June’s friends carry on, those wayward sons.

Do you know what I think I need?

I mean, need is a strong term.

But I could use one of those trays that you put your laptop on. Because at the moment, I just literally put my laptop on my, you know, lap, and it’s wobbly and annoying all day long.

Also? I need a longer cord. I have to either use my laptop comfortably (yet wobbily) for 15 minutes and watch all the power drain out or position myself so I’m six inches from the wall and it’s plugged in. That’s fun. I’m like an appliance all day.

Who even knew any of this was going to be an issue?

Anyway how is everyone? Is today terrifically different from other days? Is there anyone out there who has changed pretty much nothing, you’ve gone to work every day and haven’t locked down at all? I’d be riveted by your story.

My most exciting news is the other day I washed my hair, and when I got out of the shower I thought, why am I putting gel on my hair? No one’s gonna see me, and this gel is expensive. It really is. I get big tubs of it and it’s like $35.

So I let it go. I never watched Frozen—why would I?—but I know people are forever saying that re Frozen. So I let it thaw. And now I look like Moses. I’m not even gonna show you a picture, that’s how bad it is. My hair is gigantic. Remember that meme everyone sent me awhile back about how you can’t control everything?

I just stole this offa someone’s Pinterest.

You know what annoys me? Other than everything. When you’re trying to look something up and 9 times out of 10 it leads you to Pinterest and you have to be a member and it irks. Don’t tell me, “Oh, I have your answer here!” then “PSYCH!”

I also hate that my phone guides me to news stories and then, “Sorryyyyyyyy. You have to be a subscriber to see.” THEN DON’T TELL ME THAT STORY EXISTS. I will never, ever, I don’t care if it’s Barry Gibb’s sex tape, never subscribe after that’s done to me.

Also too, Wayfair. “Oh, here’s a pretty thing! Click on it!”

“SORRYYYYY. You can only look if you enter an email address.”

You, Wayfair, are an asshole. Is it Wayfare or Wayfair? Either way it’s way unfair.

You’re welcome.

I guess I’m spending a lot of time perusing the internet these days.

Since my life is boring, lemme fill you in on some of my friends.

Remember my friend Jo? Back in, I don’t know, 2011? She sent me her book, after she somehow found my blog. “We’re kindred spirits,” she wrote. It took me ages to ever read it, and then I did and said, “We’re kindred spirits.”

I would never utter a thought that included kindred or spirits in it, and I realize you don’t utter thoughts, but I thought something like, Hey, I like her. Anyway, she and I started hanging out, and she’d have these things every month called BookUps, which I wish still existed, where each month people would meet at a different bar or restaurant and just read. It was her way of scheduling it for people who say, “I don’t have time to read.”

Here she is at a BookUp in early 2012. Those were so great. As was that coat, that she got at Kit’s store.

Anyway, the point is, when I met her she was seriously single and she stayed that way for years, but last week she got married!

She didn’t give me permission to show her wedding picture. I mean, she didn’t say, “No, you can’t use my wedding picture, you wretched hag,” but I didn’t ask her and feel weird about posting it. But she wore all red! And her witnesses stood 6 feet away. It’s so exciting!

The other friend news is that Lilly, of the person Lilly and not my cat Lily, texted me the other day. She owns a feed and garden store, and in the back, in a truckload of … I think she said hay? She found a mom cat and two teensy kittens!!!


“You know I’m gonna have to break quarantine,” I said, COVID be damned. Co-VID yourself. As soon as she can actually touch the kittens she’s gonna let me know and I will STAMPEDE over there, and I guess it’s not surprising that the thing that will get me out of this house, finally, will involve a baby animal of some sort.

So life is continuing on out there in the world, and I’m Miss Havishaming it in here. I’m missing Havisham. I’m missing ham.

If you’re still staying in, what do you think is the first thing you’ll go do once you’ve released the hounds and headed outside?


P.S. I think I figured out why I have a sort throat every day. GERD. I have the GERD and I’ll bet that’s it. I won’t make any life changes to get rid of it, don’t be silly, but I’m willing to medicate myself to kingdom come.

Herdy GERDily,

P.P.S. I forgot to tell you that other than the pajamas I have on currently? I am completely 100% caught up on laundry. Isolation. It has perks!


P.P.P.peepeepeepee S. Jo just sent me a wedding photo!

66 thoughts on “June’s friends carry on, those wayward sons.

