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To the reader who sent me zucchini bread: My love for you is a little intense right now. It might make us both uncomfortable eventually.

I want you to know I’m sitting UP at my DESK and not hunched in bed with the laptop or moaning posts into my phone. This is progress, although I can tell you it’s not 100% comfortable yet, sitting here. In this chair. Waitin’ on you. Oh, girl, to see things my way.

I didn’t want to bring it up, but I had surgery 10 days ago. I didn’t want to make a big deal. I also have not left my house or put on pants since coming home from the hospital 10 days ago, and I guess this is what it’s like to give birth, other than there is no squalling needy creature I have to raise for the rest of its life unless you count Lily.

Actually, I have had great affection for my pets during this, my convalescence. They’ve been a delight, all of them, particularly Edsel. Remember at the end of Marley and Me, when Marley is old and can finally walk nicely through that field? That’s Edsel now. He’s such a good boy.

Anyway, since I’m stuck in the house for weeks on end, I’ve decided to take on the things I always meant to do, but had a life and did not.


Yesterday, I played Dark Side of the Moon and watched The Wizard of Oz simultaneously, which I’ve always heard is a trip, because apparently I’m Shaggy now. You start the album on the third roar of the lion before the credits.

Oh my god! That was a trip, Scooob! There were times they’d knock or laugh or talk about a heart or chop a door with an axe and it was RIGHT ON THE BEAT. And many times, the song would end with the scene in the movie.

Anyway, well worth my time, watching it that way. Did you ever see footage of Mama Cass watching Janis Joplin at Woodstock? That is because you weren’t married to Marvin. Sometimes I wish Marvin’s wife, crnt., and I could form a support group. Anyway, Mama Cass, pre-ham, watches Janis Joplin and keeps shaking her head mouthing, Oh, wow. Oh, WOW. That was me watching the Wizard of Oz with Dark Side of the Moon yesterday.

After that, I finally started my righting-my-slides project I talked about. I told myself I only had to fix one wheel per night, otherwise I’ll get that sweaty, cranky mood I wish to avoid. I shone the slides on my wall, which is painted paneling and one day I’d like to rip it all down and the only reason I haven’t is I don’t want to ruin the original molding and it scares me. Anyway, they had grooves, my slides, but what can you do. Here are some images from the past that I flipped the right way and actually saw as they were intended for the first time.


Yes, there WAS a black spot on the slide that looked like something in my nose. Fixed it.

I like it when people say, Your hair wasn’t curly! As if no one else’s hair changed after childhood. As soon as adolescence hit, I got the George Washington look.


My Aunt Mary at prom. Now with paneling! I love this dress. A year later, my Aunt Kathy wore it to HER prom. Aunt Kathy, using those in-law connections.


Hello, dog I don’t know. Has anyone changed less in life? Other than my hurr.


Hello, cat I don’t know. This is a cat at a really pretty hotel we stayed at, in Canada. It’s a polite cat cause it’s Canadian. Also, I promise you I did not even consider climbing that tree. Was placed, like prop.


Sums up my feelings about being outside.


Here I’ve managed to show more “enthusiasm” about being outside, but I promise you I was biding my time. Ned used to tell me when he was young he was literally outside all day, in creeks and baseball fields, catching toads and so on, and I think, I would have abhorred you. And vice versa. He’d have been like every kid, who looked at my avid indoorswoman status with disdain.


Bob Dylan and I share a hairdo.


Why was I given teapots and records to play with? Was there no cat?

But here’s what I really wanted to show you.


Oh, hell, yeah. Trova! At Pace! Columbus!

Years ago, I wrote about the art from my childhood. For years, YEARS, I sat around the little entryway from the living room to the dining room (color scheme: pink, yellow, turquoise, green, red, blue) wondering, What is a Trova? What is a Pace? CHRISTOPHER Columbus? For the life of me, the meaning of this poster eluded me. Was the white silhouetted man named Trova?

If my parents had put up a nice landscape I might have spent those hours forming useful thoughts and today I’d be a successful banker.

I like the tiny TV at the end of the table. I don’t recall getting to watch TV at dinner, EVER, and would have welcomed the lack of bonding to watch I Love Lucy or what have you. Maybe my mother watched TV at lunch or something. Ooo, maybe this was during Watergate. Oh, that’s an excellent guess on my part.

I have to go. I have to order a yellow cube lighting fixture and begin my Growing Up With Leggy Plants seminar. But there’s a chance I’ll fix more slides tonight, and for this you should be rapt with anticipation.

June. At Pace. Columbus.


48 thoughts on “Electric slide

  1. Your childhood pictures are adorable! Especially that first one in your tiny blue hoodie with the gold accents–SO CUTE! I also have never heard of the alternate soundtrack for The Wizard of Oz–cool thing to try out! I am happy that you are upright and not moaning!

    Lovely post, lovely June!


  2. I love your old slides! I have a projector, and about 20 of my grandfather’s slides. I wish I had more.


      1. Wow!!! Mine is not signed, and he’s dead. This one piece of art sure has legs. Your family, my old living room, art auctions.


  3. I so enjoyed the slides of you as a sweet young babe. So fun!!!

    If you are looking for a short read that will entertain the hell out of you . . . maybe, possibly, hopefully consider reading my blog post from yesterday (it is a background bit for an unbelievable story that I am posting on Monday). I think you would really like my Monday story. It is mindblowing. No pressure.


