June in July

I had to order checks, because the guy who cuts my lawn takes checks and cash only and I’m not leaving cash under the planter in this … transitioning neighborhood.

Actually, the other night I accidentally left the passenger window open all night in m’car and the car is parked right on the street, and? Nothing.

Still. Not leaving cash.

I mean, other than that I’ve got no reason to have checks, and when I got in with the credit union last year they sent me one book only, and it took me a whole year to use them.

Oh! And I have to send checks to my mother, to pay her back slowly


for the fence.

The point of this whole story is that when I finally had to order new ones, with my new set of checks came a flyer for return address labels. Although at this point I mail a letter maybe once every three months, I’d still like to have them for Christmas and even those quarterly times I mail a letter. Because I’m so pressed for time. #BusyExec

I perused the label design choices, and?

I chose clear.

Who have I become?

I remember back in the early ’90s, and once again I’d like to remind you that any time I use an apostrophe, when I’m creating these masterpieces I cannot see the curl of the apostrophe. But I put it right up against the word before it, hoping it curls to the left as it should, then half the time when I see the published version, it’s curled the wrong way, and this is the sort of thing that makes a copy editor end it all.

Anyway, back when it hovered around 1990, see how I avoided the apostrophe there? I had to order checks and I was on the phone with my bank du jour. “Can you just pick out the girliest design you have?” I asked the man on the phone. And he did a great job! They were pink and had gold-foil curlicues and I was beside myself with pleasedness. I was still the four-year-old ordering the holiday donut with all the tassels and jellybeans and lace on it.

But I’ve moved away from all that. I mean, don’t get me wrong: I drive a baby-blue car with baby-blue tires that’s the size of a pickle. But while I still like feminine and cute, I don’t like pink and fussy anymore. I’ve evolved. I mean, have you ever seen such an evolved person?

But I think people still think that I’d choose the pink thing with cherubs on it, when really I’d go more for the midcentury green and blue thing now.

Which leads me to my question: What do you have like that? What’s one way you’ve changed, but people around you haven’t quite gotten it yet? Have you told them, or do you just let them think it?

I remember some friends of mine from back in Michigan kept white Zinfandel on hand for me for decades, as unfortunately that’s what I drank back when I lived there. But I was onto merlot and then chardonnay and now fizzy strawberry water, yet every time I visited these friends, “Oh, and we got you some white Zin!”

Mother of god. “Great!” I’d say, looking for my spiral perm to complete the look.

While I’m writing this, I can see three new comments going up on my last post, and it feels like when you’re texting someone and they’ve written something and you’re answering it but you see they’re over there writing a new thing. That always stresses me out more than it should.

Okay, talk at you.


69 thoughts on “June in July

  1. Firemen. Used to love em’ for their strength and bravery. Everyone would tease and send memes and the like. Now, I’m indifferent to those fellas. When I get a meme or comment my brain says “so yesterday” with an appropriate internal eye-roll


  2. I don’t think I have grown out of my love of things. I was never a collector, but people still give me purple things…and I still love purple…so.

    Lovely post, lovely June!


  3. I used to always drink Pinot Grigio but quit it at least 10 years ago for Reds – Mostly Pinot Noir… And now some of that but often bubbly water too. Love Bubbly Strawberry and Raspberry but new fave is La Croix Peach-Pear.
    A friend brought me an expensive bottle of P Grigio – about 3 years ago and I still have it. But it is all good – I don’t drink much of the red either so prepared for company! ha ha


  4. For me it was frogs. The funny part was that I never really collected them, so I’m not sure how it even started. And the thing about stuff like that is that people will buy you whatever crap they see that has a frog on it. Occasionally there is a cool gift that happens to be have a frog theme, but mostly it’s just crap. It took a really long time (and a move or two) but I’ve finally gotten rid of most of it.

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  5. Whoppers (the candy, not the burgers, although…yeah, the burgers too) – they were my favorite candy for years and years but now I feel just sort of “meh” about them. But hey! Guess what I get every birthday, Christmas, Mothers Day, and just recently, anniversary! People just seem so genuinely pleased when they give me a box of Whoppers that I don’t have the heart to say I don’t really care for them anymore.