  1. I haven’t stopped working. We own a restaurant so we did have to close the dining room for several weeks but we continued to do carryouts and curbside. I wish I could be stuck at home with my 7 Corgis and my endless laundry and dog hair. I don’t like people too much and I really like my house and my yard and quiet. I ventured into Target for the first time the other day to get sheets and the shelves were bare. Not a sheet in sight. I guess they buy them to make masks. Or forts. Either way, it was pretty awesome. Some people would just walk the aisles normally and smile and others would see me coming toward them and almost tip their cart over trying to avoid me. It’s a weird world.


  2. You put your laptop on your LAP? Like, directly??? I would too, except for my know-it-all husband (who does know some things, I must admit), when he saw me doing it, informed me that the motor will overheat because there are vents on the bottom of laptops so now I always set it on a book on my lap or on one of those bed trays but what I really wish for and will buy if ever I’m in a store again and see one is one of those thingies that are a beanbag on the bottom and a flat hard surface on top. Because that seems the most handy. -Kate, spouse of Mr Know It All


  3. Thank you for all the nice comments on my wedding dress and hubby. Did I just say hubby? Sorry. How about inamorata? That’s what my father would have called him. Life hasn’t changed that much since covid started other than fewer trips to the grocery store and using t-paper sparingly. Still can’t find any anywhere.


    1. You guys glow w happiness in that pic! My Italian grandpa would’ve said inamorata as well.
      Shout out to Dean Martin too.


  4. I am going to join all the others that said–haircut, manicure, pedicure! I am still very wary of having everything open up. Our ICUs are reaching capacity now, and yet we are opening more things. I do trust our governor, I think he is doing a great job. Others are mad that he is moving too slow, but I appreciate that. (Probably because I still have my job, and so does my husband. I am aware that I have that privilege which colors my perspective.) My husband is a banker so he has been working long, long hours during this time. I don’t really mind being home, but teaching online is so much work–so much TIME–and I feel like I just stare into my computer all day. My semester ended on Monday, but now I am building content for my summer course that will be all online. And then I have to build my fall courses that will be all online. I long for before all this happened. I also have a senior in high school. Her last day of “school” was yesterday. We had a “prom” for her here, and we all gathered around the TV to watch her award ceremony on YouTube live. Her principal is making home visits to do a tiny graduation diploma ceremony in June. We are still hopeful that they will have an actual graduation in July. We’ll see.


  5. My life really hasn’t changed too much. I’m low maintenance, trim my own bangs and don’t get manicures. I work in a lab and have been going in for my regular hours plus overtime. Other than that I go to the grocery store less than once a week and occasionally do Target drive-up. My kids still go to their small in-home daycare, which we decided was a lesser risk than the essential worker childcare. My biggest change is having to bring a lunch every day because all the cafes by my workplace are closed. I wear a mask whenever I’m in public and in all public areas of my workplace. In the lab I wear a face shield. By now it feels completely subversive to be bare-faced. I really would love to wander through Target again, but just because I’m allowed to doesn’t mean it’s a good idea.


  6. I had been going to an aqua fitness class 4-5 times a week since last summer, and the pool shut down March 14. I can’t believe how much I miss it, not just the exercise but the camaraderie. So that is first on my list to start doing again, if they can figure out social distancing in a pool. I still go out for groceries to the grocery store and also to Costco, usually during senior hours when people are a little more careful. I’m doing Zoom WW meetings, which I hate but need to continue for encouragement, or the siren song of the pasta will overtake me. Mostly I just want to be able to leave the house without worrying.
    Jo makes a beautiful bride. Congratulations to her and the new Mr.


  7. Teensy kittens!!!!
    I love my little laptop desk for my computer. It’s perfect in every way except it doesn’t have a lock for its legs. So I frequently accidentally whack a leg, the desk collapses, and my laptop and stuff go flying. So far my computer hasn’t broken. Knock wood.


  8. My routine really hasn’t changed as I work from home anyway. And I still go to the supermarket whenever I need something. I just wear a mask and wash my hands and I keep my distance from other people. I haven’t been locked up in my house because just no. I do miss going out to eat in restaurants, I miss going to malls and I miss going to Disneyland. And I would kill for a professional pedicure and a massage. My hair could really use a trim and my hairdresser even offered to come to my house and cut my hair on the down low. When I told that to my daughter, who has taken the “shelter in place” directive extremely serious, she pitched a serious fit. She is already pissed that I allow her brother to come in the house.

    I do know someone who died of Covid-19. He was 27 but had many underlying issues. Both his parents tested positive but were completely asymptomatic. One of my neighbors thought she had it, tested positive the first time but it turned out to be double bacterial pneumonia. She was home from the hospital in 3 days.

