Untalkative Tuesday

…because someone peed on the mat by the back door WHILE I WAS CLEANING the litterbox. Oh, and then? Pooped on the litter catcher WHILE I WAS TAKING THE MAT OUTSIDE.

Cats for sale!

Here’re the other downtown pictures from this weekend. Make up your own stories about them. Or sip Cold Duck and enjoy them with your smooth jazz.

36 thoughts on “Untalkative Tuesday

  1. You’ve really stepped it up in the photography category. I seem to remember WAY back that there were some that were, well, blurry. I think I need a new phone so mine will improve.


  2. That drugstore mosaic tile is giving me feelings. I love that tiny tile and I swoon anytime I see it anywhere.


  3. When I read the beginning of your post, all I could think of was Edsel. I pictured him running around clutching a hanky and saying, “Yuu katz are in big trubble! Bad katz! Yuu make Mom sad!”


  4. I have allergic people who live with me, so no cats. But I remember when my DOG was a PUPPY. Same scenario–I would be cleaning up one accident and Franklin would move a couple feet away and–yep! Another accident. I almost sent him back. I figured out how to prevent this, but, god. Puppies are assholes.

    Those glass balls are so cool! I want some now!

    Lovely post, lovely June!


  5. After my ex took off with the very last cat in the house, I walked over to the litter box, picked up the whole thing and shoved it into a trash can, tied it off, and said, “Never again!” as I walked it out to the curb.

    I absolutely adore cats, had them my whole life, but I was SO done with the litter box, them not peeing in the litterbox, peeing on my rugs, peeing on my couch, and other various urine-related mind-games that those adorable little fuzzballs like to play. You’re a trooper!

    Love the pics of your downtown! It looks like something out of a quaint downtowny-type movie.

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  6. I am VERY curious about that book too. I love animals but I am too selfish to want to clean up their poop. I just enjoy my friend’s dogs when I can.

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  7. I have a whole basket full of those glass balls. I can’t resist them when I see them. In the spring I take them out and hang them in my yard and collect them again in the fall and bring them back in. Like some weird glass harvest.

    I love your town! Imagine being so sure of your business that you would tile your name on the sidewalk. That’s solid.

    Lovely post old lover! Although we aren’t 60 yet, we’ll get there.

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  8. I love your photos of downtown. It reminds me of my home town when I was growing up.
    Now there are only two blocks in the old part with any interesting stores. The remaining blocks are empty storefronts and hookers hanging around the post office.
    Don’t ever change, Junetown.

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  9. After carefully reading this post I went back and scrolled through the pictures more quickly and enjoyed the color palette and noticed you save the best for last. Lovely post.

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  10. So, it looks like downtown G’boro doesn’t have parking meters??? Wow, cause here in the Polar Vortex Tundra we have those stick meters, you have to use your card, not even real quarters, and then you only/mostly get two hours. I won’t be window shopping anywhere outside this week. Also, love the drugstore entry tiles.

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  11. Love your downtown shots! I need to come up and shop in Greensboro sometime. We are almost due for our annual visit. I say that at it has been almost a year since we had our impromptu visit. 🙂


  12. I am late to the game from yesterday but my Grandfather said, he would climb a tree to tell a lie, I found out recently that his brother said in response to that, he would swim though a river of $hit to tell a lie and he can’t swim…. In other words, I come from a long line of liars so both could be made up. Another one, who wants to earn half a buck. And he had high hopes for us, he taught us how to ask for bread and water in Italian in case we were ever in an Italian prison I guess???

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  13. You just made me glad my cat walks in circles when she needs/wants to go outside. The down side? It unbelievably stressful when she disappears for days, makes me want to drag out the litter box. I don’t know if Trudy would use one, I have one in the basement and she acts like she doesn’t know it’s purpose. She is the only cat I have ever seen that paws when she is drinking water. Obviously, she’s not the sharpest knife in the drawer.

    I loved all the photos, especially the entrance to Fordhams.

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