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Yes, I’d like a cup with Ss coming out of it?

Dear Paula H&B:
Every time this cup is clean, I use it first. It’s definitely my favorite coffee cup RN. There is nothing wrong with having a favorite coffee cup and it does not at all mean my life is sad.

I was at a cool-person’s party recently and she also had the same coffee cup. Are you friends with her as well?

Despite what it looks like, I am not holding that cup in front of a toilet. That’s a mirror. Mirrors are my favorite thing RN, and by RN I mean since birth. I’m like a parakeet.

You know what I wish I had? A parakeet. I did have one once, a blue one, and my then-new kitten ate it. I was 12. The whole thing was depressing.

Anyway, hi. My ADD and I are here, in case you hadn’t picked up the 47 things I’ve thrown down already today.

Last night, after work, I came home and got little Black as Pitch kitten. I went to each pet and told them to say goodbye, and please see above about my life not being at all sad. Then I put him in his little box and we schlepped to the shelter, which by the way is in the most inconvenient, trafficky place possible in town.

We listened to the ’70s station on the way there, and I sang him the songs and told him what each one reminded me of. By the time we got to the shelter he was clamoring to get into a cage.

no more mississippi kween, pleees

I kissed him goodbye and donated his little towel to the shelter, then I drove home in silence. I really liked that towel.

There is a really depressing movie called Testament, about nuclear war, and there’s a scene where this woman is silently sewing a shroud to bury her daughter in. That was me last night. I hate being dramatic.

I took Karen Black’s dishes into the kitchen and rinsed them and put them in the dishwasher. I emptied his litter pan and scrubbed it out and put it away. I swept swept swept all the cat litter in the room, and put his kitten food in with the other cats’ food for Milhous. I dismantled his laundry basket bed and washed all the bedding.


And now this once-kitteny room looks like this. Although there isn’t always a water bottle cap in the foreground.

having celebrate-ory spa day

Iris is delighted. …Oh, lord, I’m out of birdseed again. WHY AM I AT THE STORE EVERY DAY.

Anyway, that was that adventure, and I’m glad I had it. New Moon Kitty of Darkness will be neutered today, then given a day to recover, and will likely be ready for adoption on Sunday. That is the day I will begin obsessively searching the animal shelter’s website to make sure he got adopted. Once someone takes him, they’ll take his info down and right then I’ll know.

not to bozzer mill

Mihous had to catch up on his rest after a month of kitten play. I let him sleep with me last night, which normally I don’t do, as he is still a kitten himself and at some point in the night jumps around and acts the fool and I have to snap his neck. But last night he never moved. He was a good boy.

This weekend I have no plans I can think of, which doesn’t mean I don’t have plans. I just can’t think of them. But I do believe I am plan-free, which, yay!

New filter, who dis?

I have an idea. Why don’t you suggest things I do this weekend and I will do one or two of them. If they’re all, eat a snake or go protest at Planned Parenthood, I won’t do them, but I am willing to try a new thing.

My father just fainted. Me trying a new thing has never been m’strong suit. Look, dad, right up there ^^. I tried a new filter. I AM ADVENTURESOME.

I’d better go to work. They tend to enjoy it when I show up.

Adventure June

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  1. I have a Disney Villians mug, too! It’s my favorite one. Loved the Karen Black reference. Did you ever see her in Trilogy of Terror? I think it was a made for TV movie. Spend the weekend doing as little as possible! I’ll be watching my nephew play flag football on Saturday. After the game I’m making a quick stop at a graduation party. Sunday I’ll be at my great niece’s baptism. I bought a new car on Thursday, so I’m sure that will be a subject discussed to death. Monday will be spent recovering from the weekend of peopling.


  2. Go to Winston-Salem and walk around Old Salem, it’s a very lovely place

    You are such a great foster person, LBK has been raised to be a great kitty for his new family.

    Great post.


  3. You could go buy a hummingbird feeder. They are so much fun to watch and very calming, that is until two males want same feeder. Then they dual with their little swordy beaks. Cats might enjoy too but they can’t catch the fast little wingers!
    Karen F

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  4. OMG. How did you ever become a cat person? If, at the age of 12, my cat ate my bird, I’d be all, “fuck cats!”

    I don’t know how to properly punctuate that sentence.


  5. All these suggestions are great. Whatever you do, I hope you enjoy and that your migraine is gone. Life, no matter how boring, is so much better when I don’t have a migraine.


  6. and then i realized you said something new. since you recently learned how to cook spinach – why not pick up another vegetable and learn how to cook it?