    I’m just sick to death (no pun intended) of the people who claim that their precious civil rights and liberties are being stripped away because they can’t hang out in bars or go to the beach or that they’re told to please wear a mask when they go into stores. If you want to get sick and die to prove a point, feel free but don’t spread your cooties to other people, you selfish dicks.

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  9. Kittens! OH! I follow Jo on IG and she was beautiful in that red dress, but her SHOES! Awesome! Great looking couple, wishing them lots of health and happiness.
    Being retired our routine hasn’t changed much and I have always been an avid hand washer. We have stayed at home more and managed to get some much needed projects done. Just yesterday I cleaned out my husband’s closet, took me most of the day. It’s going to be interesting to see how long it stays organized. I placed my one and only order for groceries right after the shelter in place order, it was terrible, the entire experience. So, I have been going to the grocery store, hardware store and local feed and seed store (no kittens, but baby chickens). We made an effort to continue our trips to our local deli to support their family-owned business, but it was all takeout. Just this week we didn’t do takeout, but ate on the patio. It was nice. I was able to get my hair cut last week with lots of restrictions. They took my temp when I walked inside, it was 99.3! I was freaking out, because that is a fever for me. Before I left I asked for another temp check, it was 98.2, that’s more like it. I had to wear a mask, which is why I ended up with a weird point over my ear. I miss my small group at church, meeting friends for lunch and having friends over. I’m ready to trash the mask.


  10. I take Omeprazole daily. I had an ulcer twice in my stomach and have had gastritis off and on ever since. Gavison, which is sold over the counter works good too for immediate symptoms. I buy the generic brands. They are pills you chew and then you drink water and it activates it. It works well and to me it doesn’t taste too badly.
    I am still without a bathroom, still at my guy’s home. Everyone is getting along except for my stupid dogs who went after the pitbull/blue heeler mix, Karma, who got loose and came in to the living room last night. I screamed when my dogs snarled. Tony says they were only protecting me. No bloodshed which I had pictured. It happened once between my own two Basset Hounds
    . In the meantime he has an acre so I’ve been outside some and also indoor with his Netflix. We are binge watching The Crown and he likes it as much as me. I am thrilled. He has ID Discovery too!


  11. Well look at lovely Jo and her darling groom!
    Mr. Texas has gone to the office every day. He works at a financial institution and is considered essential. (I question that, but whatev.) In his defense, his firm makes it very hard to wfh because they don’t want clients’ personal $$ matters in advisors’ homes. I’ve gone to work about 4 mornings a week. The building is closed. There are fewer people there than at home. Beyond that, zero outings, zero restaurant food. We do curbside pick up for groceries and I LOVE it. I think I’ve missed the window for getting vegetables and herbs in the garden for summer. Dang! I miss Mexican food and frozen margaritas, but I’ll keep on missing them for a while (see above re: zero restaurant food). I ordered birthday cookies from a neighborhood bakery for a family Yardy Party tomorrow (strict social distancing!) , and I’m already twitchy about the bakery. It will be FINE, I know.
    Unfortunately the great state of Texas is wiiiide open, BUT my city has stay-at-home orders for two more weeks. FINE BY ME!!


    1. You definitely had me with frozen margaritas. I rarely order one but now that I can’t go to our favorite Tex Mex place I have been craving them, of course. I think of them in the evenings…


  12. Jo is so beautiful in that red! And what a handsome groom, hope they have many happy years together.

    Kittens! I would have been out that door in a heartbeat just to look from a distance. I know you will want to scoop them up and love on all of them and the momma.

    We are retired so nothing changed for us except not going out to eat or to church. My husband golfs a lot and his course never closed. The only thing closed was the bar so the guys all took coolers with a beer or two in them for after the round and then parked close to each other and talked and had a beer from their cars.At least that gave me several hours a day alone time! I think the first thing I will do is go have Chinese for lunch and then Mexican for supper. I’ve tried cooking both at home and it just isn’t the same.


  13. I have a lap desk thing that’s wood on the top and fabric filled with beanbag beans on the bottom so it sort of contours itself to my lap. It works very well.

    I, too, quit using any hair product a while ago, saving it for those days when I venture out somewhere. My hair looks dreadful, but it saves money and the cats don’t care.


  14. Just this week I started venturing out to do some self care. I am going to my Float spa and floating and sitting in the infrared sauna. Then I started sitting in the salt room, that is supposed to be good for my lungs. I am very excited that later today I will be getting my first pedicure since Feb. I am wearing my mask and being as good as I can about respecting other’s boundaries. I have converted to grocery delivery and haven’t stepped foot in a store since the first part of March when I went to the Walgreen’s. I do not miss going through the store and putting things in the cart, putting them on the conveyer belt, putting the bags in my car, taking the bags out of the car and schlepping them upstairs to my kitchen and then FINALLY putting them away. Now I just order and put them away.


