Special Snowy Sunday…Sost. I wanted to be alliterative.

St. Francis has a snow collar. Or a ghost is ass-raping him. One or the other. Happy Sunday! Merrrrrrry Christmas!

It’s snowing here.

wat fuk?

Depending on what weather app you look at, we’re going to get anywhere from 8 to 194 inches. They’re telling us to stay home, because while this is just a day in March in Michigan, here they don’t know what to do with themselves and fall over in a panic.

So I made a list of shit I want to do during the storm while I’m homebound. While I’m a shut-in. Which, let’s face it, is just a day in March for me. But because I HAVE to stay in, I made a to-do list. First on that list is Morris Chestnut.

I also put down “do all laundry,” and I’m just washing my very last load as we speak.

Then I have my Christmas cards ready to write out next. If I’d taken my Adderall I’d be done with the cards by now, but just a moment ago I saw two wadded-up hang-to-dry shirts on the washer, their hangers three inches away. Apparently, the siren song of Anything Else called me away before I could take those 17 seconds and actually hang my hang-to-drys.

But the point of me writing you today, why I’ve gathered you all here, is that another thing on my Adderall-free snowed-in list is to finally figure out what the


to do with my shoes. I’m hoping some of you more organized folk can offer advice. Yes, I just asked for advice.

Here’s the setup: This house has 1,000 square feet, and some cool jazzy feet, as well. Bah. No, really. Small 1932 house. It has one weird useless closet in the bedroom where I store my laundry basket because it’s the only place to hide said basket.

There are two giant closets in the den

which have rendered the room mostly useless because the walls are closets. In this closet are all my winter coats, and sweaters and shirts for winter. On the floor are things like a fan, throw pillows I don’t use, my luggage and other odds and ends.

I have pants, summer shirts and dresses AND SHOES in this closet below. The space in the middle I use for sheets and bedspreads. This is the only place I could think of for my shoes, which I have dumped out to show you.

The weird useless closet in my bedroom really needs to hide my laundry basket and Morris Chestnut. IN MY MIND. But really, if I don’t put it there you see the laundry basket in my room and that’s depressing for the tens of men who are in there.

Here is all the other storage space in the house…

There’s also my hope chest in the den; it holds heavy blankets and it’s a pain in the ass to get into and I find myself not getting the blankets out because pain in the ass.

So, my MAIN GOAL is to find somewhere to put my shoes where they’re not just piled up like drunk sorority girls at night’s end. But if you can think of ways to organize where I have everything in a better way, let me know that too.

Thank you for your prompt attention to this matter. I have to go write Xmas cards now, and go out to my yard with a yardstick like some sort of nincompoop. Last time I was out there, we’d gotten seven inches. I hope we get Morris Chestnut 12 inches, which is what he has going


Keep June’s mind occupied. Give her some hints on where to put all her stuff.

All work and no play make June a dull girl

Update: I cleared out some of the bedroom drawers and put the sheets in there. I also moved the socks that are in the living room into the bedroom. So now my bedroom has the joy of socks. And the pièce de résistance? I used that middle thing for shoes!

43 thoughts on “Special Snowy Sunday…Sost. I wanted to be alliterative.

  1. I’m sorry, but I am useless with organizing. In fact, I am so useless that I was physically unable to read the sentences that explained the organizing problems. I tried.
    But! You know the hope chest you have, with the blankets in it? I have a hope chest that is pretty much identical. My grandfather bought it as a wedding gift for my grandmother. I would have to keep it for that reason alone. Somehow no one in the family wants any of the stuff from years gone by, so I end up with it all. I also have my grandmother’s china and silver, and another set of china from my great grandmother. I am rolling in old and worthless stuff here, and I love it.


  2. St. Francis and the ghost. Good golly, I’m so glad you’re back, Joooooooooooon.

    Wish I could be helpful with organizing but I live in a small minimalist house after spending most of my life as a hoarder-ish type of person with sizable outbuildings, gawd I LOVED my stuff, I mean LOVED!!!! So I’m pretty useless with the organizing thing.

