47 gets bandied about a lot

Here is my soaking-wet hair at 7:34 a.m. Let’s blog a bit and see if it gets remotely dry as we speak. My theory is it’ll look just the same after. It’ll start to look dry by about 11:00. This does not bode well for the corporate ladder.

Alternatively I could blow it dry and look like this:

I have received this meme approximately forty-seven million times in the last few years. Since so many of you didn’t know what “TL;DR” was yesterday, do I have to explain a meme? It’s a photo or words (or, like here, both) that suddenly are just everywhere on the internet.

Have you heard of the dismissive, “Okay, Boomer” meme? I rather like this one. No offense. If you Boom, I mean.

You know how you put up something funny somewhere on social media and someone let’s say older doesn’t get it? Here’s an example: Once I used a makeup app on Edsel that made it look like he had eye shadow, false lashes, lipstick. Anyone with an iota of familiarity with computers would see it wasn’t real. The lips weren’t quite straight, and besides, where did Edsel get lips?

“DON’T PUT MAKEUP ON A DOG!” someone wrote under Edsel’s Facebook picture. “IT’S VERY BAD FOR THEM!”

Okay, Boomer.

See how it works?

I guess it’s not very nice but it’s so USEFUL.

What I like is the arrogance of someone yelling at you about something, knowing full well they aren’t quite sure what’s going on here on this here internet. But I’m still going to tell you how to live!

Getting old sucks. You just become more addled and people Okay, Boomer you. I’d like to say one day I’ll get “Okay, Gen X” but no one pays any attention to us. They always talk about the battle between Millennials and the Baby Boomers and I’m all Jan Brady in between. Helllooooo! I’m annoyed with you both!

It’s not been my experience, by the way, that Millennials are lazy. On the contrary, the many (many) young people I work with seem so driven and high-self-esteem-y. I’m all, You’re 27. Why aren’t you rolling in here hung over with a giant coffee and sunglasses?

“I had a green smoothie and did an hour of pilates before work!”

Their generation is not mine.

When I was 27, I was a PR person (yes. With my sunny disposition. I was sunnier then. Life hadn’t beaten me down) for a nonprofit. I made about 47 cents a week and worked late almost every night and many (many) weekends, and yet my boss would harangue me because, “You’re often three to five minutes late.”

I am not kidding. We started at 8:00! Do you have any idea how hard it is to show up at 8:00, well, ever? What a jerk that guy was. Anyway, my point is, I would roll in there at 8:03 hung over and I’d steal one of the Nutter Butters from the honor system candy and eat it with coffee, hung-overedly.

You know what chaps my hide? [June pulls chair closer and gestures with cigarette] It didn’t matter if I got there at 8:05. No one was waiting for me except his anal ass. I didn’t answer phones or greet guests. I remember screaming over to that office trying to get there at 8:00 on the dot, then staying till 8:00 at least once a week for 47 cents a year, and did that part ever matter? Did he ever say, “You often leave at 8:03 or 8:05”? He did not. BECAUSE HE LEFT AT 5:00 ON THE DOT.

I like how that was half my life ago and I’m still mad. Rather, I wasn’t mad for years but after awhile I looked back on it and said, That was ridiculous.

It’s 8:07 a.m. now (I’d be 7 minutes late for that job), and since we started talking I’ve had some toast and let in hysterical Milhous, who loves screaming out to the back yard any time Edsel goes out, but it’s cold here today. When I let Eds back in, I “kitty kittied” and nothing. Then when I was in here I heard MEOW! MEOW! MEOW! MOTHER OF GOD MEOW! He’d sampled the cold life and wanted back in where there are heaters.

Millous doesn’t meow a lot, but when he does he’s an auctioneer.

He talks at you fast and hard.

Also, when he was small, he’d come in by squeezing under the door. Now he’s huge and refuses to come in any other way. So even though the back door is wide open, so to speak, he insists on dragging his body under the door and walks around with door marks in his fur like it’s normal.

Anyway, I’m glad he’s in and I’m sure everyone in town is in a lather about the cold day (the low is 26!!) but you know what I think when it gets cold?

The fleas are dead. DING DONG! Do you have any idea how much I spend on Revolution during flea season? Forty-seven million dollars, that’s how much.

Anyway, she says, sequiter-ly, here is my hair and it’s exactly the same as I predicted, and now Ima have to blow it dry and look like a meme.