  15. Oh my that red dress! I am so on that – what a beautiful couple! So happy to hear the dbinmd adopted that sweet dog! Love rescue dogs…. Matt bought me a great lap desk – it has legs and you can make them tall or short… it tilts – can be on your lap or a table for a stand-up desk. It was at Walgreens – less than $50. I love mine.
    I have been working from home – but that is what I do so not much different. However, must go out to grocery stores, etc. and can only afford one anxiety attack per week! I have to come home and give myself some of my own therapy – haha… I think it is hard on everyone just knowing they cannot come and go as before – but it will improve!


  16. Lovely bride and handsome groom! I really need a pedicure, so I will be hoofing it to my nearest nail salon as soon as they open. My county is opening up a bit on Tuesday, but hair and nail salons are not included in this phase.


  17. Jo getting married and baby kittens! What else did you say? Jo is a beautiful bride in red. How fun.

    When this crap is finally over and it is safe for for our age group, it will be nice to go out to dinner. Also, looking forward to visiting my out-of-state family and to join the neighborhood ladies for our monthly gathering. In the meantime, we support our favorite family-owned restaurant with take-out when we aren’t cooking and cleaning, cooking and cleaning, cooking and cleaning.


  18. I love Jo’s dress! I wanted to wear red to my wedding, but my husband-to-be said no. What was the point of wearing white when I was 6 months pregnant?! Silly man. I look better in red and it clearly would’ve been more appropriate. Ha!

    I let my 9y/o daughter do my makeup today. That was….interesting. She wouldn’t take any instruction for me, claiming she’s good at makeup. Uh, sure you are, sweetie!


  19. My hairdresser just called, and I have an appointment for a hair cut!!! She was finally let out of detention and I’ll see her in a month, with some very specific instructions. So excited, cannot wait…

    Otherwise, I’m done with the doing nothing. Without work (gone), I haven’t been using my time all that well. But I’m tired of what I see and how I feel, so a change is going to come. Have been doing the video stuff, which I’ve liked a lot. Maybe because it’s with friends, not work meetings. Did the freshman roomies again last night. Oh what fun, and wow, some really tragically awful dating experiences, though terribly funny. That will continue.

    I’m really wanting to go for a coffee outing with some friends. Sit on the patio. But it will happen, and I’ll just wait.


    1. That’s a great idea. I’ve been doing the video stuff on my bed, with the breakfast in bed tray, which works pretty well, but not adjustable.


  20. My life has barely changed at all since Covid, as I work for a general contractor in Florida and we are considered essential. My boss is an asshole who doesn’t understand the magnitude of what is going on, so its business as usual, even though we all could be working from home. There is no social distancing, nothing. I was so angry at first and I had to keep stepping outside to calm down and not curse him out. I took a weekend to reprogram my thinking, be thankful I have a job and a paycheck, etc. But no one can believe how we have been working and any kind of protection we are using is coming from ourselves.

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  21. Oh my god, Jo looks spectacular! I love that she wore red.

    I don’t know where I will go once we can. I mean, our state is loosening the stay at home thing to please stay at home but things are open but still please wear a mask and stay 6 feet apart and I don’t know if I’m ready to be out in a restaurant or bar yet.

    My husband has been working through this whole thing. Two jobs – he’s retired but bored. And so he picked up extra hours at the second job because all the older dudes won’t work because of this. So he has been going to work every day like normal. He thinks masks are stupid too. He’s a generation older than me so we have different ways of thinking. It’s probably good he’s working so much since I am working from home. Otherwise I might have smothered him and blamed it on the Covid.

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  22. I am not babysitting but my kids are all here and so I am far from bored. I am working out for hours a day- helps relieve stress. I miss my actual workout classes. The thing I miss the most will be *once the summer weather in Chicago arrives* going to the pool. I still hope it opens eventually. I like to lay in the sun. Coach is a physical therapist so he still goes to work everyday.

    Oh, I do not miss driving to Irish dancing. Curly dances in classes via zoom and I now know what it is like to be home in the evenings instead of racibg to and from dancing 4 nights a week.

    Pretty bride! Enjoy the kittens.