    OH but I can comment on the small closet thing in old houses. My comment is WTF were they thinking??? I just flipped a 1930 Craftsman house that I made GORRRRRRRRRGEOUS (yes it required all those rrrrrs) and oddly this house had somewhat generous sized closets, walk in even, and they were original. I mean they weren’t huge like Morris Chestnut but they were generous, like how I imagine that Jason Momoa is. In their hearts, you freaking sickos!! In their hearts!!!

    Have I told you lately how pretty you are, Joob?


  3. May sound crazy, but some folks store their sheets between the mattress and springs of the bed they are used on. Very convenient for laundry day. Would give space for other things. Also, the useless closet sounds like a goldmine for shoes when you add shelves.
    Btw, chest is not ruined. It can be refinished and be like new!


  4. Ooooh a snowstorm! Being forced to stay home two weeks before Christmas sounds divine! As long as your power stays on, you’re golden!
    The small closet in your bedroom has unlimited potential. Now that you got your floor cleared of shoes in your big closet you could even put your laundry basket under your skirts and inside-out dresses there in the left. That would leave the other closet totally open! You could purchase some shelf unit OR have your handyman install movable shelves on tracks. That way you can adjust them however you want. IKEA and the Container Store both sell kits for that. Hold on, I’ll show you…


    1. Ok IKEA has adjustable shelves called Algot. Probably Lowe’s and Home Depot have this type of thing, too.
      Organizing makes me very, very happy. It’s so FUN! Can I come over? You know, when your airport reopens? 😉


  5. I am very disorganized, but I do know where to find things. Sometimes. It just struck me that I’ve seen pictures in magazines of large decorative baskets with throws in them sitting next to sofas or chairs, and it looks nice. You could do that to free up a dresser. I mean, if you wanted to.


  6. Oh Honey, you don’t have NEAR enough clothes CRAMMED into that closet. Ha! You should see mine. I’m an expert at cramming. I can hardly move my clothes from side to side. Now that’s crammed in a closet.


  7. I’ve looked at the additional photos. More suggestions. You have two oak dressers, one good one ruined? Move the clothes out of the dresser with the DVDs, put the throws in that dresser (pink one). Put the clothes in the non-painted dresser. Put the sheets in the bottom drawer of the tall dresser (chest-of-drawers), roll your undies, and pjs (rolled clothes don’t take up as much room…I don’t know why) and if possible put them in two drawers in the chest-of-drawers, those are drawers appears to be deep, fill up each drawer. If you don’t plan to use those throw pillows give them away. Store out-of-season clothing in the suitcase and if it will fit under the bed move it out of the closed. It appears you have space in the lower part of the closet with double handing areas, move as many short clothing items into that closet as possible. Consider having double handing installed on one side of the closet that currently has the pillows and suitcase in it. The suggestion to get all your clothes in one area so you don’t have to run from room to room when you are trying to get dressed is a great idea. How deep is the closet in your bedroom, it looks like it might be 15-18″ deep. Shelves from floor to ceiling would work well in this closet, or as I suggested, change the direction of the rod in the closet and use the handing organizers, which would probably be the cheapest to do.


  8. I too have a munchkin house of many books. I installed shelving right up at the ceiling. Maybe all around your den? The pretty coloured hard covers look nice up there (esp colour collated). They trashy paperbacks are hidden in a trunk.


  9. Hi June, love the kitten photo and I laughed about St.Francis and the snow ghost…

    If you got a shelving rack system from Lowe’s or Home Depot, the shelving could start from the top of the narrow bedroom closet. Then have the last shelf stop at about 30 inches? from the floor, to leave enough space at the bottom to fit the laundry basket. You can then place clothes and shoes directly on shelves or put shoes inside fabric boxes, etc. This would let you leave your other storage in place.

    L.in CA


  10. I agree with whoever suggested under-the-bed boxes. I recently moved to an old house as well. Has only two small closets. Left behind my apartment that had a WALK-IN CLOSET. I spent the summer spending four million dollars at Wal-Mart and Home Depot and I still am having trouble finding space. Did people go without clothes and blankets back when these places were built?? Anyway, I’ve also found anything that hangs over the door to be a gift from God. Oh, and those removable 3M hooks help free up more floor space.
    Thanks for the post. Need all the advice on this I can get!


