This weekend I went everywhere and did everything and everyone, so let’s begin.

Every year at this time a coworker, who does not wish to be on my blog, has a party. Technically it’s her b-i-r-t-h-d-a-y but she’s low key about that part, so it’s just, you know, a party. I have gone to it several years in a row and I have a fabulous time. I also try to take surreptitious photos of the fun I’m having while respecting her wishes. Because oh my god I always have so much fun.

So. That was the kind of fun where you go to bed but you keep giggling about things that happened that night and you jiggle the bed and annoy the dog.

Before the party and after, I hung out with Black Sabbath, here, who continues to be in good spirits and yet half the time not have perfect health. I just want him to get to two pounds and get adopted by people who will get him to a vet who will figure it the hell out.

On Saturday morning, Milhous’s gift arrived. He’s been so helpful with the black kitten,

sort of

playing with him and generally showing him the cat ropes, as opposed to Old and Biddy, who won’t give him the time of day. That’s actually not fair to Lily, who will lick him sometimes and so on.


Iris, however, is like Barbecue Becky or whomever. Not a fan of black kitten just living his life.

Anyway, I’ve noticed Milhous not only likes sleeping in the blanket holder that he knocked over and made into a bed,

He likes to cornucopia the situation

he also, I’ve noticed, likes Black Betty’s kitten bed.

Pay no atenshun to cat behind curten

So I decided to get him a covered bed, an actual cat bed, as a little thank you for his help with Shirley Temple Black.

He won’t even TRY the new bed, which cost me $12.99 and has jaunty Frida Kahlo deer on it. WON’T.EVEN.TRY.

That box, doe.

Anyway, on Saturday I cleaned the house and did the laundry and washed the dog and got ready for my evening out. The copy editors at work got together to support one of our own: One of us arm wrestles. As a fundraiser, there was an arm-wrestling competition at a bar really near me, so all of the copy editors bought a ticket and watched the dang thing, which was hilarious. All the competitors dressed in costumes, and had personas, and when there was an arm wresting tie, there was a dance-off to see who won.

It was crowded AF, so here’s a photo of my view at the back of the room. Fortunately there were also big TVs so you could see the action on the screen too.

I got there before the other copy editors, who came in a gang. What would a group of copy editors be called? A paragraph?

I bought a raffle ticket to try to win a pink vegan leather portfolio, which I don’t need, but pink leather! I’m Pinky Tusca-juno, over here.

After the evening was over, I traipsed to the Mexican place and got me some nutritious taquitos to go. I love the Mexican place.

Then Sunday was Mother’s Day, so I called my mother, then left the house to “go do things” and what I did was get a turtle sundae and go to the cemetery.

In my family, whenever we get together, someone eventually suggests we get ice cream and go to the cemetery. I didn’t even realize I was following holiday tradition till I was digesting the caramel while admiring tombstones.

Afterward, I went to the garden store. If I had money, I’d get a new umbrella for the back yard table as it got broken during the hurricane, and I’d get more cheerful cushions for the outdoor chairs, as they are currently this beige-y rose color of disappointment. I call it Girl Bits of Sadness color.

It took me a long time to find a picture of my back yard chairs. God forbid I get up and just snap a photo. Anyway, Delta Dawn, what’s that girl part you have on. Could it be a faded rose from days gone by?

Anyway, it turns out, lawn furniture is expensive.

I liked the turquoise ones, and they were 11 million dollars each.

So, since I could’t buy an umbrella or cushions for the pushin’, I just wandered around and looked at stuff.

Once I saw this, I phoned Child Protective Services.

Anyway, I did end up buying a small birdhouse to decorate m’shed. Once I took it home, I realized all the nails that exist on my shed are too sticky-out-y, but I put the birdhouse on one of them anyway.

See? It’s on the right.
Also, what are these? I know they’re birdhouses, comedian, but for what kind of bird? I like them and kind of want one.
da more burd howses, da better, mill howse say.

So that was my brief rundown of the weekend and now it’s Thursday, practically. So.


49 thoughts on “A paragraph of copy editors: June’s weekend review.

  1. Ernie says:

    Love Pinky Tusco-juno! And that party looks super fun. It has been awhile since I laughed later while trying to sleep about a fun party. Lucky you.