Okay, Boomer.

Hey, Boomer, you don’t have to sign in or leave an email to comment. But do sign your name IN your comment so we know who the hell you are.

77 thoughts on “47 gets bandied about a lot

  1. I am so Jan about the fact that our generation gets hosed. I’m already ready to shake my fist at all these people getting too nostalgic over Friends and all things 90s.

    That was YeStERdaY!

    Get off my lawn.


  2. It just occurred to me that we have boomers, Gen X-ers (that would be my beleaguered husband and me), Millennials, and Gen Z-ers living in our house right now.
    Alla them are assholes.
    (Except my granddaughter, who is perfection in a onesie.)


  3. Hahaha! Says the woman who has yet to be sent one. I have blocked all IMs from strangers on Facebook and Instagram as a preemptive measure. I have been called a c**t once and told I was cold, cruel etc.


    • This was in response to the naked mole rat comment. It’s in the wrong spot because I kept getting interrupted by texts and IMs. This boomer can not handle all of that at once. I have not been okay, boomered in print or to my face yet. FUPA was a huge offensive thing for me and that came from a Millenial I think (27 year old?)


  4. My husband and I are 3 years apart on either side of the Boomer division (he is, I’m not). Our 18 year-old son thinks the “OK Boomer” thing is hilarious. Because it is, and why argue with someone whose spitting fire over “kids these days” eating a vegetable on toast and complaining just because college costs are up 4700% and rent for a one bedroom is $4700. (I love a theme!) I’ve explained that the appropriate response to “OK Boomer” said by a child to a parent, though, is simply “Well, actually…” and then no more words.



  5. I really just wanted to pist because mlof my name. But advice that you love so much is coming, I use seven dust in my yard once a year and my dog never has fleas, worth a try.


  6. Talking about hair. I wash mine around 8:00 at night, go to bed with it wet and it is STILL WET the next day until sometime after lunch. My hair is thick and tends to hold on to water. I’ve started just letting it dry on it’s own most of the time and it waves a lot, not curly pretty like June. Oh, and I stopped coloring it a few years ago and it is now all natural with lots of silver. I’ve even had folks ask me how my hair stylist colors it to get that silver in it. I just laugh and tell them it is all me.


  7. I for one, cannot WAIT until one of my millennial children try to “Okay Booomer” me so I can then say “Excuse me, I’m not a regular mom, I’m a cool GEN Xer mom” and then they’ll say “huh?” and I’ll just roll my eyes and say “damn millennials” while I throw a fistful of nutter butter minis in my mouth.


  8. I enjoy working with the 20-33ish at work. The 33-40s are getting a little bitter already. I feel for them and am as supportive as I can be. They like it when I joke about our daily issues. But I do give them examples of how to avoid/solve the problems. The 40-to 100 crowd is on their own. Too set in their ways to even have a sense of humor geez. I am turning 60 this month; have just started receiving Survivors Benefits (from long dead bitter ex husband) and I’m reducing my work hours to part time. It feels so good to only be in that environment for 15 freaking hours a week. I hope to find a part time job that I LIKE…. but until that happens, I will BOOM BOOMBOOM along through life.


  9. What timing on this post! My daughter’s new preschool teacher has curly hair. This morning her hair was soaking wet. She said she tries to get up early enough for it to dry a bit before she has to be to work, but it doesn’t always happen. Of course, I thought June and her hair! Lucky for her, the kids don’t give two hoots of her hair is wet or dry.


  10. I just want a comeback for that “Okay Boomer” nonsense, because I know one of my kids is going to say that to me the next time I ask them for help with my phone or another piece of electronic equipment. I want to be able to fry them with something witty and withering. Although now that I see the other comments, that “calm down, Beyonce” might be the best thing I could say!

    Lovely post today, BTW.

    Baby, it’s COLD outside!


  11. I’m an older millennial, and it bugs that we’re constantly getting crap about not having life skills. Well, Home Ec classes weren’t offered, life skills math was cut from the curriculum before I made it to high school, and the housing bubble burst and economy tanked while I was in college. We weren’t the ones planning the curriculum and destroying the economy, so why are we the ones taking the blame? I’m in my 30s, working only one job for the first time in my adult life, married, own my very small house and doing the best I can with what I’ve got. I say ok, boomer a lot (in my head) as I’m rotating a pdf for the boomer making three times what I do.