  11. I haven’t read any of the comments, so this idea might have already been suggested. The closet in the den would work well for a hanging organizer, but I can assure you, there are much cheaper organizers than $40! I think I have seen these at Lowe’s. Also, there are over the door shoe storage that would work on the inside of the den closet door. If I lived close I would tootle right on over and help with the organization project. I would even change the direction of the rod in the closet from front to back to side to side. I have my own tools.


    The snow is beautiful I just hope we don’t get any. Oddly, this morning my phone’s memory popped up with photos from a year ago. We had snow this day last year.


  12. I bought a little cube system thing from Target with little fabric boxes that go in them. Was less than $60, if I remember correctly. I can reasonably fit about 4 pairs if shoes in each cube, so storage for 24 pairs. You still have to do a little rifling, but only through 4 pairs each box, as opposed to a giant pile of 24 pairs, which is how I used to do it!


  13. I got nothing for you, June, as you well know after seeing my place. (All those brains take up room, you know.) I have a bunch of shoes in a milk crate and the rest are carefully arranged to make me look like a sorority floozy.


    1. This is how I store all my shoes and it’s great. They’re out of sight but I can see them all at a glance when needed, and they take up virtually no space.


  14. Hey, just noticed the artwork of the Dogs Playing Poker!!! We had the whole series up on the wall in our pool table room.

    If you lived up north you’d have a basement. All problems solved.


  15. First, snow wimps compared to here (Minnesota). Also, grew up in Iowa. Many inches of snow there as well.

    Ok, with the organizing… When can Jan & Lisa come visit me in Mpls? Hah! I’ve worked with a Professional Organizer before, and it is the *most* wonderful thing ever. That might be one idea, since you’ve said you have some extra money, what with the lower mortgage payment and such.

    As an ADD person, and a visual person, I try to think of organizing stuff in “departments” as well as seasonally, if needed. From my ADD-bookshelf of books: “ADD-Friendly Ways to Organize Your Life” by Judith Kolberg & Kathleen Nadeau, PH.D. (professional organizer + ADD clinician). Lots of good ideas than might help in other life areas, too. I try different things out as well, just to shake things up.

    My mother’s old Marine trunk is at the foot of my bed, and I’ve put special linens, tablecloths, things I want to keep but don’t use or need out all the time. It has a tray in it so that helps divide stuff up. I’ve also done the sheets & towels in my bottom dresser drawers, which is do-able.

    The idea to have all your morning routine things and activities in one room is good. If you got back on the Face, you could do a photo array of each room & closet area (open doors) to help visualize the spaces a bit better. Can you put your laundry baskets on top of the washer/dryer, or are they visible from other rooms? If so, how about a door or curtain to block that view?

    Only two(!) tall, square-ish closets in my condo. Two! I’m strongly considering getting a built-in closet system for my bedroom. Not as much in the clothes/shoes department for me, but stuff still accumulates. Pare down. Separate the seasons, if possible. Consider doing capsule-type wardrobe collections, keeping a few of your truly fun and special things.


  16. Happy snow day. I’ll happily trade this west coast rain for the white stuff. Love the cardinal pic.
    I agree with LNTL and Leanne on narrow shelves for your sheets etc. in the useless closet and shoes in the middle shelf unit with your clothes.
    If there’s room on the inside of the useless closet door you could also hang a shoe rack.
    Have fun and when you’re finished reorganizing go out and make a snow angel.


  17. I want to leave my home immediately and drive to yours, knock, invite myself in and then immediately ignore you as I set about organizing. I love to organize but I have to physically be in the space to do it. So I have nothing and now you hate me and when I show up you will slam the door in my face.


    1. Oh my God. If Jan showed up at my house today and we shared some of my pumpkin chili and she did all the organizing, I would never be sad again.