  7. Jump in your car, go down a road you’ve never driven on but have always been curious about. Keep turning on roads you’ve never been on. Don’t use your GPS. Set a time limit of an hour or two hours or however long you want to drive. Find a new great spot for lunch in an area you’ve never visited. Then drive more and stop in some small town shops and see what they have. When you get tired, turn your GPS on and find your way back home.

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    1. I love this idea.
      (I tried to hit like but I’m on an iPad and even though I’m signed in, it won’t let me.)


    2. I did this many years ago before GPS and kept turning down different country roads and drove around until I was ready to turn around and head back home. Fast forward to the present and all those country roads are now completely built up. Welcome to metro Atlanta.


  8. I’m all for the dragqueen suggestion mainly because I want to do it badly but never have. Lu still resent no one going to see them in Key West with me.
    A facial is another thing I’ve never done. I also like the three new foods and lazing around idea. I am not feeling terribly original today.


  9. Find a body of water and sit very close to it for at least 15 minutes. Stare at the water ripples and listen to the sounds.

    Send postcards to friends.

    I second the suggestion of Karaoke, watching and/or participating.


  10. Dancing, I love that idea. I used to go dancing every weekend when my husband was in a band. Now he doesn’t want to go because he will have to dance. Have fun with what ever you decide.


    1. Wow do you do this and really watch the whole movie? ha ha I get about one third through and then let it go. sigh


  11. Have a good life, Little Black Kitty.

    I, too, was going to suggest going to the zoo. A friend I went to high school with suggested our group go roller skating. We are 75 and 76 years old! Is she crazy?

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  12. Not sure of the current bank account situation, but maybe you could get out to At Home and look to see if they have any outdoor cushions that you were wanting to replace.

    Are there any drag queen events this weekend? I feel like we haven’t heard any drag queen adventures lately.

    Whatever you choose to do, simply enjoy!!!


  13. Start an epic book you’ve been wanting to read or a new series. If you like mysteries, I suggest Louise Penny. You will want to move to Three Pines. Sit outside in your lovely yard and sip lemonade as you do it. Look for birds in the trees. Cook something easy, it will make you feel you have really accomplished something! Preferably vegetables from the farmer’s market. Rearrange furniture. Enjoy staying home!


    1. I just plowed my way thru all 14 Gamache mysteries. I felt like an addict — put down one book and picked up the next (in order, of course). I second Bamacarol’s recomendation, at least read the first one. Three Pines sounds like such a lovely town, except for the cold.


      1. I have been missing this conversation. I love the Gamache books and have read them all. I want to go to Vermont and cross the border and look for 3 Pines. Road trip anyone?


  14. I know you, Ed’s and Milhous will miss the black, silky, little beast. You are so very brave to keep fostering these little ones. It’s a special gift you have. Truly.

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  15. This post killed me with many of the last sentences in paragraphs. “I really liked that towel.” Hilarious and profound. “I hate being dramatic.” and “…right then I’ll know.” It almost felt weird to giggle and feel feelings at the same time. Lovely post, June.
    I love all the ideas of what to do. My favorites were ice cream and the country drive and the farmers market. The farmers markets aren’t open in Ohio yet. I can’t wait for local strawberries.


  16. If strawberries are still in season in NC, go get some local strawberries and make yourself a bowl of strawberries and whipped cream. Be sure to take a photo of said strawberries.

    I’m jonesing for some good strawberries and they’re probably still a few weeks out here in northern MD.

    I’ll stop saying strawberries now.

    That sweet little kitty will be snatched up toot de suite.


  17. I can suggest nothing after these suggestions. They are stellar! Only thought: go to the grocery store and keep using the wrong cart and see how people react. I cannot wait to see what you choose.


    1. I have a friend who is in his business life, a very straight laced attorney. What’s not obvious to the naked eye, is that he’s really an 11 year old boy. Any time we go to a grocery store, he goes around slipping preposterous, hilarious items into other people’s carts. It’s endless fun. Sometimes I get to laughing so hard I have to excuse myself to another aisle. 🙂

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  18. Wonderful post Coot. (my spell check wants to change that to post-Coot. What does that even mean?)
    I have a favorite coffee cup, it is a to-go cup. My favorite tea glass is a different to-go cup. Hmmm, I wonder where I’m going?
    I have a fun-filled rainy weekend planned of laundry, grocery shopping, and cooking. I think you should go Salsa dancing or just dancing.

    Have a lovely weekend sans Black Bart.


