Sometimes it snows in August

On Friday, I had too much work to do. Most of my day was spent hunched tensely in the open floor plan, thinking don’t talk to me don’t talk to me don’t talk to me.

As hard as I tried, I didn’t get everything done. When I finally left work, it showed I’d last checked my phone at 9:02 a.m. Fortunately, the work was technically due on Monday morning, so I could take it home over the weekend.

So that is why I was vulnerable—although who are we kidding. I’d have said yes no matter what. But I was vulnerable when the shelter called. “We know you want just one kitten at a time,” they said, as I grew more and more delighted. “And we have a four-week-old someone brought in yesterday who just needs to be fattened up. Can you take him?”

Can I take him. I had three different plans Friday and canceled them all. As soon as 5:00 struck I was in my car screaming down there. Did I mention it’s as far out of town as you can get, on the busiest street in the damn city? Allegedly they’re building another one, allegedly. With my luck it’ll be even further.

Anyway, I walked into the Calcutta that is the shelter, with the same two beleaguered overworked women behind the counter who are always there. I ended up in that endless line with another kitten foster who thought she was picking up Snowflake, too. “No, I’m picking up Snowflake,” I said, already possessive of her. For although the office claimed she was a boy, I have peeked into the window of her soul and also her rear, and she is in fact a girl.

I think.

Anyway, turns out the yahoo in line hadn’t actually returned the call to the shelter, so she had to get the kitten who needed meds (named Daryl. Both the counter girl and the foster girl said, “Who names a girl Daryl?” and I was all, “Daryl Hannah” and they were both, “?”).

(“Splash?” I said.

“?” they said.

Actually, that other foster woman was hilarious and I liked her; she can’t help it she’s 12.)

Anyway, here’s Snowflake when I got her. Would it have killed them to give me a towel? Because in fact she DID poop on the drive home.

Now that I’m a pro at this, it took me five minutes to set her up–in the bathroom. I won’t have me another ruined floor. I fed her and petted her and got her warming disk to put her on, and in the morning she’d used her litter box just nicely like a good girl, and I gave her a bath and as the day wore on I graduated her to the den.


I let Eds look at her, but didn’t introduce them till Sunday, even though he was beside himself knowing she was in there. It’s like if you knew you had a German chocolate cake in the other room.

I’ve had several kittens, including Steely Dan, be appalled at Edsel at first, but not this one. She was all up in Eds.

Before you have 49 fits, we were out on the patio only and I was never more than a foot from her and it was for 5 minutes so calm down. But she wanted to follow him out there.

Anyway, it was the ideal weekend to have a new kitten because I was in here for like nine hours at a time doing my work. Oh! And another thing …

When she climbed into Edsel’s bed, as all kittens are wont to do, she thought it was so soft that she made biscuits on it for like half an hour. So I went to Target to get her a stuffed animal in that same soft material.

dis bed rok

Do you know what I’ve never done before? Is shop for toys at Target. Or if I have it’s been years.

I got her a purple bunny that she seems 100% indifferent to. So.

yew not fool kitteee. dis not same as bed.

Anyway, the good news is I have a kitten, who has gained a little weight already and who certainly has fewer fleas as of now, ugh. The other good news is I got a lot of work done, although I still have a ton more and will have don’t-talk-to-me posture all day. We have twin day today at work, but I had to text my twin to say I couldn’t get all the accoutrements so I won’t be a twin with a bearded Viking.

I also got zero cleaning done and no laundry completed, and I still have to call the stupid stupid stupid gas company, whom I hate, because they won’t send me a paper bill and I can’t get into their site. “Paternal grandmother’s name,” it says, so I put in my grandmother’s name.

“Nope, that’s not it,” they say.


They won’t send me a paper bill, and the only way to fix my password is to sign in with my account number, which I DON’T HAVE BECAUSE THEY WON’T SEND ME A PAPER BILL. Oh my god my hatred of them is white hot.

So what I’m saying is a lot didn’t get done.

But still.


