My new Stitch Fix box came on Friday, and I was prone on the couch with a cold. I didn’t even feel well enough to look in it till Saturday, and then Sunday I forced self to shower and pose in all the clothes for you. I tell you this to offer the disclaimer that I look fairly dung-ish here, and please forgive.

Without further hairdos, let’s look at this month’s Stitch Fix, shall we?

Hi. I’m 700 years old.

Here is the first shirt. It’s black with red and gray little doo-dads on it. And just because someone always misses it, please note the price of each item is at the top of each little voting square.

Speaking of which, two of the Real Housewives of Orange County were either fired or quit, and they both made Instagram announcements this weekend saying, “It’s been a great run, but it’s time for me to move on” and you have no idea how many people left comments saying, “Are you quitting the show?” “Are you coming back to the show this season?”

It’s a wonder I haven’t just stroked right out.


Next up is another top. It’s velvet and asymmetrical.

I don’t know why I keep posing like this. Why doesn’t someone stop me? I think I have another view of this shirt, too. Hang on.

Oh, hi! Are you here?

Let’s vote.

Now on to some pants. I know you’re panting to see them.

Again, who lets me pose like this? This is why I should not live alone. No one to reel me in.

I realize the best part of life is the thinner slice, and it don’t count for much, and I also realize this isn’t that good of a view of the pants. I will show you MORE pictures of the pants along with the last sweater in our selection this month.

Hi. I’m incapable of holding my arms in a normal fashion.
Oh! Are you STILL here?

So let’s vote on both. By the way, the sweater has those little holes so you can stick your thumb through.

Please vote as soon as you can, because I’m not really sure how Stitch Fix works on business days, but if I got this Friday it means I have to return it today. I think. So.

Thanks for voting. You’re making a difference in the fabric of our nation.


51 thoughts on “Vote on June's Stitch Fix, January 2020 version

  1. Kymberly says:

    You’re gorgeous with a great figure and the stylist seems to be working against that this month.

    They are dressing a vibrant and effervescent woman – not someone’s Nana.

    Get it together SF!


  2. tommi from toronto says:

    none of them are very flattering so don’t waste your money. maybe it was the posing but really i don’t think so


  3. Michele says:

    Those prices are WAY too high in my humble opinion. I’m not impressed with Stitch Fix overall. It’s not you at all, it’s them. At those prices and with a stylist involved the clothes or at least one piece should look awesome on you.


    1. cheech1000 says:

      Not too impressed with any of those pieces. I think the gray sweater might be nice if it were 1 or 2 sizes smaller? It seems to just be hanging on you.


  4. Another Unruly-Haired Person says:

    P.S. I don’t see the point of thumbholes in sleeves. Anyone?


    1. cheech1000 says:

      My arms are so long that thumb holes would just end up being mid-forearm-holes.


  5. Another Unruly-Haired Person says:

    The patterned shirt looks great on you, but it’s a bit pricey, methinks.


  6. Lisa Pie says:

    Yeah, I didn’t look at the prices beyond the first one. I did like the grey sweater on you. It looks soft and comfy.


  7. Sadie says:

    Thank you for modeling and letting us vote. You were the highlight of my Monday morning. Hope you are feeling better.


  8. Carolyn says:

    Frumpy clothes!


  9. yetanotherkelly says:

    Not gonna lie, I haven’t seen anything from Stitch Fix that looks all that good, especially for the prices. It’s not worth the money, IMO.


    1. Michele says:

      Completely agree!


  10. Capelover says:

    Either I’m cranky or the clothes are crappy. I wasn’t impressed with any of them. Send them all back and get some cool, colorful and hip clothes that fit you better than these. Too cute for these rags!


  11. 1madgirl says:

    All yeses for the model, the hair and the poses. That is all.


  12. Persephone says:

    You are prettier than these clothes allow you to be. StitchFix needs to assign a different stylist for you. These are all the wrong shapes and colors for you. Like you, I’ve had a cold and that may be making me crankier than expected. Thank you for asking!


  13. Anonymous says:

    When I did stitchfix, I *never* got the clothes back in the mail on time. Not once. Like 2 days late was my norm. And it was never an issue. I also left detailed notes about what I liked it didn’t like and what I wanted next time. Pls to incorporate your delightful wit into yours and ask for jewel tones or $6 shirts


    1. yetanotherkelly says:

      I suspect that’s exactly what Stitch Fix hopes will happen. You’re stuck with the clothes and they’re stuck with your money.


    2. cheech1000 says:

      …that are 2 sizes smaller. Everything looks big and hangy.


  14. Anonymous says:

    I voted without looking at prices which is exactly how I shop! Yikes-way too expensive for items that you can find elsewhere. I agree with other comments that you need a smaller size. Hope you’re feeling better!


  15. I was rushing to comment before my workout class but now that I read the other comments I agree. TOO BIG. Reiterating the crazy prices. I thoroughly enjoy shopping for good deals. I buy REALLY nice stuff at Von Maur when stuff gets marked down. I think you would enjoy bargain hunting. Grab the lottie blancos and go to the store. You aren’t in the middle of Montana- they must have shopping near you.


  16. Wilma says:

    You’re looking great, but some of those prices–yikes!! But this reaction could also be a result of my Canadian dollar salary 😉


  17. banne4 says:

    I agree – these clothes are all too big! I liked the black sweater but it would need to be smaller for sure! I agree – go to TJ Max or Ross….. better than paying these ridiculous prices.


  18. Barbara says:

    No to all, they look too big. REALLY don’t like the first one. Glad you’re better.


  19. DeDe says:

    I agree with the comments about the sizes being wrong for you. You are too small for what they sent you. I do like the gray sweater though. I hope you’re feeling better!


