I know I never write you on Sunday, but once Christmas was over, I kept thinking it was the weekend so I didn’t write and about 3 p.m. each weekday after Christmas I’d think, ding dang it, I forgot to blog because I thought it was the weekend and the next day I’d do it again and I don’t know why I’ve become Faulkner today with the sentence that won’t end.

So I thought I’d better write today, which I think is Sunday, and I really hate Christmas and how it throws you off and also because of this…

Thank god it’s telling me where an ATM is near me so I can withdraw that 62 cents. I get paid tomorrow. And I have food out my ass. I’m good. I made brownies yesterday and forgot I made them and woke up this morning and was all, What’s this and IT WAS BROWNIES and while that was good I don’t like this time of year did I mention Love, Faulkner.

Anyway, hi. It’s that week between Christmas and the new year, did I mention? How’s everyone been? Here’s what I’ve been up to other than being disoriented.

My therapist recommended a book. MERRY CHRISTMAS!

Also, I worked on Monday, which is the day I saw my therapist, who recommended a book to face my stress, pain and illness, and in the meantime, I had no work to do at work. None. There were like four people in the office and apparently they produced nothing that needed copy editing. So I looked at stuff online a lot and did you know rich people are now buying dinosaur bones to keep at home, not in museums?

Rich people piss me off. That said, would love a peacock. Do you think I can get one for whatever 99 cents plus 62 cents is?

Anyway, work shut down at 3:00, and someone finally sent me work to do at 24 minutes to 3:00. I am not making that up.

Then I went home and waited for Christmas. Because I love it so.

My Christmas Eve plans got canceled due to illness, which was perfect for me because I got the joy of being invited somewhere and the pleasure of not having to go anywhere. But I got in my car and drove through the ball light neighborhood. For blocks, people in this neighborhood make these chicken wire balls covered in lights, and hang them wayyyyy up in their trees and the effect is amazing.

I drag all guests to that neighborhood in December. It’s my favorite in all of Greensboro even when there AREN’T lights.

Finally, after an evening of no creatures stirring or even shaking…

it was effing Christmas.

I got many things I liked, from a combination of my mother and my aunt, who probably get annoyed that it’s an extravaganza and I usually can’t remember who gave me which thing after.

After opening my gifts and getting 495385030530 texts (why is that the thing now? Why the Merry Christmas text?), I got dressed

and headed to Aunt Chris and Uncle Lilly’s. Once I had one of my dogs accidentally calling them that, in a blog post from aught nine or something, and I have never gotten over it.

Aunt C and Uncle L left no Xmas stone unturned. They had four trees, each with its own theme.

Then I forced everyone to go look at animals with me.

Those “hurrrrr” jokes never get old. That’s the beauty of them. The Black Beauty.

A few months ago, a pig just wandered onto C & L’s place, and why does stuff like this not happen to me, puppy in a shoebox on my front seat notwithstanding? Anyway I was dying to meet their new pig and oh my god he is so charming.

He was kind of shy with me, because he didn’t know if I was there with toast, lettuce and tomato. But oh, he let me pet him and he snorted and I want a pig so bad, I do.

Then we had dinner, which was delicious, and for dessert Chris made a buche de Noel, as you do, with MERINGUE MUSHROOMS.

We need to admire it from all angles.

So, as Christmases go, it was a good one.

Then the days all melded and I went out and did stuff and stayed in and cleaned and oh! Faithful Reader Paula sent me some of my old romance magazines and I’ve been lying about sipping coffee and reading those, just like my gramma used to do. I just need a leather case to hold my Benson & Hedges.

At some point in what feels like an endless weekend, I went to a store here called Replacements. It has all the old china patterns and also other doodads including estate jewelry and OH MY GOD I love it there.

Now it’s Sunday, right? Isn’t it? Oh my god. So tomorrow I sort of go back to normal, except New Year’s Day is in the middle and everything will confuse me again, and GIVE ME NEXT WEEK ALREADY.

