about vampires that could walk in the daytime and weren’t afraid of crucifixes and 45 years later that still scares me.


  41. Darby O’Gill and the Little People. It was a Disney movie and I saw it as a kid. Don’t know if it still scares me because I never watched it again – the banshees and leprechauns were terrifying! I can still see the banshee scene. And most people have never heard of it, and it’s also a love story with Sean Connery. Could be. All I remember is being scared to death.

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    1. My (now) husband and I had our first date on Halloween. A week later he came over with pizza and movies because I was a single mom and he knew getting a baby sitter cost me. The first movie we watched was Darby O’Gill and the Little People because he thought my daughter should have a movie before she was put to bed. I don’t remember being scared by it, but I do remember being impressed that he cared about my kid. Your comment is making me want to see it again!


        1. The banshee and the ghost hearse. Good lord. Makes me wonder when I saw it, because I was born in 61 and I know I saw it in the theater. But we were in a small town so they probably just got movies after the first run when they were really cheap. I was probably 7 or so when I saw it.


  42. P.S. I must have seen at least one scary movie because I was never allowed to watch scary movies because it caused me to have nightmares. I still don’t like scary stuff.


  43. If that kitten is pooping, he’s eating. He just has the upper hand and us just trying to make you worry. Brat. If he ate the Science Diet in the slammer put it out, when he gets hungry he’ll eat it.

    “…live organist as opposed to a dead one…” Plunk!

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  44. I meant to say it has scared ME for over 40 years! To think that movie is 80+ years old is insane!


  45. The original Mummy movie with Boris Karloff. If you are lucky enough to watch the original that includes all the crackling film noise from the 30’s, along with Boris’s performance it is truly scary and has been for over 40 years!


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