  18. We solved our shoe mess with wooden shoe racks from Lowe’s. They are 31” long, and 12” high, so I’m not sure if they would fit in your closet. But they would give you 3 shelves for shoes, or you could stack 2 of them. Also, I would move the sheets to the dresser, and put all of your clothes in the middle closet shelves. Enjoy your snow days!


  19. I keep all bed linens in plastic under the bed boxes. That way they are right where you use them. Center shelves for shoes and problem solved with minimal shuffling. I’m always looking for the easiest way to do anything.


  20. I have nothing. My house is horribly “organized.” Lisa (NTL) would have me committed. All I have for you is, good luck!

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  21. Lisa Not THAT Lisa took my best tip. I, too, have a heavy useless trunk that’s a pain to get into. Store stuff in there you never need to use. I think I have good silverware and maybe some china or something in mine. Don’t know, I never open it.


    1. Hi Gretchen. I grew up in Ames, so nice to see you on here and the Face. We lived north of the high school, off 24th, on Eisenhower. The park was out past our backyard, so no neighbors there.


      1. Waving “HI” at you! We live in the west end of Ames where there used to be a driving range and drive-in theater.


        1. I think I remember the drive-in. My brother would know about the driving range, though I think he usually played on one of the city courses or the ISU course.


  22. I’m trying to comment from my phone, which is requiring scrolling up and down to reference your post and man is it annoying!

    Okay, first thought, get all of your clothes into one or two closets (minus coats and off-season clothes). If the bedroom closet is useless, I guess you’ll have to stick with the one you’re using now and maybe the second den closet.

    So take the sheets and whatever else was in the middle shelves and put those in the pink dresser with the DVDs. Put the socks in the bedroom dresser (or on closet shelves) and the workout clothes on the closet shelves. With the remaining shelves, how many pairs of shoes can you set in each cube? Do what you can there and put the rest on the closet floor, or get a low shoe shelf so you can stack them more neatly in the bottom of the closet.

    Is the cedar chest hard to get into if you keep the top clear of stuff? (She says as she looks at all of her own covered surfaces…)

    Is there room in the useless closet for the fan and stuff that you don’t use often, in addition to the laundry basket?

    It may be helpful to rearrange what’s in the dressers, but that’s up to you and where it’s convenient for you to get the various things from.


  23. OK. I’m back. My first tip is going to be – pare down. When I hear “throw pillows that I don’t use” I hear “Goodwill donation”. Do you need that whole dresser for pjs & underwear or could you clear some out and make room for linens in the bottom drawer? How many sets of sheets do you really use? Same with throws and blankets. I always think of some homeless guy out on the street who could be using my extra blankets to keep warm – or wearing my husband’s suits THAT WILL NEVER FIT HIM AGAIN. I know classy homeless guys.

    Use the less-easy-to-get-to storage (like the chest of hopes and dreams) for stuff you want to keep but rarely need. Like seasonal storage – maybe summer weight blankets go there in the winter and vice versa. But like you already know – if you store stuff where it’s hard to get to you won’t use it. I like the off season stuff in the den closet – that’s a good choice I think.

    I think the hamper in the useless closet is a good plan – can you put some shelves above it to add storage? Maybe that’s where your sheets and towels can go. Unless Morris Chestnut is moving in for good.

    This is so fun! I wish I were close – I would come and organize your WHOLE TINY HOUSE! And hooooooo cares about 7 inches? I’m a Wisconsin girl!


  24. So, other than the laundry basket in the bedroom closet, what else is in there? Can you put some narrow shelves in and put your shoes on those? Also just store the summer shoes under your bed and only have current shoes on the shelves.


  25. First I had to go google Morris Chestnut – holy hot man. How have I not seen this piece of art before? Phew.

    Next, it makes me really anxious that you have to wander all hither and yon when you get yourself ready. I wasn’t keeping count, but it seems like you are going four different places to get yourself together. I will go back and read more carefully, now that I have shared my anxiety and see what I can come up with. ORGANIZING IS MY DRUG, MAN. Marie Kondominium is a novice compared to me.


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