June in December

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  1. Koala Raspberry says:

    Thanks for posting the book recommendation. I must look in to that. I fired my free grief counselor(it was paid for by a grant) because she was a judgy mcjudgerson who said I was not grieving because I an dating again (You can do both, newsflash, bitch). I couldn’t go until I was 60 in October and he died in late January. She even had the balls to tell me hiding in my house and crying was not bereavement. She has got to be kidding. I never met such a narrow minded judgemental counselor and I’ve had quite a few. She insisted I show up on Christmas Eve and that did it. “It’s only an hour.” Not with travel and holiday traffic it’s not. She does not celebrate Christmas BTW. My psychiatrist is delighted that I am not a victim and stuck in deep grief and she has known me for seven years. Anyway I think reading that book would help far more than she did.


  2. Shannen Navy Platinum says:


    Why are C & L so good at adulting? I envy their ability to be so together and responsible and stuff.


  3. Kim says:

    If you listen to Jeff Lewis live on Sirius channel 102 he has a cohost named Doug Budin. Doug is lovely and funny. They had a Christmas baking contest and he won with some of those mushroom meringue cookies.


  4. Just Paula H&B says:

    I’m so confused with the holidays mid-week, too. My bosses are away and gave us Christmas Eve off as well as Christmas Day, which was great. I doubt they will do that this week. Meanwhile, my work is all caught up and I am bored, bored, bored and I refuse to help my co-worker. (I know that sounds petty but she needs to work on her time management and if I keep bailing her out, she’ll never get it.)


  5. Barb In CA (currently in Idaho) says:

    Cautionary tale ~ You do NOT want a peacock ~ my girlfriend has a normally pretty docile one on their little farm…..until yesterday when she went to feed it & it went blitzo, chasing her down the driveway, she fell & had 9 stitches on her arm! She posted a Ring video of it on FB, I’ll share it to the group page….it’s crazy!
    Love your post & presents, what day is it?!?


  6. amarabray says:

    Thanks for posting! I was so happy to see all of this. I need to try the busche de Noel next year. I’m ambitious, but I doubt it can turn out that great. I was just talking to my sisters about pigs. I read a book about a woman with a wonderful pet pig, with lots of personality, and my sister had a story about a pig who ate an entire farmer except his wedding ring. Lots of differing views on pigs out there I guess


    1. Misty Howard says:

      I have a pet pig and I sing the praises of pigs all the time, but there is a woman in the BoJ facebook group who ATTACKS me every time and tells me they are dirty and smelly and stupid. She is sure she is right because her family had pigs when she was growing up. Murphy is my second pig, so I can tell you, with relative certainty, that all pigs are different, but how you treat them has a huge impact on how they treat you. (Also, a group of hogs is VASTLY different than a single hog.) My neighbor kicked my first pig and she ran him out of the yard whenever she saw him after that.

      My pig pen smells a little bit, but the actual pig smells better than my dog, since my pig has no desire to roll in anything dead or disgusting. I feed Murphy marshmallows by hand when she behaves well, and she is gentle when taking them, but if I were to die and no one fed her for a while, I have zero qualms about her eating me. I’m careful because she’s about 600 pounds, but I don’t worry that she will purposefully injure me when I play with her.

      Liked by 1 person

  7. pcb says:

    I admire those lighted balls so much. Have priced them to purchase and they are ridiculously expensive, so when you said they made them from chicken wire THAT got my attention. Now I have to 1) find chicken wire, 2) figure out how to make said chicken wire into balls and 3) how are those things all plugged in (or are they solar or what?). That last part is what would send me over the edge.


  8. Dancer says:

    Holidays in the middle of the week mess me up too. You looked smashing in your Christmas attire.


  9. Maisie's Mom says:

    Lovely Sunday post, lovely June. And a Christmas pig! But … no figgy pudding?


  10. Jeanie Herkomer says:

    Thanks for posting on a Sunday, June. Looks like you had a lovely Christmas. I wish I had friends like Chris and Lilly, with all their animals, kids, cake, and Christmas decorations. I love the tree lights in your veedeo. I had no idea Replacements was an actual store, but I love it.


  11. PLS says:

    Those lights look amazing, I would love to have that in my neighborhood year-round. I too have been confused all week, am also not a fan of Christmas/New Years and how everything just stops, annoys. Your outfits look fab, I would enjoy going to Chris and Lily’s too, looks lovely. Thanks for the Sunday post.