54 thoughts on “Sometimes it snows in August

  1. Snowflake is adorable. I think it is amazing how you can see a difference in just a weekend – in her weight. Precious little girl.


  2. Snowflake Nipplering Gardens

    I love her.

    I’m sorry about your worky-work and uncleaned house and clothing but



  3. Here’s a online tip.

    When a site asks you those kind of questions, always put the answers in lower case when setting up the account. Many sites are case sensitive.

    That doesn’t solve your current problem but will help in the future. For now got back and try all caps, all lowercase, etc.


  4. Here’s a online tip.

    When a site asks you those kind of questions, always put the answers in lower case when setting up the account. Many sites are case sensitive.

    That doesn’t solve your current problem but will help in the future. For now got back and try all caps, all lowercase, etc.


  5. I love Snowflake! Our next door neighbor has a catten, Casper, they found on the axle of their car that looks like Snowflake.

    I feel your pain dealing with the gas company. I want paper bills, just give me the dang bill!

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  6. I am in awe of the pictures. Perfection. In the first one she looks like a baby possum. What? Baby possums are cute.


  7. Those pictures are so wonderful. The one on the patio! The one on Edz’s bed! Oh, my goodness! You can already see Snowflake’s personality! I am so happy that you have another kitten!

    Lovely post, lovely June!


  8. Am in love with Snowflake!! My daughter is begging me to adopt an orange tabby from the shelter and I can’t think of a good reason not to. So probably by this weekend, we’ll have a new cat – he’s a year old, so not a kitten, but I am okay with that.


  9. The picture on the patio kills me!! Snowflake is adorable. I’d love to have another cat. Unfortunately, my asthma has other plans for me.


    1. O chit! Reminds me of when I was in high school and wrote my term paper on the wrong subject. Guess the teacher felt sorry for me. He gave me a D- for my effort. Hope you get at least a D, Joon.


  10. I just can’t get over how Edsel loves the kittens. I love every single picture! Snowflake hit the jackpot with her foster home.


  11. Iam hopelessly in love with your new foster kitty. We had a white kitten when I was about seven, the family doctor, who made housecalls,
    came to see us with a pet carrier full of kittens. His cat had had kittens and we got to pick one. He brought his daughter with him. It was Christmas vacation time. We got the white kitten and my mom named her Snow White. My father promptly dubbed her Millie and it stuck. She went missing later that day and we searched everywhere. Our Christmas tree was up on a platform with toy trains going around it. There was a big red skirt on the platform. Snow White/Millie was asleep in one of the ornament boxes that were stashed under there. A white kitten is a treasure trove of adorabeless and one with her own dog is almost too much to behold!


  12. Oh – that is SO SWEET, how she and Edz love each other! I love ‘Noflake.

    Good luck on getting people to leave you alone.


  13. Sweet mother of kitties that’s a cute little Snowflake! Gotta run… work is very workety work work work right now. They have quite the nerve!


  14. Aw, Snowflakek’s got such a sweet personality already! Love seeing Edz with a new kitty. He’s so gentle and loving. Maybe he was a mama cat in another life. In other cat news: how is sweet Iris doing??


  15. Snowflake is a lucky kitten. You might have a future as a kitten stylist. That photo of Edsel and Snowflake in the dog bed is priceless.


  16. I love how tough she is! The comparison to German Chocolate Cake in the other room is fabulous, and I wish I had cake in any room right now.


  17. kleen . I’m sitting here all warm and fuzzy myself after reading this beautiful post. Oh, June, you are a treasure.


  18. What a beautiful kitten! Of course she didn’t care about the toy. I have never had a cat who liked a toy specifically bought for them. Now if you stick a piece of rubber tube on the end of a straw they will love it forever!


  19. I’m sorry Edsel doesn’t have the time or inclination to have his own Instagram account. Those photos are fabulous. Also, I now want German chocolate cake.


  20. Oh, good grief, she is adorable. I’d like to think I’d say no but let someone ask me to foster a snowball like that. SUCKER. That’s me. Well done, June. I love how Edsel crowds himself over to the side of his bed so the 8 oz kitten can have more room.


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