  2. Anonymous says:

    I agree with everyone. Go to At Home. They have tons of cushions and pillows, and also lots of other home décor for outdoors and indoors. Also agree that is a birdhouse for Purple Martins. I like the fact they eat mosquitos.


  3. Kymberly says:

    FYI you can probably spray paint those cushions a new color. A nice satin spray and you’ll be good as almost new 👌 I did it a few years ago to some old cushions and then left them to bake and/or freeze for many seasons and they are still going strong.

    I’m very cheap.

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  4. romcomdojo says:

    This whole post was like a pleasant Saturday afternoon in the springtime. Seriously! And I’m normally a pissy little so-and-so!

    And those SHOES.

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  5. Bobbi says:

    We have a new At Home store. It’s not open yet. So, is it like Home Goods ?


    1. They do appear to be similar types of stores. In our area the At Home store is huge with three times the floor space (former Kmart) and inventory of Home Goods. Home Goods seems to be a little higher end, but their clearance prices are good.


  6. Sandra says:

    What a lovely post, your backyard is so cozy to me! Unlike my mosquito infested overgrown mess that I plan on getting pretty every year, but so far it’s been five years of that not happening

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  7. Florence says:

    1. Somewhat surprised you don’t mention how The Poet did in the wrist wrestling. Or perhaps they didn’t have a category for 17 lbs?
    G. Ah, spring–the rock next to Milhous is growing a cat.


    1. The Poet says:

      G.1.5 Or possibly your keen eyes have spotted Milhous’s first attempt at rock carving. We can kindly suppose that he’s not finished with it yet.


  8. banne4 says:

    I just love your yard!
    And those purple shoes!


  9. I have never heard of Home Sense or At Home so thanks for bringing up this topic. My husband will be thrilled. Or really not so much.

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  10. Francie says:

    What an incredible post today. I loved every bit of it. I love your little shed too. I might just paint it the most faint pink you could find. Maybe.


  11. yetanotherkelly says:

    I bought one of those Friedo Kahlo-esque cat beds (minus the deer heads) for my cat and he immediately went up to it, sniffed it very thoroughly and then turned and sprayed on it. Then he flounced away. I could be wrong but I think that was his way of giving a Thumb’s Down. So I went and bought yet another bed and he loved it so much he practically humps it every time he gets in it. He bathes it, he sticks his nose down into the material while he kneads his bread, he snuggles every inch of that bed and purrs like a chainsaw.


  12. Helen says:

    My brain took a minute to work through how you were able to be outside so much and finally when I got to the photo of Edsel it comprehended that you live in the south where there is actual sunshine, as opposed to rainy, wet, grey southeastern Connecticut where we have had only 3 days with sun for the last 8 weeks.

    I’ll second or third anyone who has said go to Home Goods or Marshalls or anywhere but a gardening store for your outdoor cushions.


    1. I’m in upstate NY and I feel your pain regarding the unending rain. The dang winter was so very long and now it’s just grey and wet. And someone at work said there might be an unmentionable kind of precipitation tomorrow and, as my teen would say, “I’m not having it.”

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  13. Ruth says:

    That seems like a decent weekend all around.


  14. Donna says:

    That last picture is great. Your photo skills are on point!


  15. boomersmommasmomma says:

    I get my cushion at the end of the season on clearance but I always forget about At Home. I need to take a ride. Looks like a fun weekend, we also visit cemeteries and read the names.


  16. Anonymous says:

    Are you saying that Milhouse likes to sleep around?

    With his many adopted beds I mean.


    1. Anonymous says:

      I forgot I’m anonymous on here!
      Karen F


  17. Lisa. Not THAT Lisa says:

    Oh! Two more things:
    Thing one: Who decorates a cat bed with deer? Why would a cat be attracted to anything with deer all over it?
    Thing two: Your shed intrigues me. It’s like someone built it and then realized “awww crap! I forgot a DOOR!” and then just sawed one out of the side.


    1. June says:

      What happened was, the guy next door has lived there his whole life. The people who used to live in my house apparently had a dog they never let inside. The guy next door couldn’t stand it anymore and said, I’m cutting a door so that dog can go in there for shelter, and he did. He was young when he did it.


