That’s a big five-four, good buddy

You know how I like it when the holidays are over? I feel the same way about my birthday. I’m glad to return back to normal. Yesterday there weren’t five minutes that went by that I wasn’t in some way acknowledging my bday, and even I was over it, much less anyone else.

Nevertheless, I persisted.

I ordered pizzas and invited some people to meet me at a pub nearby, after work. Well. It wasn’t “nearby” for my friend Sandy, who is dramatically hiding from the camera, here. Sandy had to come all the way from Michigan. And then hide the evidence.

Look, there she is anyway. Happily posing. So what was her issue earlier? How do you solve a problem like a Sandy?

Sandy and I are old friends, and she hates the name Sandy and it isn’t her name. Our friendship, aka my torture of her, dates all the way back to aught 84.

Dear June, do you even know what aught means?

We lived in the same dorm, and yes, she was also hot then. She’s never not been hot. I imagine she was a hot newborn, looking all sexy in her diaper. Anyway, in aught 90-ish, we went on to share a house with her yappy dogs and my delightful cat du jour. (Confetti, the peach-colored Persian, back when I actually purchased cats and I KNOW, okay?) (He was a great cat, though. He can’t help it he was purchased at a mall.)

Careful readers will recall her wedding back in aught nine, that I attended with our other college friend Dot. Sandy’s wedding. Not Confetti the mall cat’s. He never married. Lived with his mom all his life. Had fluffy peach fur. Used to sleep on my head.

Anyway, Sandy and her husband Allen, and I really hope I’m spelling that right, are here in North Carolina for a week and they just happened to be able to see me ON MY BIRTHDAY, which I’m sure figured heavily into their plans.

Careful readers can also see from that group shot way above that Griff, Lottie Blanco and her wife Lottie Blanco, Marty and Kayeeeee and of course The Poet showed up. Wedding Alex claimed she had to work at the last minute, and I’m certain she’ll make it up to me with a very costly gift.

The Lottie Blancos brought crudite and dip and cheese and crackers, and she asked if I wanted to take the dip home, which is the story of my life.

Also, Griff looks good, right? He’s lost weight. He’s walking like 8 miles a day or something. Meanwhile I’m taking home dip.

Sandy really wanted to see my house. “How often am I ever this close? I want to see it!”

I explained to her that the whole reason I had this gathering at a pub was because I’m fostering kittens, which is a messy business no matter how many times a day you clean up after them, which in my case is 47 times a day. I mean, they don’t always hit the box, man. It takes fortitude to deal with that and I already have Stanley Steamer scheduled to come clean this area rug in a week or two. This room is officially disgusting.

“I still want to see it,” kitten-poop-fetish-Sandy said. So we got in the car and drove to my marginal hood and she got to see my cute-but-poopy house. And sure enough, she stepped in a wayward kitten paddy.

Come to House of June! It’s number two on your list!

Sandy’s husband, Alan, Allen, All-in, is a wonderful person who tolerated the feces and endless chatter that was Sandy and me reunited. He also, just randomly, went outside away from us to be with Edsel and Milhous. But also, their 20-year-old (!!!) dog died not long ago, and he likes getting dog fixes, and sometimes all you have is an Edsel and it will have to do. It’s like when you just have to put grocery bags on the inside of your boots.

Anyway, they played Blu, and then I saw Allen/Alan/Alun running around and around my shed while Milhous chased him. I wasn’t even aware Mil would DO that trick.

In all, ’twas a most excellent birthday and now I’m 54 and one day closer to death. And I still haven’t shown you my gifts. Hang on. Let me throw some in here…

My Aunt Mary sent me her Peter Max clock that STILL WORKS. I remember admiring it when I slept over.

I’m so easy to buy for, if you ask me.

Anyway, that’s my birthday wrap-up, and now I must wrap up this post, and it’s smooth transitions like that that makes this blog a pleasure to read.


51 thoughts on “That’s a big five-four, good buddy

  1. I see by your header that something happened to upset your birthday bash week.
    Hope it gets better.


        1. Yes, Kymberly has the same book from her great-grandmother. Maybe it was a bestseller! Prose and Poetry for the Punctual Young Miss, by Inez Haynes Irwin.