  6. About 6 years ago I decorated my classroom with owl clip art and owl accessories. I changed it 4 years ago but co-workers and students still give me owl stuff.


  7. The last time I had to buy checks I searched high and low to find a place that sold just one box. Because by the time I finish off the first box (usually takes 5 or 6 years) I’m over the style and want to move on to a new one. You always have to buy two. (Walmart’s the only place that will sell just one afaik.)

    I had an ex who decided I was into country decor. I’m not. One Xmas he went on and on about how much I was going to like what he had bought. He got me an unfinished wood decorative shelf. There was a heart cutout and chicken wire. I realized then and there that our relationship was doomed.


  8. I loved Ben & Jerry’s Fish Food ice cream when I had my periods years ago. I craved the stuff. I am not a chocolate ice cream person now. I prefer vanilla with some caramel in it sometimes. I like a few other flavors. The only chocolate I really want is good chocolate candy once in a while. I prefer vanilla for cookies, fudge, cake, cappuccinos etc.


  9. I would say I have evolved from plain Jane eating to much more adventurous food types. Example: when I was growing up my mom’s idea of a salad was iceburg lettuce leaves, shredded cheddar, and a few pieces of a hard boiled egg with French dressing. Most of my plain Jane eating generated from my mom’s fussiness. Yesterday I ate a salad with beets, grilled squash, pine nuts, quinoa, chicken, avocado. Delish.


  10. Honestly, I don’t understand why people don’t listen. Don’t waste your money buying stuff other people don’t want!!

    I love chocolate covered cherries but over the years I decided I only like the clear center ones covered in DARK chocolate. Vermont Country Store has the very best, Godiva is next, then Cella’s are fine if I can’t get the others. I have said this to many, many people. Those people then give me milk chocolate cherries and sometimes they are the cream centered ones. As with so many folks here, I smile, then either throw them away or bring them to work and put them out.

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  11. I guess the upside of an eclectic sense of style and decorating is that no one has been stuck on any one theme. I have received some weird gifts but I really love trying to make them work, at least for a while. It’s a challenge I relish!


  12. Throughout the years I’ve collected snowmen, birds, birdhouses, and owls. But never mixed the snowmen with bird stuff. At least I have that going for me.


  13. Peeps. Every year at Easter, my mother buys me a box and presents them to me like they are the greatest thing since sliced bread. I haven’t enjoyed a Peep in probably 20 years, but I take them with a smile and a thank you, then throw them away when I get home. Even my kids won’t eat them.


  14. The people who wrote they don’t like a certain food anymore — I gotta say that fascinates me. I’d love to no longer want to put my face in a pie and finish it, or have to squeeze my eyes shut going past the Reese’s Cups near the checkout stand at the store! Lucky you!

    Cows. When I got my first newspaper job, which paid crap, I took a middle-of-the-night job milking cows. Dairy cows are the best. Big sweet lugs. When I got married I started putting cow stuff in my kitchen and then it became what everyone got me.
    Before we moved to our current house, I decided I was done with them, phase had passed. You won’t see cows in my kitchen, yet they show up as gifts from people who have been in my kitchen recently…


  15. Picking new checks used to be such fun. It was important because you used them EVERY DAY and wanted them to say something about who you were. I haven’t written a check in YEARS.

    Peeps and Jelly Belly jelly beans. Loved them as a kid. Don’t eat them anymore. My mom insists on buying them for me. Right in the trash. Actually I take them to work and leave them in the work room – we have people at work who will eat anything. She also buys me every garden gee-gaw she finds at garage sales – every plastic squirrel, frog, Welcome to My Garden sign. No thanks. I love garden art, not garden crap. But there’s no stopping her.

    My sister, on the other hand, is an excellent gift giver. She listens to things I talk about and sends me the coolest stuff. I admire her gift giving skillz.


  16. Ceramic pigs. Just because I think pigs are adorable. But please don’t give me more. I have a big box of them sitting on a garage shelf.


