Anyway, ho

People who just look at Facebook/Instagram and never post anything are just taking and not giving. It irks me. The rest of us aren’t just there to entertain you, you know. You’re supposed to contribute, too.

That reminds me: My new sign off every day is going to be, “You don’t have to give an email or name to leave a comment.” Don’t let me forget that that’s my new sign off. It’s this blog’s “Spay and neuter your pets.” It’s this blog’s “And that’s the way it is.” It’s this blog’s “Salll-UTE.”

Anyway, hi. Which I just wrote as anyway, ho, which is real rude.

Thursday at work was extra busy and also extra crispy and also extra flavor extra fun in a sugar-free gum. I kept thinking, Okay, I can handle this, and then I’d get another “We hear you’re not busy, can you do this 80-page thing in 14 seconds?” email. I don’t know who was sending “June’s not busy” flyers out of an airplane but it was false news.

I only worked like a 9-hour-and-45-minute day, which wasn’t THAT bad, but ’twas an intense 9:45 and I came home listless, WHICH SHOULD HAVE TIPPED ME OFF but it didn’t.

On Friday I awoke with a migraine. A bad one. And I no longer know how to set my out-of-office notification on my work email from my home computer. So that was relaxing. Anyway that photo above of my fried chicken pets was just a sample of how everyone here took the day to splay along the length of my sick self, rendering me motionless AND in pain AND nauseated.

On Saturday I hadda go back to work.

We’re doing this thing at work where we’re using our powers of good to help the local SPCA. So we’re going to be have like a puppy telethon in December, where you can see our SPCA’s adoptable animals for hours on end and you can also donate to help the SPCA and so on.

So, on Saturday, some of us volunteered our time to drive to the shelter, get some of the animals there, take them back and photograph them for upcoming social posts to get everyone into the idea. I of course was one of the volunteers.

I hadn’t eaten since Thursday, and to tell you the truth I still had The Lingering Migraine, but it was still the best day at work ever.

Also, I asked if I could blog about it ahead of time and they said sure. Go ahead. Who even looks at your lame blog anyway? But stay tuned for our upcoming Puppython, where you can stare at cats and dogs playing and sleeping for hours on end. Oh my god it’s gonna be so cute.

On Sunday I had to try to do all the things I didn’t get to do Friday or Saturday such as clean the house and eat. Afterward, I took self out on the town. I got up with a friend of mine and we went downtown, which continues to be not a euphemism.

I kept taking selfies on a day that I didn’t look that good. I was migraine hung over, I’d driven with my top down–on my car. I didn’t drive topless to our downtown.

Kit wasn’t there. She owns two stores now and is often at the other. Has anyone noticed I have a disproportionate number of entrepreneurial friends? There’s Kit, who has two vintage shops.

There’s The Other Copy Editor, fmr., who has the bed and breakfast.

Bitchy Resting Face Alex has a general store now that I love.

Chris and Lilly own two places now, a greenhouse and a feed store, because they fancy.

And here I am, working for the man, fending off the “I hear you’re not busy” fliers coming from the helicopter.

For four years, I worked on my own, out of my house, back in LA. But Marvin had a stellar job, so I had sort of a safety net. Also, I had a lot of outside activities, so I didn’t turn into the Maytag repairman, all isolated. Now I might Maytag repair myself into despair if I worked on my own.

Not long ago I was in the vet’s office, for a change, and I saw a woman drive up in one of those pink SUVs that Mary Kay gives to really good salespeople. She was thin and pretty. She would likely hate me.

I always thought I might be good at selling Mary Kay. Except I’d be bad at the bugging people who didn’t want to buy stuff part. The last Mary Kay person I ran across I had to end up blocking from my phone and social media because I swear she would not give up.

“You’re hard to get ahold of!” she said once. Yes. That is because I am dodging you like a flu going around the office.


So that’s my news. Today I think I have the doctor, who, annoyingly, wanted me to come in and have a goddamn physical after I’ve gone to her I think 11 times in two months for my concussion. Really? This isn’t something we can, I don’t know, put off for a few months?

So I had the goddamn fasting labs and now I have the goddamn doctor’s appointment, which means I can’t spend my lunch streaming Poldark, which again is not a euphemism.

Hey, don’t forget you don’t have to put in a name or an email to leave a comment! If you want us to know who you are, you can comment and then sign your name at the end, as part of your comment.

“With all the love I have in my heart,

“You’re my life’s blood,

“Champagne for my real friends, real pain for my sham friends,

Smell ya,

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  1. Well, this is why I never comment. I can’t believe I missed this big “Leave a Reply.” Clearly I am not destined for technological greatness.