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  12. lol Such a funny blog today! But you never disappoint me Juney!
    Boomer? Well, I am not really – a little to old… egads, I know I am not sure where I belong. But I can tell you it is not to that group of old fogies that are really in my age group! I am such a late bloomer – has been fun and kept me in trouble for years! I love it.


  13. Hi. It’s me. I’m a Boomer. Why? Cause I forgot to put my name yesterday and it posted anonymous. I hate that. I’m too loud and annoying to be anonymous. Also, how the heck does the catten fit under the door! I am impressed.


  14. My aunt posts responds on FB and then signs the comments with her name. As if the comment isn’t next to both her name and her picture. It’s more like an “Oh, boomer.”—“Okay, boomer” combined with “Oh, honey.”

    And the Revolution cost! Four cats every month, that shit adds up fast. I started ordering it from Australia. No prescription needed and it’s much cheaper in bulk.

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  15. I am a boomer and proud of it. Hey, I am even retired and living a good life doing what I want! I have friends of every generation and we all have our good traits and bad. Although I do get grumpy at times with some of the young folks and how they never discipline their kids any more. Great post today Juan!

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  16. Blanco Del Rio the season 6 winner of Rupauls Drag Race told another contestant to “calm down Beyonce”. I love that for drama queens. We were chatting at work about some dramatic person and I said that and my sweet co worker said did you call me Beyonce.


  17. My son (he’s 14 and I refuse to calculate how many months that is because math) said “OK Boomer” to me when I gave him the rules for being allowed to go to a party and my daughter, home visiting from college, laughed and laughed.
    I told them “I don’t know what that means but I’m googling it and if it’s mean you’re both grounded.”

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  18. I’m definitely a boomer, there are many things I don’t get or understand, most of the time I don’t care. Just yesterday my husband and I had a long discussion about the millennials and who raised this group of people. I boomered him, it wasn’t the boomers, it was Gen-X. We have lots of friends that are Gen-X, some of their kids are still living in the basement, can’t find their way out of a paper bag with a flashlight and some of their kids are very responsible individuals, working, thriving and ambitious. I think each generation has non-achievers and high achievers. We all have different levels of achievement.

    I’ve never been a morning person, so I had great difficulty getting to work on time (Paula just fainted), but I would always stay past quitting time. I never missed a deadline, so what’s the big deal. However, when we owned our own business we were ALWAYS on time and responsive to all our clients.

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  19. Something about ok boomer makes me cringe. But I also cringe at the millennial stereotypes. I know people from all generations who are good or bad at saving, tech, whatever. I mean, I get that these are jokes but I dunno. Do we really need another thing to divide and distract us? Like Depeche Mode said: People are people so why should it be…

    To me it is ten thousand times funnier when you insert a perfect Junism like “pulls chair closer, and gestures with cigarette”. I guess because your funny lines unite rather than divide? Does that make any sense or was I just raised in the wild by too many hippies?

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  20. You rejoice for dead fleas, I rejoice for dead ragweed!

    Glad to have been educated today, so that I do not appear as an out of touch mom not knowing when I’m being insulted. Last time that happened, my kiddo told me my new haircut made me look like I’d want to speak to the manager.

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  21. Hadn’t heard of the Ok Boomer thing until now. I like it. I shall be using it on my dad now.

    My husband has some crazy ass hair. If he grew it out it would naturally look like that hair meme. It grows in all kinds of directions, predominantly up.


  22. What is up with all of the dick pics? Is is becoming a mating call for men? Like a peacock strutting around with his feathers for all to see. Look at me, looks at me!


  23. Loving Milhous the auctioneer with door tracks on his fur!

    Also too, I have had the bosses who were obsessed about my punctuality of a morning, but didn’t give two shits about the fact that I was working 10 dadgum hours a day with ZERO overtime.
    Need to leave 30 minutes early? Use vacation time!
    Stay late to finish a project? Comp time what?
    You may notice that several years after leaving the work force, I’m still a bit riled.

    Okay, Boomer.


  24. This was so funny! Though I’m no longer in the work force, I do come across millennials who are very bright but often don’t seem to have common sense or common knowledge. They know what they know but sometimes their circle of what they know is very small. Of course, this could apply to a whole lotta other folks of any generation!! Love photo of Mil all smug with his warm, cozy self.