  2. So happy you had a great birthday! I love seeing the blanket I crocheted you in your posts! How is it holding up? I love that you use it … so many people get handmade items and never use them. Let me know when it is wearing out and I’ll make you another one!


  3. Happy Birthday you old coot! I can say this because I’m older than you by 3 years but you look TONS younger than me. I know it’s supposed to be about YOU and all, but damn that Milhous is big.


  4. Glad you had a wonderful time with friends for your birthday shenanigans! Happy belated! I’m a few (quite a few) years ahead of you on the age scale and know what, some days it sucks when you can’t physically do the things you did as a youngin. But mostly, its just another year of acquired wisdom or something dumb like that!


  5. My sister had that same clock in her room and I loved it from afar, as she never would let me go into her room. Wadda B. How cool that the one you got still works!

    Even Sandy’s back is hot. Good-looking backs are hard to come by. I always wanted to see my shoulder blades, but it never happened for me.

    Glad you were able to spend your birthday with some of your favorite people. Enjoy the belated-happy-birthdays today.


  6. Edsel looked so happy. And Milhous is a smart catdog to know how to chase after a human for a game of “catch me if you can.” Cute birthday gifts and photos June. Thank you for sharing!


  7. Thanks for sharing your happy day with us. My aunt used to look at group pictures and exclaim, “Oh look! It’s the pretty people.” My sentiments.
    I especially loved Alan’s selfie with Edsel and Milhouse. Pure artistry. Edsel has become quite the poser.


  8. What wonderful gifts – I love gifts that fit the person well and not just “I have a closet of gifts suitable for anyone, just grab something.”
    Let me rephrase, it is the thought that counts. I don’t mean that. But these gifts were super-thoughtful.

    Sandy is absolutely stunning. If I looked like her I’d have my face to the camera every chance I got.

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  9. What a great birthday celebration with people that love you and you love them. Really cool gifts. Another day closer to death… snort. It does make you realize every day is a gift. Enjoy your post birthday day.


  10. Lovely gathering and thoughtful gifts! The journal and inscription are wonderful–did Marie write in her journal, or just save it to look at the pretty girl?


    1. Also, the contrast between the 110-year-old ethereal journal woman, midcentury hand cream woman, and Peter Max clock is pretty stunning.


        1. hahaha. I don’t even know the name of the book. I displayed it with my other old books. I should probably, you know, read it.


        1. But what’s the book TITLE? Inquiring bibliomaniacs want to know.
          Lorraine and the Little People of Summer?


  11. Great photos of a happy celebration with people who care about you. What better gift is that?? Especially like the Edz photo, looking all coy and everything…with Millhouse ‘the rock’ in the background!


  12. What a treat to have Sandy and Alan (sp?) visit on your birthday! Looks like it was a great day. Here’s to a good year!


  13. What a nice birthday! I think for my next birthday I’m going to tell everyone to just go to a thrift store and find the best/most vintage-y thing that I would appreciate.

    Happy belated birthday, June!


  14. Your presents are lovely. I covet the new jewels and the jewelry tree. You had a nice gathering and a visit from a distant old friend? Way to celebrate!


  15. Did Griff have anchovies?
    Griff does look good these days. I say this begrudgingly, as I am someone who ticks several boxes on his I hate you if list.
    Lovely birthday post, lovely birthday June.


  16. Nice gifts & a fun outing. That’s what birthdays are for! The jewelry tree is pretty cool, as well as the vintage jewels. I need to wear mine more often, as it feels festive.


  17. Looks like a great day – even if Sandy who hates her name initially hid from the camera. Love that you went home with the dip. You still have it – the ability to crack me up, not the dip. Seriously you look much younger than your assigned number! Enjoy your new clock – that clock has lots going on.


  18. What a lovely bunch of gifts! And a delightfully fun party. A birthday to remember for sure!


  19. This looks like the PERFECT birthday. Casual gathering of your favorite people. Pizza in a pub. Kitten poo. And that old journal looks fabulous! What more can you ask for?

    Lovely post, lovely June!


  20. Your party paper goods resemble your new dishes! How fun to have out of town friends join your friends crnt for the big circle of life event. “Cannn you feeeeeel the love toniiiight?”
    Great new/old jewelry!!
    Lovely post, Birthday Girl!


  21. Lovely post-June. 54 looks great on you, and you really dont look a day over fabulous!


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