  2. I’m trying 24 hours of passing on positives. Not “no thank you I’ll not be having any of THAT.” Rather, “I’m going to try and focus on not being critical.”

    Pray for me please.


    • Confession: I don’t know _how_ to reply. I’m using a Samsung phone, so maybe that makes a difference? The only place I can see to reply is underneath other people’s comments. Sorry to hijack your thread, Critical.


  3. You are the best part of every day Junie-ho. I had an 8.5 hour training today which was sheer misery. So now I am finally getting to sit down and do the important stuff, like read your not-blog.

    Love the pups. Love the coat. Love the hair. Comment and post on FB and Insta all the time, so maybe you’re secretly telling me to shut the hell up.

    Here I go, not leaving my email address!


  4. Cute coat! Look s good on you. I would absolutely love having a job that involved taking pictures of doggies and kitties! I’m thinking about volunteering at the animal shelter, but I only want the good jobs, like playing with the animals. Is that asking too much?


    • Socializing the shelter animals is very a important job at the shelter. Walking dogs, giving puppies baths (two retired schoolteachers did that every Wednesday), or letting cats and kittens crawl all over you…all were jobs that people did when I volunteered there. Doing computer work, answering phones, and arranging adoptions were my main jobs, but sitting in the cat room for a half hour when my scheduled time was up was the best!


  5. I look forward to seeing your posts every day. Although I don’t know how to comment with the system. I hope that you can find support in my attempt to tell you that a lot of us enjoy your posts


    Sent from my iPad


  6. Love that coat – sorry about the migraine! Hope Monday is being good to you, Juney!
    I am so not-a-tech on the computer that I can’t really figure out how to post on Instagram and have not been able to figure out how to tweet either! But I do FB and your blog! I have to be cautious about my responses – I never respond to anything political! Some of my clients look at my posts – I keep my opinions to myself!
    Anon – you sound pretty interesting – ‘fess up and do a big reveal…ha ha
    Only if you want to!
    We had a store in NC – it was a thrift store and the most fun ever! Too bad it just was not profitable enough!
    I love this blog! I am supposed to be working but put it off to read….:)


  7. I don’t have anything else to add. I just wanted to use the expression from our childhood games as a sign-off today.

    Olly, Olly Oxen Free,

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  8. I am one of those non-contributor folks. I post very infrequently on Facebook, enjoy looking but have only commented twice and never posted on instagram, and barely use Twitter. My life is so simple, uninspiring and plain old boring. But I love reading your blog and the Facebook of June and the funny stuff from your smart and funny readers.


  9. I’m guilty, I read FB and IG and rarely post anything, but I DO comment on other posts and your blog. My life seems so…dull, who wants to know that I walked this morning, went to the credit union and then to the grocery store, THEN I had to come home and put up all that stuff I bought at the store, but I didn’t just cram it into the refrigerator, I cut up the vegetables, put them in containers and organized my refrigerator. I did do a little decluttering and organization in my pantry this weekend. I discovered I had four (4) bottles of avocado oil scattered all over younder and even had it on my grocery list. See dull and boring.
    I hope you are feeling better. Fried chicken pets! Cracked me up!

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    • Tee – I want to be you when I grow up. My Grandma’s were both like that & I just… don’t?! (I know I can, but it’s so much work! *Said with a whine!*)

      I am so rarely that organized or motivated anymore to make my life easier & procrastinate. Instead, I cram every thing into 1 afternoon & put off dealing with the items in the frig until I need them.

      You aren’t boring, you are fabulous!


  10. I post on Facebook and Instagram, but mostly about my daughter who is a child, so not exactly your favorite topic. I do occassionally post our cute pets.


  11. I haven’t been posting much on Facebook lately. I’m trying very hard to refrain from posting political stuff on my social media but that orange asshole makes it SO difficult to refrain. Also, there’s not much excitement going on in my life right now that warrants letting everyone know. Perhaps I need to get my various critters that hang out at/under my house to do something cute and post-worthy. Right now, my dog Gracie Lou is glaring balefully at me because we haven’t gone on a walk yet. Her expression is so funny and OF COURSE I don’t have my phone handy to capture it and post it for the Instagram and Facebook crowd to admire.


      • I think most of us WANT to be civil, and not resort to name-calling. It really makes me go blahhh when someone calls him tRump, for example. Grow up. Argue like an adult.


  12. Oh, don’t even get me started on MLM’s (Multi-Level Marketing) such as MaryKay, Lularoe, Amway (which is the worst of them all), etc. All of them are so insidious and I’m glad you didn’t get sucked in. If you are pressured/advised/required to recruit people to become part of your downline, it’s a (legal) pyramid scheme.