  4. Wonderful post, June. Cute pictures, amazing links, and some laughs. You added fun to my day. Glad you’re feeling better. After surgery it feels like you’ll never feel like yourself again and then you do. Glad you’re headed in that direction.


  5. Definitely a full smorgsbord today. Dorothy + PF is a real treat. Baby June is a cutey-patootey.

    BUT, Trova at Pace Columbus… Ding, Ding, Ding! We have a winner! Faithful Reader Carol and her June Gardens connection for all to see!


  6. Lovely pictures June. I do believe that you looked happier with Bob Dylan than with the teapot .. I can’t blame you as I love Bob Dylan more than teapots too. Glad you are feeling a bit better.


  7. Sweet Baby Jesus, you were an adorable kid.

    Remember how TVs got smaller and smaller? And now they are getting bigger and bigger. We just installed an 82″ TV in our office. It’s ridiculous. And I need popcorn.


  8. Forgot to acknowledge your father’s photographic artistry; was so bowled over by the model. Also love the light in the happy swing photo (that was my kind of Swinging Sixties, too).


  9. Love your kid slides. Ninety eight percent of mine include cats. It took a great deal of time for my husband to realize that having cats is vital to my well being. I am going to the city shelter tomorrow because they have too many animals and are charging FOUR DOLL.ARS per adoption. Hope I can limit myself to two.


  10. 6. The slides are WONDERFUL!
    B. We too had a small TV on the table. My parents watched Walter Cronkite every night with dinner, back in the golden years when the news lasted 15 minutes and then you could forget about it until the next evening. The TV was on pretty much non-stop during the Watergate hearings, though. Not enjoyable AT ALL.
    Also. You have been adorable since day one!
    And lastly. I had that same teapot!

    Glad you’re upright. Tiny steps forward!


  11. I also hit the hair jackpot at puberty. I love it now, but hated it then. It was 1976 and I couldn’t have hair like the other girls.


      1. THAT was exactly the problem. See, I knew you’d understand because we are only a month apart in age. Damn her feathery hair. All the popular girls had it.


  12. How have I never heard of the Dark Side of the Moon/Wizard of Oz thing until now? One night, back in my Wild 20s, I took a hit of acid and then went and saw Laserium at Griffith Park. I was trippin’ balls and had the best time. I imagine that’s what the Pink Floyd/Wizard of Oz would be like.

    I love seeing Young June photos and Aunt Mary’s prom dress is fabulous!


    1. Marvin and I went to the LA Lasarium once, completely sober, but as soon as Pink Floyd started, the person behind us said, “fuck yeah.”



  13. I forgot about The Darkside of the Moon album paired with The Wizard of Oz. Is it worth adding to the bucket list? Or is it only if convalescing bucket list kind of experience?


  14. I am obsessed with Baby June! Even though you weren’t and aren’t an outdoorswoman, I love the one of you in your more enthusiastic swing pic. Also the one of you with the teapot.


  15. This was an excellent adventure with slides and soundtrack. Yes, the music made the tornado scenes more intense. And you are a cutie patootie, complete with dogs and cats.

    Barb in CA will wonder who all these people are who are emailing her.


  16. Great slides! And you should always include that Rose Royce song, I listened while reading, I just love that song. Now I know what to do next time I’m sick, Pink Floyd and Dorothy! Can’t wait, and glad you’re un-fogging.


  17. Love the new header! Those slides are priceless, but the one of you with the reddish hair, dark background and clothing is an awesome photo! So glad you are making progress with the healing.


  18. Loved, loved, loved the slides. My favorite was the first one…..you were an adorable strawberry blonde with that tiny little sweet face. Show us more when you can!

    Glad you’re feeling better.


  19. That tornado scene stressed me out to no end! I think the music makes it worse – I don’t remember being that stressed when I’ve watched it before. Doubt I could handle the whole movie with Pink Floyd!


  20. Yes, I NEED to see more slides. Those are wonderful! Also, I had never heard of that alternate soundtrack for The Wizard of Oz. Loved it! Now, continue the healing.


  21. The slides are so much fun! My cousin has his dad’s and grandfather’s and he has posted and IM’d me some. So many wonderful memories. You were so adorable!
    I was far more outdoorsy as a kid. We had a Mimosa tree in our second backyard in Philadelphia. I climbed it and hung upside down from my knees on it. Who WAS I? I also loved the salt and pepper shakers and the zipper on the boardwalk and at carnivals. Being upside down would probably.make me vomit now. I did become more of a house mouse/bookworm later on.
    Please keep sharing your wonderful photos. I enjoy Pam’s colorful, eclectic decor. My parents’ was earth toned Early American except for their wild red and white floral and striped wallpaper in the kitchen. My father was a paper hanger for several years.


  22. Did you not like the zucchini bread?

    The June-in-tree-with-Canadian-feline slide is the best. It should be a wall portrait. How I love your socks!


      1. If you message me your address, I’ll ship you mini loaves of chocolate chip banana bread that will have you considering divorce or at least a torrid affair away from your zucchini bread…….(barbcreates@gmail.com)
        Glad you’re on the mend and looovvveeee the slides!


    1. The socks! The big floppy bow! The vest! The cute, cute girl inside them with a pink stuffed animal placed decorously between her legs! AND the amazing photo where your hair looks red and you shine out of the darkness. Man, that was fun


  23. Paranoid that comments will be turned off again, but apparently not. Now I don’t have to Trova about it. I can pace, Columbus. I need to get over it. I WILL NEVER GET OVER IT.


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