Christmas Eve Plumb

I was doing my stuff (cleaning litter boxes) and preparing for Christmas (cleaning litter boxes) when it occurred to me it’s a Monday, not a weird endless Saturday like it’s felt for days, and that I should probably write you.

Really, all my chores and outings currently are just an ends to getting to sit down and watch another episode of Poldark.

It’s not even that good. It’s the same plot over and over. There’s this one arrogant guy, see, who hates Poldark.

Poldark do be suk.

And the plot is, the arrogant guy tries to do something to destroy Poldark and then it looks really bad for Poldark and then Poldark takes off his shirt


and then Poldark prevails in the end, sort of, and then the arrogant guy looks down his nose at Poldark, sort of defeated.

Sometimes that plot takes an entire season. Sometimes it’s one episode. In the meantime, everyone stares off a cliff into the water and their hair blows about.

Wind do be suk

And yet? I’ll say to Edsel, “We got everything done. Wanna watch another episode of Poldark with me?” and he always does.

Meanwhile, I have all next week off. I’ve got two Christmas Eve Plumb plans tonight and two Christmas Doris Day plans tomorrow, but other than that I am free. FREE! I will cost you nothing.

I made a deal with self that all this week, on days it isn’t a holiday, I will go somewhere new in Greensboro. Check out the sights.

On Saturday, I tried the all-wigs-all-the-time beauty supply store with my pal Jo.

Photo credit: Jo
Photo credit: Also Jo
Photo credit: Continuing to be Jo

I got concealer, foundation that was a bust, green red-correcting primer, sparkly copper cream eyeshadow, mascara, three kinds of nail polish (two of them MOOD nail polish) and sparkly pink lip gloss — OH! and an eyebrow gel.

Amount spent: $38.

Oh yes, I will be back.

They had lots of products there for (usually) African American hair but according to my Curly Girl support group, this product above will also work on angry Irish curly hair such as my own. I’d heard of all these brands but could never find them in my white-girl beauty supply stores. So now I know where to go next time I, say, run out of gel, a thing I JUST DID, but I’d already ordered a GIANT TUB of my regular gel, when just down the street was this stuff that people insist is even better. Dammit. Now I gotta WAIT and DELAY my gratification and instant gratification takes too long.

June. Now with dog paws!

Here’s me last night in full-on pajamas but with my green corrector, concealer, new eyeshadow, new brow gel and new mascara. My face cost less than $38.

Anyway, that was Saturday.

On Sunday, I went to my old movie theater to see It’s a Wonderful Life with Ned, not that that’s the whole name of the movie. Afterward, we went to Crafted Taco, which, okay, I’d been to before years ago but in a different location. So I tried the new location in a bigger space downtown.

Adventure June

It looks empty in there, but really it was packed.

Everything’s so crowded right now that everywhere I go, I think, How long till I run into someone I know? I ran into this woman from work with her husband at the grocery store, and they were buying a frozen pizza and wine for their Christmas Eve Eve Plumb (I have to stop saying that) dinner.

They are my people.

Also and at some point during this endless what-seems-like-a-constant-Saturday, I made me a thermos of hot chocolate (I had to physically go out and buy a thermos, but now I have a thermos and you never know when I’ll need to bring my lunch pail and thermos to my new factory job or what have you) and went to see the balls.

There’s this neighborhood here in Greensboro that hangs these lit balls from all the trees, and photos from an iPhone do not do it justice. It’s just spectacular.

Photo credit: Some real photographer online. It shows you a little better how lovely it is.

If you’re thinking of coming to Greensboro for a June Tour, and you come at Christmas and want to see the lights in this neighborhood, here is a tip from June: Crawling along this neighborhood behind the eleven million other cars also looking at the lights while also drinking hot chocolate from your new thermos results in having to pee really bad while stuck in festive crawling traffic.


It would be smarter to bring a festive salt lick.

Anyway, that’s m’Christmas so far, and today Ima try the little boutiques near me, see if any of ’em are open, maybe pick up a few hostess gifts and so on for the places I’m headed. I like to think I’m gift enough but perhaps that is not a universal emotion.

Have yourself a merry little Christmas. Unless you don’t celebrate it. In that case, have yourself a merry little Monday. Oh my god it so does not feel like a Monday.


40 thoughts on “Christmas Eve Plumb

  1. Merry Christmas June and all Pie peeps! It’s still Christmas here in California so I’m just under the wire. Some thoughts:
    A. Great hair in that Desperately Seeking Susan selfie.
    2. I also tried LUS (previous comment) and am not impressed. Bummer!
    iv. Made my first Christmas Eve lasagna and I think that might become a tradition. I used to scoff at tradition, but as I get older and especially now that I have a kid I can see the value.
    K. Lovely post, Coot.


  2. Somehow I just knew Edsel would love watching Poldark. The horses galloping along the cliffs must really get him.


  3. I saw It’s A Wonderful Life on Saturday, and I decided that the Christmas season’s true start for me is when I hear George Bailey say, “Zuzu’s petals…There they are! Bert! What do you know about that? Merry Christmas!”

    Gets me every single time…


  4. Merry Christmas! Thank you for blogging on Eve Plumb day. My daughter had to waitress tonight and most people were kind, but of course there was the one jerk that ruined everyone’s night. Anyway thanks again to you for working for us today.


  5. I spent the day making an eggnog cheesecake. Hope it turns out well. June, PM me and I’ll give you directions if you want some.


    1. I’m on my husband’s phone while mine is charging. It’s Koala Raspberry. He has the remote with a car auction from 2015 on. We did have a great dinner at a diner so I am tolerating it but the cost is me using his phone.