  17. I have changed in two ways.
    A. I am now agnostic and my Christian family doesn’t get it.
    4. I love to stay home and be my true introverted self. People think I’m an extrovert, but I’m not. I just do well in social situations because I’ve learned how to do it.


  18. When I was younger I loved sparkly, glittery, lots of rhinestones. Then I went through a really rough time and really didn’t care about any of that stuff. To this day my family will buy me the gaudiest sparkliest rhinestone encrusted thing and give it with such pride. WHERE YOU NOT THERE WHEN MY LIFE WENT TO SHIT AND SPARKLY WENT DOWN THE TOILET? Anyway, yeah, I’m not bitter, why do you ask?


  19. ::whispers:: Handmade cards from my mother. They are beautiful, very artsy, and I love them. She knows I love them so every once in a while I receive another set from her. I have well over one hundred of them. Know who I pretty much only send a card to? Yep, my mother. Which means I can’t send her one she MADE, so I have to go and buy one. But I can’t even cheap out and buy a box of ten because they all go to my mother. Sigh. Ahhh, I feel so much better getting this off my chest.

    God I hope my mother doesn’t read here.

    Also, anybody want me to send them a card? I promise to write more than “I’m not a stalker, don’t freak out” on it.

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    • Dear Shelley,
      Have you considered donating the handmade cards? I know the little old ladies who come to our church’s food pantry would love them!!

      Maybe donate them to a local organization like a hospice, a food pantry, a nursing home,etc?

      Just a thought. Thanks for listening!
      Robin…Mrs Gumby

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    • I love Mrs. Gumby’s suggestion.

      If it were me n my mom, I would totally send her a card made by her. I’d write something mondo sappy in it bc she is best mom ever & life is fucking horrible & who doesn’t want to open their mailbox, see a card envelope, open envelope, see pretty card and read that their child loves them? That said, I know that scene might play diff in diff families so ymmv. And Mrs. Gumby has a wonderful suggestion.

      Fabulous post June. Love everyone’s comments. God I miss cards and flamingo shit.

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  20. When Mr. Texas and I got married we decided to have Texas themed Christmas ornaments on our Christmas tree. (I realize people in other states will find this super odd, but Texans won’t.) Anyway, we had fun buying ones as we traveled, receiving a few as gifts in our early years, and searching for ones we didn’t have (recently found a horned frog!) All of that is to say TREE’S FULL! We don’t need anymore, sweet Mother-in-law!

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  21. I used to go hard for salt and vinegar Pringles chips. Now they hurt my stomach and I’m over it. Also, clear labels are a solid investment.


  22. Precious moments figurines – moved on long ago – every new one given with love – straight to goodwill they rarely make it a day in the house – also cat related stuff – yes I love cats no I do not want cat palooza in my house – also lemon gin -but I will drink it because they got it especially for me those caring individuals – used to love it – now not so much the gin – still love the people


  23. I don’t like Reese’s Cups but as a kid they were all the rage. My brothers would steal mine from my Easter basket or Christmas stocking. I always saved them for last because they were the best (probably because the other candy we got was lame, like Palmer’s chocolate [GROSS]). Now I can never touch one again and be perfectly happy but because the rest of the world still enjoy them, I will get them from someone as a gift. No, thank you.

    Also, pig stuff, cat stuff, cute socks with lots of strings on the inside, scented bar soap, scented candles and anything that can give me a headache just from smelling it.

    Also, I keep meaning to tell you that I saw something on Amazon that is supposed to remove sulfites (or whatever causes migraines) from your alcohol. Like a swizzle stick, maybe? You just stir it around and it removes those things? Perhaps you can find it (or I can look for it) and you can affiliate link it?


  24. I used to bake. All the time. There was always something sweet at my house. I brought treats to work. But now, I don’t have the time, and the deli at the Food Lion has some awesome cakes and Little Debbie can fill my sweet tooth. I don’t have a dishwasher either and the thought of hand-washing all that mess and cleaning up the kitchen…..no. But people still expect me to bring stuff and get all excited that I’m attending their potluck. They send me Pins on Pinterest to try. They buy me baking shit, like pot holders, cooling racks, cute measuring cups. There’s something freeing about showing up to the reunion picnic with two two-liters of Dr. Thunder. No one has even realized I’m not slaving I’m the kitchen.