    But other than that, lovely post, Coot. And I love that coat. Living in sunny, windy and BURNING Southern California, there’s not much need for coats, which makes me sad because I love a good coat.


  13. You have two sides, sparkly June and Classic June. I was told I have two personalities by the lying married cheater. I got even, not intentionally but it is over. He also said I have chubby cheeks (on my face and I do not now), that wearing too much jewelry is a sign of insecurity (feck off, it’s boho, it’s a thing, it’s MY STYLE and I love it). He blocked me on social media and I blocked him on my phone.I should have done it sooner. I never saw him in person again but any contact is toxic. So ends my favorite month, my sixtieth birthday and first as a widow favorite month. It passed, starting with excitement, ending with drama and angst. It taught me things I need to learn but man they were hard and harsh. Time to move on to.more serious pursuits. I am very social online , need to become more so IRL. It’s hard for me to keep my big mouth shut here, there and almost everywhere online. I know I can seriously Lu annoy.
    Washed that man right out of my hair,
    Older AND Wiser (I hope)
    No More Teenaged Antics

    PS. Sorry about the migraine. Even feeling badly you still look good.

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  14. Now that I have finally figured out I don’t need to leave a name or email, I wish I could go back and submit all the pithy comments I typed up and then deleted because I couldn’t figure out how to sign in and NOT connect my business website, because WordPress is GREEDY with the signing in. Not that I wouldn’t want June readers on my website, it’s just super boring business site and I didn’t want to make the masses yawn.

    -Can’t think of a pithy signoff


  15. Remember the 40s and 50s jewelry I have? There are some brooches that would look great on that coat. Stop by Valdese at I-40 Exit 112 the next time you head to Asheville. You don’t even have to have a fabulous coat. But you could take the brooches to Kit’s store and find a coat to match.

    I love the photo shoot with that cute dog. And your shoes, of course.


      • Nope…it’s inherited stuff from a great aunt, grandmother, aunt, and mother. I have two large and one small jewelry boxes stacked on my dresser, all full. I open them and the scent takes me back to 1955. I wear or have reset the gems, gold, and silver, but really should wear some of the costume pieces. I’m thinking of having some framed in shadow boxes, especially several sword and scimitar pins. When were they popular, I wonder.


  16. Puppython! What a wonderful idea. And you are a natural at getting the dogs to pose for cute pictures. Also, love the picture of Eds and Milhous snuggling and am sorry you were suffering. Hope you remain migraine-free.

    We were uncharacteristically social this weekend with attending a friend’s birthday dinner Saturday evening and a neighborhood Halloween party and chili cook-off on Sunday afternoon. That should hold us for a few weeks.

    This is the only place I comment on-line as I don’t belong to either Instagram or the face.


  17. I don’t post often on FB, so I guess I’m a lurker! I look forward to your posts everyday – it’s rare that you don’t make me laugh.


    • And I’m getting mad at Facebook but can’t bear to leave it, so I was thinking of becoming a lurker. June is making me question EVERYTHING.


  18. Chris and Lilly and all their grown-up-got-it-all-togetherness. Ugh. Don’t know how some people do it. (I’m jealous.)

    Do I have to leave an email to comment?


    • You know what? You don’t! Also too, I don’t know why I’m friends with young people who are mature. They’re over there owning a business; when I was their age I was still wondering why I was waking up with a Minor in Possession ticket.

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  19. I hope you are migraine-free, June. Can’t wait to see the animal thon. Sorry I don’t often post on Facebook, but I don’t think anyone wants to hear, “I went shopping today” or “I played games on my computer most of the day.” You are very good at entertaining us.


  20. ‘Fried chicken pets’ A phrase that will live in infamy! What a hoot those two are together. I posted on FB about the cute coat and that you should buy it. With the purse you were holding you looked all grown up. Hope you are pain free today and are looking forward to more puppy photo ops. That’s such a great idea!


  21. I took my kids to school and it was foggy outside. Right then I knew. By the time I got home—bam. Migraine.

    I’m out of commission for the day now


  22. OK, so I’m not on Facebook, (because I know my limits) and I only joined instagram because I was missing tons of cute pictures of my nieces and nephews. Then I got hooked, and now I follow lots of people – but I don’t post because I’m a stay at home mom with a small, boring life and my husband is so anti-social media that he’d divorce me if I posted pictures of my kids. (The monologues about social media being the worst thing to happen to society. They will be the death of me.)