  12. Megsie says:

    What a wonderful holiday! I am loving those light balls on that street as well! I am happy to be on this side of the 25th of December. I have had a couple of days of rest, which I dearly needed. I am reading a book now, which YAY! but it took me a while to settle down enough to concentrate on reading.

    Loved that cake and MERINGUE MUSHROOMS? Holy cats!

    Lovely post, lovely June!


  13. I am finding it hard to keep track of days too. Two of my kids had wisdom teeth pulled Friday so that has been fun. Tomorrow is my birthday. It is 60 degrees in Chicago so just got back from the zoo with the 3 youngest and Coach. Lots of college kid nonsense has been keeping us on our toes. That pig is so cute. Love the log with mushrooms. I am trying to imagine my neighborfood being organized enough to do that decorating idea- it would NEVER happen. Happy New Year!


  14. bamacarol says:

    Thank you for the picture and text filled update! Love the pig, now I want one too but except for the snout my cat kind of looks like that (he is a solid 19 pounds). I, too, am confused by the days but doubly so since I retired. I do know that tomorrow starts up again with me driving my mom to do some task or another. Tee, I feel you on taking care of your mom all those years. Seems like what I am doing now so good thing I retired in 2018. Hope everyone has a wonderful New Year!


  15. DB in MD says:

    Wait. You made brownies and forgot them?! Oh, man, I have never forgotten a baked good in my life. As my ever-expanding backside can attest.

    Thank you for the Sunday post and glimpse into your Christmas. It looks lovely.


  16. teesmithii says:

    It’s been six Saturdays and three Sundays the past week. I’m ready to get back to a regular week. C & L’s family is beautiful, those kids are so cute. They have a pig. That cake looks delish. I’ve always wanted to stop at Replacements when we drive through/by Greensboro, has never happened. I have announced to my husband next time we drive by there I want to shop. I have spoken.

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  17. Joy says:

    I really like the little gnome man they made with the tree branches and red hat! I’m going to try to make that next year. Merry Christmas, June!


  18. Texas Kari says:

    That vintage tablecloth!
    That pig!
    That cake!


  19. Linda in CO says:

    C&L have such a beautiful family. Books a ‘re a great present for kids, always appreciated by the parents, at least. That cake looks deliciously decadent.
    The light balls look fabulous. I wish we had a neighborhood that did that.
    Thank you for the weekend post, June. It was lovely.


  20. Nicole says:

    Replacements has a physical store? Cool! I love their website – it’s where I go when I need to identify china patterns (which I will be doing later today, after I unpack box #7 from my parents’ house). Dad has a new girlfriend, who kindly packed all of my deceased mother’s stuff away for my sister and I to take, including most of our family photos. So that was Christmas for us. I did find the recipe I wanted for Aunt Sandi’s “oriental” salad, and the first mother’s day card I ever wrote Mom, complete with the envelope reading:
    To Mo
    and I guess the Faulkner thing is contagious?


  21. LaUral says:

    C & L’s life looks so charming! They are very together adults. I used to think I could aspire to that but I have realized that, no.


  22. Kris in TN says:

    I may have missed this but is that green coat in the 2nd to last picture the one your mom gave you? Love that color immensely and now am a little “green with envy!”


  23. Sue in Wis says:

    Toast, lettuce, and tomatoes! Hahahahaha! Almost went over my head, but I caught it.


  24. Sadie says:

    Thank you for your Sunday post. I’ve been checking every day and thought you and Jan must have enjoyed your restful day so much you decided to continue the lie-about.

    The trees filled with the ball lights are amazing. No wonder you drag everyone to see them. Christmas with C & L and little C & L looked warm and inviting. Loved the tree with the red and gold theme and I’m truly impressed with the dessert. If their pig goes missing, I think you’ll hear a knock at your door.

    Our Christmas-time trip to see family was more adventurous than we planned so you could say the theme was expect the unexpected. Safe travels to all who will be returning home soon.