  20. Carol in Mpls says:

    Not crazy about the color palette. You look so nice in vibrant colors. I agree with the others, the tops look too big. Somewhere in there your waist is hiding, and the tops are all shapeless. Not sure of the fabrics, but for the price it wouldn’t be worth it to have them altered. I like the idea of the first [bohemian] top, again, not the right colors for you. The pants are cute, but maybe find a less expensive alternative.

    I’m not a big clothes shopper, but my brother gives me Nordstrom gift cards, so I do have some nice stuff. Now to get rid of the all the junk stuff.


  21. boomersmommasmomma says:

    The grey sweater was the only maybe until I saw that price. They must be crazy.

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  22. Nancy with the Dot says:

    You are way too cute to wear those clothes.

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    1. Nancy, who has lost her identity. says:

      Oh! My dot has corners now! What does it mean…?


  23. Jeanie Herkomer says:

    Once again, I wasn’t enamored with those clothes. I don’t have a fondness for printed pants, and I thought the tops looked too big. I did think the first one looked like you, but considering the price I had to vote No. Everything was just too darn expensive.


  24. Door Color Expert Andrea says:

    I liked the gray sweater, and the skinny pants as an outfit and also that sweater would go with solid or print leggings or skinny jeans.
    I forgot what color ribbon I’m supposed to be wearing for your cold.

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    1. cheech1000 says:

      Snot green


  25. I voted yes for the ones that looked good but if I were to take prices into consideration they would all be a hard no! You can get nice clotges at better prices at the mall.

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    1. amarabray says:

      Me too.


  26. Koala Raspberry says:

    I like the patterned items and I think black looks great on blondes. You wear color a lot, it’s great to mix it up. You are a natural born model and you are looking slim and lovely even while ill. You rock!


  27. Beth from the woods says:

    Look at that bod’ !!!
    Now back to look at the clothes and vote.
    My brother just called me and today is his first day of retirement. He is retiring early. Maybe you could meet on his way to Florida.


  28. Peggy in Mn says:

    I voted but did not take the cost into consideration because those prices are outrageous. I get a lot of stuff from an I bought a shirt exactly like that first one (which I love) for $17.88. Just sayin’. Because I am really, really cheap. Er…frugal. But for someone feeling unwell, you look great!

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  29. Love, Jimmie says:

    I voted. I love the gray sweater. I wish you’d design a poll on your poses. You’d get all yeses from me on that.

    I think the gray sweater would be a wardrobe staple. I also think I like you in color a lot. Black seems to pull you down. You are too sparkly for black.


    1. Beth from the woods says:



  30. Mother says:

    I agree that the sweaters all look too big. This is proof that your working out is working!blon


  31. Joan in NV says:

    Didn’t even LOOK at the prices! And your hair looks awesome, you biddy! I’ve been sick and for some reason, my eyebrows have merged with my bangs. NOT a good look. Anyhoo… I didn’t like the pants and the sweater separately, but together, they’re smashing. And that hole thing? That’s an old runner’s trick to keep your sleeves down and your arms warm. I used to cut holes in my sweatshirts just for that. Who knew I was a fashion leader back in the 80s? thanks for sharing. Also, has anyone mentioned that reading the comments on my phone or pad is awkward, what with the date wanting to merge with the pithy thoughts. Just a not-blog design comment.


    1. Laurie in TN says:

      YES!!!! The date thing and when I scroll I accidentally hit reply very often and that is tres annoying!!!


  32. Anonymous says:

    I must agree agree with the other comments, those tops look too large for you. The prices make me gasp, but I’m mostly a Marshall’s, T.J. Maxx and Dillards 75% off shopper. I have friends that shop on line for clothes, but I have to make sure clothing fit before spending my frugal dollars. It’s fun receiving them in the mail, but having to go through the hassle of returning them just makes me unhappy.


  33. llbrar says:

    These clothes seem too big. Maybe double-check your profile. Also were you specifically looking for loungewear this time?


  34. Laurie (Lucy's mom) says:

    June, those clothing items all looked too large for you. To me none of them looked like you.
    I remember the stitch fix boxes your boss used to receive, I didn’t like any of those items either. Maybe I am just picky

    Laurie in NB, Canada


  35. Anonymous says:

    I don’t really shop that much but those prices seem a little outrageous to me. I do like the sweaters with the thumb holes. It’s amazing how much warmer you feel when your hands are warm.

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  36. JP says:

    Are you sure you filled out your profile correctly? Those aren’t even close to the colors that look best on you. The 1st top I like, but not at that price. I also like the thumb hole sweater, but hate the cowl neck. This all could be because I am short and dumpy and look like crap in black!


    1. Leanne in Greenville NC says:

      Someone I know who was 45 had Stitch Fix and kept getting clothes that looked better on her grandmother. She changed her age to 30 and they started sending her cute but still age appropriate clothing. I agree that all these choices are two sizes too big for June.

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  37. Anonymous says:

    Wow, those prices are high. I would just go to TJ Maxx and Target and spend half.

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  38. Arli says:

    Liked the pants, not the rest. Bit the prices are completely ridiculous. I’d return the whole lot and cancel.

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  39. Anonymous says:

    You look great – I wish I looked half that “bad” when ill. Or even a good day, ha.

    I agree with the above comment that the prices seem outrageous. I know it’s part of a service but you pay for the membership too, right? I voted for the sweater because it looks good and could dress up professionally or down with jeans casually – but I also feel like I saw something similar at TJMax for around $15. Slinking back to my cheap corner…..

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  40. Lisa. Not THAT Lisa says:

    I hated all of it. Maybe I’m just cranky, but at those prices I would return the whole lot. I especially hate anything hi-low. That trend needs to be done.

    You I love though June. Thanks for getting up off your death couch – you have my eternal gratitude. My everyday gratitude every day.

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