    Also, I’m pretty sure nobody really cares what I have to say, so just typing up this comment is giving me the anxious twitches.
    a natural lurker


  23. That coat was made for you!

    I hope you’re feeling better and don’t forget to eat!

    That dog is so adorable, I hope someone scoops him up and loves him for ever.


  24. Love your fried chicken pets. I had already made Distinguished look at that one. Oh I wish I could take migraine headaches away from every person who is afflicted with them. I have only had 3 and they are something you don’t forget.
    You look adorable up there offering doggie a treat.


  25. Hope you are migraine free now! I’m busy getting ready for Halloween while closing my business. It’s both depressing and exciting.


  26. Lovely post, Juan. Will the puppy-thon be online? I’d like to watch it.

    My aunt died this weekend. I’ve been so crazy, busy that I’m looking forward to going out of town for the services because 1. I can sleep in and 2. no one will be able to reach me because they heard I’m not busy.

    I hope you have a migraine-free day.

    With all the life, laughter and love that I have,


  27. Omg Poldark! I seriously bonded with some random person from Singapore thru shared fascination of Poldark. Both in wonderment of the nutso plotting, the accents, and how the show runners obvs know what their audience (or at least me & some Singaporean) want: windswept actors staring moodily across the beach/cliff, windswept actors & horse galloping pell mell along the cliffy beach, and Poldark constantly needing to take off his shirt. Last I watched P had gone all political but I noticed he still had to spend significant time sans shirt.

    That copper tain’t goin ta moine itsel sor an aye tells noi lie ‘tis hodder un ‘ellfyre unnereath. ‘An me thy shirt afore ye go down or twill be a-ruined foreshore. (*tugs windswept forelock*)

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  28. Love the coat. You should buy it before some chick sneaks in and buys it out from under you
    Hope you are having a migraine-free Monday.


  29. I sure hope you aren’t just teasing us with that cute coat. Clearly, it’s your look. What color scarves and gloves are you going to wear?

    I do comment here, and on the FaceBookofJune, but sometimes it’s later in the day, and everyone has gone off to play elsewhere. But, I’m a good little reader, every day without fail. Do I get a treat?


  30. I post on Facebook and just follow other people on Instagram. There isn’t enough excitement in my life for 2 social medias.
    I can’t wait for more Puppython pictures!
    I remember this one from my misspent youth:
    Cya, Cya! Wouldn’t wanna be you!


  31. Constant reader – rare responder – not on FB or Instagram because I’m an antisocial introvert – but I do love your blog, and I apologize for being one of those people that just lurk. 🙂 -Trisha


  32. Lovely post, lovely Juan.

    That dog is adorable! And it just sits there so nicely! I would never adopt a dog like that. I only get the jerks who pee on the carpet, eat the shoes, and hide dog food in the couch.

    I love all the pretty coats. I really want a vintage luggage set with the little carrying case for my makeup, but I don’t need one, so I’m trying to be practical.

    I hope you have a migraine free Monday, ho!


      • Oh how I miss typewriters! We had an old brown IBM solectron in the office where I interned and I loved it. I typed labels and envelopes on it. Then, we had a blue one in my current office, but it stopped working correctly and it was shipped off to the warehouse. I loved the hum it made and the loud clacking as it typed. A whirring printer is not the same.


      • I had a baby blue Royal portable in the 60s, and my former husband gave it to his niece who was a college student because we got an electric portable. The niece droppeed out her freshman year — who knows what happened to the (MY!) typewriter. Now I have a boring grey portable which comes in handy every once in a while.


      • I actually do own my Grandma’s light blue/baby blue Samsonite luggage set. It’s immaculate & looks brand new, just like everything else I got from her.

        It’s too heavy & doesn’t fit my over packing well to travel with, but I have hopes of using it as decoration (& storage) in my spare bedroom.

        I love the way vintage luggage looks like art instead of just function. I bought a different vintage suitcase in hopes of cutting it in half & using it as a shelf for the wall.


  33. Lovely post, Coot.
    I hate when people assume you aren’t busy. Hey since you aren’t busy would you mind reworking my engine? Is that what the call it reworking?
    I too had a migraine on Friday. There I was standing in line at the Home Depot when bam. A brick to the head. The lady at customer service looked at me and said. Honey your color just ran out of your face. Let me tell you I hurt so bad I wasn’t running after it.
    Sorry you suffered June.


  34. sorry ’bout the migraine. Yes, you should buy the coat. Edz and Milhouse are almost the same color in that photo… and clearly love each other, which is just freakin’ adorable this AM!

    I want to retire so that I won’t have such a visceral reaction to the word “Monday,” any more.

    Not Your Mom Pam but the Other One


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