June talks about cats. Waaaat?

I’ve been up for an hour and a half and I haven’t showered or had coffee yet. Whose cockamamie idea was it to have this indoor farm?

Last night, I bansheed home from work to feed the foster kitten, and after I was done with that I was boiling his bottle and cleaning the litter boxes and all that kind of stuff, and I rounded the corner and there was Milhous, who I keep calling Steely Dan whenever I’m yelling at him, but anyway there was Milhous Dan, poking his giant butter legs under the kitten door,

and there were the fuzzy black stick legs of the kitten, poking back.

Intentions be good.

He has been DYING to meet this kitten since it got here.

Also, last night, the sun was shining in said kitten room, and that poor sweet baby could see his little cat shadow, and he…played with this shadow. He was boxing with it. Oh, that liked to break my heart. He doesn’t have any kitten siblings to wrestle with. He’s all alone in the world. You give me that and Notre Dame and I was basically a wreck all night.

I played with him till he was sick and tired of playing. This is the only photo I took last night, because I was too busy.

Kitten behind a door. Art shots, by June.

Once he was asleep, I went outside with the grownups.

Yes, he IS stalking her. No, she has no idea. Way to pick on the blind, Steely Hous.

Is it sad that in my world, “the grownups” are cats?

Finally, this morning I was busy changing the bedding and the litter and making the formula and so on, and I left the room for HALF A SECOND to wet a washcloth, when…

He thought he was being slick. Thought if he hid in the fireplace, the furplace, like 101 Dalmatians, that I wouldn’t recognize him. Next he’ll find a little brick suit, stand very still so I won’t notice.

Careful readers will observe the kitten speck on the book. I think Milhous just wants to play with him, but he cannot. He seems so determined.

What an asshole. Why I always gotta pick the asshole cats?

Oh! But in actual news that isn’t about cats, I think I found my first start of a pear on my, you know, pear tree. As opposed to on my furnace filter or whatever, which I might have led with.


According to the neighbors who can’t abstain from telling me about my house and what to expect because they’ve all lived here 500 years, I will literally have hundreds of pears. We’ll see. Guess who’s fairly indifferent to pears. My Aunt Mary likes them. I wonder if I can ship pears to her.

I dearly wish I had anything else going on in my life but I don’t.

Catty June with quite a pear

P.S. Faithful Reader Paula sent me this cup. It’s porcelain–she didn’t send me a paper cup. Anyway it kills me. I love it. I feel very New York when I use it.

My college roommate and I used this as our brand statement.

Happy to serve you,

56 thoughts on “June talks about cats. Waaaat?

  1. Cannot stand the adorableness of Mil on one side of the door playing with Black kittencat (what is his name?) under the frame. So so cute!


  2. My heart broke a little about the all alone kitten. I guess once he gets his shots he’ll have cats galore?

    Milhouse cracks me up.


  3. I love that Millhouse is in that fireplace, like he’s invisible. That kitten is so adorable! I want to smooch his little furry skull.


  4. That latest Instagram pic is second only to Edsel as an aristrocrat or whatever he was.

    Your feisty ball of belly and fluff is so small he requires a stepping book to get into the litter box… how can you stand the preciousness? I’m dying and now want foster kittens.


  5. I’m so kitten broody. My colleague’s hussy cat has had babies he needs to rehome but my poor geriatric dog, it wouldn’t be fair. It was funny when he was young to come home and see my previous two cats had stolen his bed. At 14 he’s earned the right to not end up on the floor.


  6. Poor kitten, I’m glad he has your household to adjust in.

    Lovely post, pretty June.

    Seeking advice from anyone: Keeping with the cat theme, we have what I presume to be a youngish cat (he’s spry and playful) that roams the neighborhood street. I wish his humans didn’t allow this because he’s car stupid and has had some very close calls but can’t do anything about their techniques and discussions with them have proved fruitless (he’s got to be FREE). Does anyone have suggestions to deter him away from our house? I’m highly allergic and our house is the only place he wants to be – the more I try to discourage him, the more he literally lands in my lap while I’m pulling weeds. I am very concerned about closing him in the garage some day, which is obviously undesirable for all of us. I don’t want to hurt the cat and we do have a dog with sensitive ears so anything sonic is out. I’ve tried the essential oils, putting grapefruit in the front beds, planting supposedly anti-cat flowers in the front (he chews on those)….where do I go from here?