    1. Love post, comments and suggestions but am hung up on gladyswhoisalsobee’s spell check’s new word. I hope Kitty Black Blur’s post-Coot life will be as happy as his Cootful life was.


  19. Plant some flowers in pots for your patio if it’s nice. Use your fire pit (you have one, right? I swear I thought there was one in that fabulous yard.) Sit there in the evening by the light of the fire and just enjoy the peace and quiet.

    Also, here, this might be more uncommon for you: Find something you want to bake and bake it. A quick bread, cupcakes, muffins, scones.Sunday is a great baking day, I think.


  20. Somebody is gonna get them a sweet little black kitty.

    I have no good ideas for your weekend. But I will enjoy reading about whatever it is you decide to do!


  21. Farmers’ Market, Greensboro Bound, Jazz/Blues Festival, tour of homes in Lindley Park…. all kinds of things going on! Enjoy your weekend!


    1. This is not a new thing, but if I were you I’d go get a pedicure. For one, you deserve it after all that kitten work! For two, I don’t have time to go but I really need to, and it’ll make me feel better that SOMEone has pretty toes this weekend!

      Me. My suggestion was all about me. Sorry.

      But I stand by it. A pedicure is never the wrong thing to do on an open weekend!


  22. Make yourself a fancy drink of some kind in a pitcher with ice, go to store and buy three snacks you have never had – you will need a sweet snack and a salty snack and the third whatever packaging takes your fancy – then go outside with above items and either read a book, magazine, plan your garden (lantana are awesome because zero work) but the key here is DO nothing except eat and drink…..then the next day you may do some chores that are required but only if required and really can they be delayed.


  23. Doesn’t EVERYONE have a favorite coffee mug? And glass? And woe to anyone who uses said favorites. Or is that an Only Child thing? Hmmm.

    I have an exciting weekend planned: dental surgery and subsequent recovery. I know you want to be me.

    OH, I know. Unless the weather is going to be beautiful, in which case you should go outside and then I have no suggestions, you could watch watch Fosse/Verdon and try to figure out how anyone could stand Bob Fosse. Creative genius my fat ass. There’s a limit. Or watch Wine Country and then spend the rest of the weekend completely puzzled as to how a movie with those amazingly funny women could be so awful.


    1. Oh, Paula! WC just tried way too hard. NO, it wasn’t Hangover or middle-aged Bridesmaids. It was just awful. Might I suggest going completely off book and watching Catch 22 on Hulu after your awful surgery?


    2. Oh my gosh, that movie disappointed me in a way that it keeps popping into my head and making me look up reviews to find the reason it was so bad.


    3. I so agree, Just Paula, Bob Fosse was a skunk. And the cigarettes alone made me want to gag. We couldn’t get through Wine Country, it was too stupid. We’re going to try Catch-22 tonight,


    1. I did not foresee this thing happening to me.

      I love it when I get one of your song references.

      No suggestions yet.


  24. Riffing off the pencil drawing suggestion above…how about drawing whatever you do this weekend?


  25. First of all I want to say I had breast biopsy Wednesday and yesterday was given the results. it was benign. I had to wait 2 weeks to get In for the biopsy and that wasn’t torture at all. But yay me this time it was good news. Anyway how about take a long walk in nature with Edsel. Treat yourself to a massage? Facial ? I hope it’s a good weekend for you and YALL !

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  26. I covet the coffee cup. I’m going to Karaoke tonight at a dive bar. People watching at it’s finest. Maybe you could do that. The Karaoke part. You know all the songs!

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  27. Also, I have a favorite coffee mug (Disney Villains) – I thought everyone did that. Also, too, without ever speaking of it, Gumbo and I know which mugs are “his” and which ones are “mine.” When my mother visits and uses one of “our” coffee cups instead of the one we set out for her, it throws us off a little.

    Ridiculous, yes, but there you go.

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  28. Roller skating
    Visit the NC Zoo
    Take a winery tour
    Walk around downtown, driving all the old men crazy, while wearing a horsehead mask
    Attempt to get in touch with three people you have thought about a lot but not communicated with in quite a while
    Go to Indian Trail (outside Charlotte) and visit all the Pyrs at the Pyr rescue place


    1. Did anyone watch the season finale of “Young Sheldon?” It showed the characters of Big Bang Theory as kids and Amy was reading a paperback copy of Little House on the Prairie.

      Also, I cried like a girl at both the Young Sheldon finale (very bittersweet) and the series finale of Big Bang.


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