      1. cherylk says:

        Wow, I hope he approves of your treatment of Edsel!


      2. Lisa. Not THAT Lisa says:

        THAT is an excellent story!


  18. Lisa. Not THAT Lisa says:

    I see someone already suggested an alternative store, but I came to say – for anyone who wishes to hear my advice – never ever buy that kind of stuff at a garden center. They will check your bank account to see how much money you have and that’s what everything costs. We have Home Goods here – that’s the best place to buy any yard and garden decor.

    What a fun weekend you had! Thanks for sharing!

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    1. June says:

      Good gravy, there’s also a Home Goods here. WHO KNEW ALL OF THIS?

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    2. yetanotherkelly says:

      I once heard a lady walking into Home Goods exclaim, “It’s like Pinterest come to life!”


    3. Nicole says:

      If you have Christmas Tree Shoppes (has nothing to do with Christmas, I do not understand the stupid name), they are phenomenal for outdoor cushions. Way cheaper than anywhere else. Of course, they have them in stock for about 3 nanoseconds, but you could strike gold. Also they have patio umbrellas.


  19. Jeanie Herkomer says:

    How does one sit comfortably in pearl-studded pants? I will ponder this question all day. I bought an aqua birdhouse on a flowered pole recently. It’s metal and quite charming. That’s why it’s still leaning against my living room wall, I guess. Also, Paula may want your beige cushions if you get new ones.

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    1. Misty Howard says:

      I just came here to say those pants were super cute but I hope the pearls don’t go all the way up!

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      1. Misty says:

        Whoa. It used my whole name. That’s new.


  20. teesmithii says:

    Aldi has nice 9′ umbrellas for $25. Seems like they had cushions, but I wasn’t looking for that item.
    Loved the photos. Milhous is just being a cat. They love boxes and paper bags. You had a fun weekend! The best part of warm weather is being outside.


  21. rantymel says:

    What a fun weekend. I love the tattoo and the pearl studded pants.
    I also love spending hours at the garden centre. That and our At Home equivalent, Home Sense. I don’t even need to buy anything. Just being there makes me high.


  22. Megsie says:

    This was a summer-filled post! I am giving a final exam right now. Should be grading, but this was a little mini-vacation from the endless papers that are sitting next to me. I will be buried for days.

    Lovely post, lovely June!


  23. Anonymous says:

    the birdhouse of unknown origins resembles a purple martin house – which are collected in abundance in the south because they are a mosquito eating bird.

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    1. debwhosbacktobeingdeb says:

      Yes, I agree. I believe Bluebirds only like single homes, not duplexes.


  24. pendy says:

    Why are outdoor cushions so expensive? I’ve always wanted to know.


    1. Debbie who doesn't comment much says:

      Because the foam filling is expensive. Also doesn’t matter if it’s for inside use or outside it’s expensive.


    2. gardenqueen says:

      I bought some cheap ones, they faded over the summer. Got some more expensive ones, still look pretty good 5 years later. And I pretty much leave them out year round.

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  25. Georgia says:

    I think they are for bluebirds. But I am not certain. My stepmother is a bird house enthusiast. I’ll ask and report back.

    Everything in this post is fun and happy colors!


    1. Georgia says:

      She said purple martins and they are supposed to eat mosquitos.

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  26. laurieintexas says:

    Labia of sadness! I love all the photos! Lovely weekend!


  27. bettydh says:

    Sounds like a great weekend. My son took me to Buffalo Wild Wings for Mothers Day for beer and hot wings. If the arm wrestling thing was around here that would have been a fun alternative. Lovely post,June


  28. stacey avelar says:

    Lovely weekend!


  29. Kristi says:

    That sounds like a lovely weekend! If you have a store there called At Home, they have pretty patio cushions in a million colors and they are very reasonably priced. We just replaced ours this year too and they are so bright!


    1. pgkd says:

      I was coming in to say just this! At Home is cheap… so don’t expect magical Sunbrella cushions for $14.99 but when they have a BOGO sale, you can stock up for much less than Sunbrella, which makes it easy to change your designs on a whim.


      1. June says:

        I just looked–there’s one in Greensboro. Who knew?? Thanks, everyone!

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