    • Have you tried shrieking excitedly when you see him and chasing him for a snuggle? Facetious but I bet it’s your laid back don’t care vibe that makes you so welcoming.

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      • I feel like I already present the neighbors with plenty of dinner table fodder but I could try a more outward approach, I suppose. I didn’t want to spray it with a hose or anything but noises shouldn’t harm it? It’s truly not that I don’t like cats, I just like breathing more and don’t know anything about them.


      • No, please don’t use mothballs. They are extremely toxic. It’s illegal to use mothballs for anything but their designed use because they are so poisonous.


    • I’d humanely trap him and rehome him with people who know how to care for dependents. Going forward you wouldn’t have to worry about dealing with his allergy provoking affection, he wouldn’t have to worry about having careless caretakers who don’t take their animal stewardship seriously, and someone would have a chance to help a cat live a very long and happy life.


  7. Your home is so adorable! And that yard is to die for! I had that tiny adobe in Phoenix and I miss it on a daily basis. It was originally 900 ft too but they added a den which was pretty much useless but it was a place to put a few pieces of furniture! You need to show us an organized tour! lol…. sooo cute.


  8. Color me shocked that Milhous made his way into the kitten room. The only thing that can beat a determined ferret. That little kitten needs someone to teach him The Ways of The Cat. Maybe Milhous isn’t the best choice, but there ya go.

    Your yard is so pretty in the sunshine.


  9. It’s nice to have a relaxing post after the trauma of watching Notre Dame burning yesterday.
    I make spiced pear butter when I have extra pears. You could try that and then there you go! Christmas gifts all done courtesy of your tree.

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    • People keep saying this, but my house is four rooms. It’s a tiny millhouse that’s almost 100 years old and YOU GUYS HAVE SEEN EVERY ROOM. Like, you’ve seen every corner of it. The den has a coal fireplace, which YOU GUYS HAVE SEEN A MILLION TIMES. I swear there’s no more “tour” to give. It’s four rooms: living room, bedroom, kitchen, den. It’s 900 square feet. There is nothing you have not discovered via the magic of my phone’s camera, I promise.

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  10. The picture of black kitty sitting on your book and Milhous standing in your fireplace with his paw on the grate is adorable. Perfect picture for captions.

    R yu mi mama?


  11. Milhaus is such a pretty cat! The black kitty is adorable. I have an ex who adopted a pregnant cat. She only had one tiny black kitten. We named her Speck. She was an ass. So was the ex. I hope this tiny black kitten is not an ass!


  12. The image of Milhouse in his brick suit standing still, just his eyes moving back and forth, has me in hysterics in my car.
    I like a pear but am persnickety about them. They have to be at just the perfect ripeness and the perfect temperature for me to enjoy them. Hey! You can open a farm stand and sell them all summer!


  13. I could happily live the rest of my life without another pear. They’re …. gritty? To me, anyway.

    Baby Kitty can’t socialize because he hasn’t had shots BUT your cats have had their shots, sooooo….. I mean, it’s not like you’re an anti-vaxxer, resulting a freaking Measles outbreak here in NY. (Don’t get me started on that.) But I’m not a science whiz, so I would follow the rules and keep all the cats segregated, too. I don’t understand it, but I’ll accept it.


    • I agree with the gritty. First time I ate a pear, I thought something was wrong with it. Next time I tried, same. Right then I knew, pears are gritty. Lots of healthy fiber.


    • I previously was in the “ick pears are gritty” camp, but discovered that those with almost no neck (narrow part below the stem) are a whole different story! They are creamier and are really, really good oven-roasted and eaten with yogurt and sliced almonds. Mmmmmmmmm


  14. You must look very closely to see that baby, he just blends in with the furplace grate. I love all those cats. Just call me the old cat lady.

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  15. That kitten is just a Milhouse magnet. Also, love the cup. The kitten in that cup would be too cute. C my blak cofee impressum.


  16. What a Sneaky Pete that cat is!
    I wonder if the neighbors are used to getting pears each year, and that’s part of the reason they told you about them.


  17. I knew he was gonna get in there! Determined.

    Your yard is lovely and makes me long for real spring up north here.


  18. I have to admit that I am not a careful reader because I did not spy the little guy on the book. I love that you love cats so much. Aunt K


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