  25. I’m having the opposite problem currently. My gay husband is my next door neighbor and he loves for us to go shopping at home decor places. Every single time we’re shopping he’s putting stuff in my buggy telling me how great it will look in my house. And finally I will look at him and say, “Stop it!! I’m not a matchy matchy person and I don’t want my entire house to be modern farmhouse!” Then he cracks up and tells me he’s absolutely trying to get me to go modern farmhouse. There’s nothing wrong with modern farmhouse, I just don’t want my house to look like every freaking house I looked at when I was house hunting a couple of years ago.


  26. Pins. I used to be crazy for them and now, not so much. My mother persists in buying them for me. I put them on hats and jackets, the occasional tote or purse but I am all about beads and necklaces now.


  27. I can’t think of anything in my present life, but at my wedding fifty years ago my bouquet had daisies, and I also had a painting of daisies. For decades Mom thought they were my favorite flowers, and Imever told her otherwise. My aunt received oodles of cat items when a bag of cat food for Scamper, Moochie, and Patches would have been welcome. Every gift my church organist received had music notes or a piano keyboard on it. He would have preferred a bottle of Scotch.


    • At my wedding 40 years ago I carried a bouquet of daisies! Today I love peonies and roses. It was a 60’s & 70’s kind of thing, I guess. Flower children were we…

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      • I carried daisies because my wedding was casual and they were economical. They were not my first choice at all, even at 21 years old. My late husband bought them for me calling them my favorite flowers. The cancer had to be effecting his brain. Coral roses are my favorite flowers and I’m sure he had known that.


  28. In general, I prefer no gifts at all. At this stage of my life I am in the decluttering phase. I used to love cotton candy, but I don’t care for it at now. Don’t feel bad, I would have ordered the clear labels too, however, at the present time, I have hundreds, maybe thousands, of labels I get for free from organizations that have probably bought my name and address. I seriously considering buying a stamp and throw out all those millions of labels. See reference to decluttering above.

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  29. When I lived in KCMO in 1984-1989, I had pink flamingos in my yard and that turned into a big of a thing for flamingo-related objects. I stopped caring about flamingos at least 8 years ago, and yet, almost every birthday (it’s in 16 days!), someone still gives me some flamingo-related shit. ARGH.

    I feign polite interest and then… put it in the guest room where I don’t have to look at it.

    Clearly, my people don’t really know me at all, and are lazy.


  30. Birdhouses, bird stuff. My sister clutched on to that and will NOT let go. I have so many freaking decorative birdhouses littering my home, I think I’ll just put them outside for the real birds and watch them rot in this sweltering humid loveliness of a summer we’re having.

    Joon, I receive soooo many unsolicited address labels, I would not have to actually purchase any until I am approximately 119.


  31. I like Giraffe’s, real Giraffes. My family (who I know longer have a relationship with) for years and years and eons of time decided that meant I loved animal prints so every single gift was animal print. On top of that they are super cheap people and invest no time or thought into gifts, nothing says love like a dollar store animal print piece of crap.

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      • Same here. I’m so glad we stopped giving Christmas gifts to the adults on my husbands side of the family. Can’t tell you how much cheap cat stuff I’ve gotten over the years. Except for the time I got a cheap quail egg necklace from my mother-in-law. Oooo, it was hand painted too by someone who didn’t really know how. Almost like getting crocheted toilet seat covers.

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  32. Cheesecake, malted milk balls, and Ben & Jerry’s chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream. Twenty years ago I lived for those three things. I haven’t wanted/liked any of the three in years. Yet, every birthday my best friend and my parents load me up with all three. If I’m having a particularly awful day my friend will drop off one of the three. I don’t have the heart to tell she or my parents that I don’t like those things anymore.

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  33. I’ve stopped telling my family my favorite colors and so forth. They so overdo it that I end up hating my favorite things. Fickle? Not me.


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