  25. 1madgirl says:

    Thanks for your whatever-day-it-is post. I’m glad you had a good enough Christmas.
    That book your therapist recommended is wonderful, I think. I followed his program in there religiously for 3 months and I am still benefitting from it several years later. Every few years I pull it off the shelf and refresh my memory.
    I thought if I ignored Christmas to the greatest extent possible I would stop hating it. Didn’t work. Now I at least love December because it is my reading reading reading month and I do not enter a store other than a grocery store but I still hate the mandatory gift extortion part. So sue me.


  26. Leanne in Greenville NC says:

    Was that a real 1940’s looking tree, or an artificial 1940’s looking tree? I just love that look! I told my husband this morning that I have successfully not left the house since Dec. 20. Back to work tomorrow- I am so depressed now.


    1. Joooooon says:

      Wait. Which tree? Which picture?


  27. Linda .. the Aussie one says:

    Ohhh I like the little black pig too! I also know what you are talking about with the “what day is it today”. We were going to the shops yesterday but it’s Saturday so they are open until 9pm .. wait .. it’s Sunday oh crap. Today it’s Monday I believe. Glad you had a nice Christmas. I love Christmas but working in retail kind of sucks the nice out of it. This year though I didn’t have any rude or nasty customers so .. winning!


  28. Hot in AZ says:

    C&L have a beautiful family. That gnome on the door is the best! Too bad all we have is cactus in Phx or I would have pine boughs all over the place.


  29. Lisa. Not THAT Lisa says:

    THIS is the most glorious time of year. Although I too am confused about what day it is. We have company coming Monday. Is that tomorrow? Well, we’ll all be surprised when they show up, them included when I act like I had no idea they were coming!

    I love love love the chicken wire ball lights in trees idea. Imma look that up and get busy working on this for next year. I mean, I have one tree in my front yard so it won’t be quite as spectacular, but whatever. Maybe I’ll start a trend. Did you make these for your house fmr. or am I hallucinating again?

    Happy New Year June and all the Pieps!


    1. June says:

      At some point in this endless weekend, I went to the Lonnie Blancos for dinner. Lonnie Blanco asked her wife, Lonnie Blanco, “What day is June coming here?” And Lottie Blanco said “Today.” You can imagine Lottie Blanco’s surprise.



      1. Lisa, Not THAT Lisa says:

        Maybe it’s the Blancos who are coming! Who can remember?

        Also – schnauzer. In an effort to stay out of the doghouse on FB, I’ll drop my answer here.


  30. Gretchen Meyer says:

    I probably need to meet a cute pig because I do not get the charm. I’m from farm country. And I’m obsessed with those lights in the trees. Like, how do they make them? Are they plugged in with cords, battery operated, solar, what? Sorry, I don’t expect answers here, I just want to know! Maybe google knows.


  31. Kim in AR says:

    Looks like it was a great Christmas for you. I am with you on the mixed up schedule. I am working at home during this weird holiday time. I was appalled when I was expected to actually WORK from home!


  32. Bluebird of happiness says:

    I love your little pink tree. Not so sure about meringue mushrooms.


    1. June says:

      They were delicious.



  33. gopg8r says:

    ohmygosh – that dessert is amazing!!! The actual cake itself is hard enough to make but those mushrooms are SO awesome! Super impressive!!


  34. Steph from FL says:

    That neighborhood is amazing! I am off of work for two weeks and have no idea what day it is except I know I drive back to Florida tomorrow from Tennessee.


    1. June says:

      Each day is the same. I wake up and think, I have nowhere to go. Is this what retirement will be like? Because no.


      1. Arlene says:

        Yeah, that is my retirement. BUT I have “resolved” that I will do productive work around my long neglected home, and I will start that in 2020. That year begins when? What! This coming week? Crap, time to actually prepare for work again. But I think I will feel better about myself and my life if/when I do that. So, Happy New Year! To us all!


      2. Beth from the woods says:

        Dear June, You could retire and have a retirement home for animals that need you.
        I just saw this blog(haven’t read but a bit) and it could be you when you retire or similar.
        Life at Golden Pines
        You would have plenty to do, a purpose.


        1. Beth from the woods says:

          Oh honey me right now!
          I didn’t mean you didn’t have a purpose now.


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