  25. Some women left a comment on my Facebook post the other day, telling me to be more Christian like. Two of my kids “OK Boomer”ed her, and I love it.
    It works for when people are being both clueless and imperious. I saw an advice column where this 72 year old woman was hot for a 38 year old guy, and she didn’t know how to proceed. She said something like “He sent me a text picture of his erect penis. I’ve been reading about this on the internet and I think this means he’s interested?”

    That’s fricking adorable, and not an OK Boomer moment.
    But you’re going to lecture me about being more Christian just because I said the Costco lady has no soul? And finish the comment up with a cheery ✝️?
    Um, OK Boomer.

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  26. I’m such a boomer, I wondered why you were throwing shade at Boomer (Esiason, a football player, fmr). Then I remembered you’re not “sporty.” It took me a minute, but I’m onboard now. Lovely post Juan!


  27. Great post, Coot! You made me laugh several times.
    I see a lot of the weird generational divide at work. There are a few teachers who are in my age range (45-50) who are constantly coming in hungover, are always having money woes (“I got a tattoo this weekend and overdrew my account doing it. I can’t pay my mortgage now!”). One gets snaps (Snapchat) of dick pics every day. Once her phone was sitting on her smart board and one came through. Thankfully her class of first graders had just lined up and thankfully no one saw the impressive (it was) picture.
    The younger teachers (23-27) all bought houses and work out for an hour each morning and talk about things like IRA’s, retirement accounts and how they are steadfastly and quickly paying off student loans. It’s such a weird juxtaposition.


  28. I have a friend who is a Boomer and the other day she went on a rant about Boomers and how much she hates them and how they have ruined the earth/world/economy and included herself in all the wrongdoing. I just thought it was sad. It seems like people are divisive about everything nowadays.
    Also, is divisive pronounced with a long I in the middle or a short I?
    Lovely post, X-er June. I’m glad Milhaus came in before you left.


  29. I like that everyone forgets the Xers. We don’t get blamed for as much stuff. But that day is coming, once the boomers are out of the workforce.

    But re: millennials, they need to have some life skills courses in college that are required to graduate.


  30. Was your anal boss by any chance of Baby Boomer? No offense to the Baby Boomers in the audience, but the older ones were seriously the worst bunch of assholes to work for. I married a younger one and my brothers are younger Baby Boomers, but do not work for a first or second-round Boomer. I’m Gen X and it was years ago and I’m still pissed off about it. For instance: Hey, I make a nice salary and own a nice car. Here’s your minimum-wage job where you can’t be 3 minutes late, must wear pumps, panty hose, and a suit to your warehouse job, and no, you can’t have time off to go to your boyfriend’s funeral. ~Mel


  31. I thought this was a shoutout to me. I’m 47. I think I’m Gen X? I have no idea, but I do know that all the Millenials at my work place make wise decisions. Rather, the ones who make wise decisions and are not lazy, etc. are still here and do excellent work. We’ve had a few who were not so dedicated and they have since moved on.

    I bet your hair looks great.


  32. Dear June,
    I am a Boomer. (Yes, at the tail end of the Boom, but one none the less.) Yesterday was a momentous day for my ancient 59 year old brain. I learned TL DR from you and what OK Boomer meant from the ding dang Innernets.
    Now, everyone get off my lawn!

    Creakily yours,
    Mrs Gumby


  33. DON’T GET ME STARTED. I’m a boomer and I work with a millennial. She’s not lazy, but she’s a dope. She doesn’t know things that I would expect someone of her age (28) to Just Know. The other day we were emailed a spreadsheet and she said, “well this is no good, it’s full of hashtags.” Did you hear me roll my eyes? I had to show her how to make the cell/column bigger. AND? The first column was A and the next column was N, with some lines between. She had no idea that B,C,D, etc. were squooshed in there. This is the sort of computer-y thing that I think she should just KNOW.

    The other day the boss commented that a young professional he met “was green.” No idea what that meant, she thought it had to do with him saving the planet. But my all-time favorite so far was when she asked why we had “faxy smiley” above our fax number on the letterhead. FAXY SMILEY. Never heard of the word “facsimile,” had no idea that “fax” was short for anything.


  34. Lovely post, Coot.

    First, I am a boomer or is it Boomer? Either way GET OFF MY LAWN ZOOMER!!
    Next, I am obsessed with your hair. I have been CGM since April and I look like a hag. Yours is gorgeous. My hair takes forever to dry also. I diffuse for 47 hours and think it is dry and then NOPE still wet.


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