  6. Merry Christmas! I’ve lost count of the Saturdays this week. I cleaned house for two days, then baked a few things one day. We have two Sundays in the mix. Our midnight Christmas Eve service is at 5:00 p.m., which is nice. Dinner tonight with good friends and tomorrow we drive north 60 miles to have breakfast with my niece and her family, then back to our side of town to have early dinner with friends. We are told they are having prime rib, which sounds lovely. I have to provide dessert, so at the request of my husband, I made a pound cake and great cookies.

    You look beautiful with all the new makeup and hair gel. Just think of it costing just pennies, that is, each application being just pennies. The decorated trees are beautiful, it looks like a post card. The only thing that would make it more magical would be snow falling. I do like Poldark, but hate that dude that is trying to destroy him, the one married to Poldark’s first love. Her last child? Poldark’s and dude hasn’t figured that out yet, unless I’ve missed an episode.

    Your gift to all of us has been your return to nonblogging!

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  7. Merry Christmas (or Monday), everyone!

    I love the street of the balls! I hope you have a wonderful Christmas celebration, June!

    Lovely post, lovely June!


  8. Merry Christmas to you June and to all the Pie Peeps! I’ve been cleaning house all morning in preparation for tomorrow. I just got done eating dip and plan to eat some raw cookie dough in a bit.
    I hope you all have a happy holiday (or Tuesday if you don’t celebrate)!


  9. I am SO confused about what day it is. And the only reason it really matters is I fear I will miss trash day. One big evening today, another big day tomorrow and then things will coast to a nice quiet new year. The list of things I have to get done is slowly shrinking.

    Merry Christmas June! You are truly a gift to me. You’ve made me laugh and cry – but mostly laugh – and you remind me daily of the power in a well crafted piece of writing. Thank you for being here.

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  10. I only have a few minutes to comment before I have to scream over to Costco (I know) but out of all the products for curly hair that I’ve tried, Kinky Curly Curling Custard works the best for my curls. I tried that LUS stuff and it didn’t do shit except make my hair as limp as Trump’s tiny dick.

    And on THAT note, Happy Christmas and Merry Holidays to all!

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  11. Wait, not only are YOU going to buy hostess gifts, but you are going to do it ahead of time? Have the pod people gotten ahold of you? And I know you hate emojis but want you to know that was sarcastic and not mean 😊


  12. Merry Christmas! I am disoriented as we spent the weekend with kids & grandkids for confusion and Christmas festivities. So for us, it’s kind of over and also, too? Someone gave me the gift of laryngitis and stuffy head so I guess that’s the enduring legacy of my celebration.


  13. Oohhhh. I LOVE Poldark! Oh well, to each his own!! The new season of Victoria starts in January and I cannot wait to see more brooding Albert. Love those balls and I am thinking about doing a few in my tree next year. Sounds like you have a lot of fun things planned, and ample time for just “June Time” too.


  14. Agreed, your balls are magnificent. Magnificent!

    And I’m so glad *anybody* is thinking about Eve Plumb for a change. I hope Maureen McCormick can handle being out of the spotlight for a change.

    My favorite Marcia line ever is, “Jan, it’s not my fault if boys don’t find you attractive.”


  15. Merry Christmas, disoriented June and friends. I’m off to the old people’s midnight service which begins at 1:30 PM with special music and midnight service at 2:00 PM. I remember laughing at my mother when she was at The Home and on New Year’s Eve she and the others rocked the night away from 5:00 to 7:00 PM. People really do get wiser as they get older.

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  16. Happy Holidays, Junie! We’re doing lasagna tomorrow as well, though not me. I’ve spent many a time making it from scratch, and too much work. Stouffer’s or Simek’s it is.

    Those lighted balls on the trees are really pretty. Two blocks over from me is a boulevard, and mysterious Christmas elves but rows of lighted luminarias down each side. Only on the night of the 24th. I put in a CD of nice music and drive up and down the six blocks, and it’s so nice and holiday-ish. Too bad about climate change, but it’s only once a year for this event.

    Looking forward to what 2019 is bringing…


  17. Endless Saturday, yes, and somehow the household chores and cleaning STILL aren’t done.

    Since Christmas Day is always just me, Gumbo and offspring, our menu for the day is country ham and biscuits for breakfast, then make-your-own pizza (frozen for kids, cauliflower crust for adults) sometime mid afternoon. And prosecco for me al day.

    Sparkly balls are magical.


  18. Lovely post June. My day is the 26th when the work is done and there are leftovers and I can enjoy the day without obligations.


    1. Speaking of leftovers, I was trying to make my traditional Christmas lasagna and I can’t find where I unpacked my recipes. You can imagine what a large imposing box I have of recipes. Anyway, I called my mother and asked her to tell me the recipe and I went to the store yesterday and bought everything, except oregano. She forgot oregano. “Well, isn’t that something you just have on hand?” Apparently my mother has never met me.


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  19. Your harr and makeup look beautiful.
    The street o’ balls is so pretty. I love wandering around my neighbourhood looking at all the festive lights.
    Merry Christmas, June. Enjoy your time off, parties and tomorrow.
    Thanks for posting on this crazy busy day.


  20. Merry Christmas from me too. Spent yesterday morning at a not-crowded-at-ALL WalMart trying to return a gift that was NOTHING like what I ordered. In between nervous breakdowns, the woman at the counter told me that was down (great timing), and I could come back today to return the gift. Yeah, right. So I had to get a gift card. Nothing says “I love you, Merry Christmas” like a piece of plastic!
    On the way out, I got into an argument with an embryo who nearly backed into my car in a desperate attempt to snag a parking space so he wouldn’t have to walk an extra 50 feet. Found myself yelling, “Merry fucking Christmas, asshole!” Yes, that’s the WalMart Christmas spirit right there.
    Went home and drank hot chocolate and rum all afternoon. Am I the only one who can’t wait until all this is over?

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