  23. The first thing I will do when it is safe is go to Amelie’s coffee shop with my best girl friend, get caught up, and have an exquisite cup of coffee instead of the kind I usually have at home . I miss her dear face and voice and she loves me so I miss that most of all. Facetime/Zoom/Whatever is not the same.
    Things are starting to open up here and hopefully we’ve gotten the hang of how to go about our business safely. I’ll still be isolating and doing occasional curbside pickup (not that kind) because while I don’t personally know of anyone who has died I do know several who have gotten it (in my own family) and a friend knows (not know of, knows) 3 who have died. One 41 years old with no underlying conditions, etc. We’re opening with Phase 1 today and I’ll sit tight for another couple of weeks and check for a spike. I’ve gotten pretty good cutting my own hair as long as you don’t see me turn around.
    I have a husband who is dependent on me so I can’t afford to be cavalier.

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  24. This is what I call a “ditto” post. Yup. Hate that.. Hate that, too. Oh, THAT annoys me. Delete those bastards. The delete key on my laptop will probably have the print worn off it very soon.
    I miss the convenience of going to the grocery store and since I hate going to the grocery store that line surprises me. Doing those online grocery lists bug me. Also needing storage bins at Target and finding everything I want listed In Stock! and then getting the response that my order is ready for pickup but 1/3 of what I ordered is Out of Stock!

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  25. I live in Arkansas- we never had a shelter in place order. I have been going into work everyday we have a small office of 6. We have closed our office to the public so everything is dropped in our door slot or uploaded to a secure website. I work for a CPA/Financial office which would have been deemed essential. My husband has been working from home,but he has gone into the office about once a month and all the senior leaders our mandated to work from the office. He has had to take a 10% pay cut, because business is way, way down!! Everyone buy a greeting card!! I have a HS Senior boy so this breaks my heart- he didn’t have a normal Senior-last quarter. They did get to take the AP Tests at home but, no Senior prom, Award nights-etc. They are graduating on Tuesday at a drive in- 1 car per family. When their name is displayed on screen they will step out of the car and move their tassel over. He leaves for college on July 9th- He will be attending the United States Merchant Marine Academy in Kings Point, NY. My middle daughter did say that if she has to go to school on line next year she’s quitting- she will be in 9th grade. My youngest is 11 and is happy as can be. She face-times her friends at least 3 times a day- and she is playing with the girl across the street. We did have book club last night in my neighborhood- less than 11 people- and we weren’t social distancing- and we all laughed and stayed till 10:15pm!!! It was good for our soul, but I pray we don’t end up a statistic.


  26. Well, I had emergency gallbladder surgery at the beginning of April, and had some complications and went back into the hospital 2 weeks later for a few days. So I’ve either been in the hospital with all the covid patients in downtown Detroit during the peak (hotspot!) which was absolutely terrifying (also immuno-compromised), or I’ve been recovering at home trying to figure out how to cook, take care of myself, get supplies, and get to follow up appointments. I limited my circle of help, as I don’t want to expose them since I could be a carrier from the hospital. Some friends have done deliveries and food orders, but as you know from your surgery, it’s hard to do everything alone (and keep up with the 2 cats too).

    Basically, my life has no rhyme or reason or structure and I’m supposed to go back to WFH on 6/1. Which I am nervous about. I do feel better now, but will take a while to figure out this new way of everyday living and heal completely. So yay.

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    1. Oh, Susan. I’m sorry for what you’ve been dealing with. It takes a long time to come back from things like that even in good times. If you could eat cake I would bring you cake and you could sit on one side of your window and I could sit on the other side and we could eat cake together.

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      1. Thank you PJ!

        I CAN eat cake! Apparently my gallbladder wasn’t working for a while, so my body has already adjusted (they found three 1″ stones!). This was my first and last gallbladder attack.

        Bring on the cake and company! 🙂 (Sorry for the emoji, June)


        1. I made a fantastic banana cake (not bread), a big 3 layer fluffy cake and Pepperidge Farm has a great Chocolate Strip or something like that cake. Let’s pretend we get together for cake.

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  27. My life has not changed much since quarantine, I was working from home fmr. so no change there and my husband is essential and still has to go to work so I am not hating my spouse as so many other are. No school aged kids to deal with either so I consider us very fortunate. Other than missing seeing people life isn’t all that different. I had an appointment to get my haircut on March 21st and that was the day they closed (I hadn’t had it cut since December, I color it myself most of the time) so I am DYING to get a haircut, oh with the split ends I have. Of course that is something I am not really comfortable getting due to the close contact…. And I would love a pedicure and manicure but I will be using my foot bath and giving myself a pedicure tonight. I did think today was Saturday when I first woke up so now I am annoyed I have to work but the Friday before a holiday weekend is really not bad.


  28. Ever since my Mom died in 2016, my Dad has come over on Saturdays around 2:00 and we have coffee and dessert. They have always lived right around the corner, and came over all the time, but this was something that just organically started once she passed, and we have hardly ever missed a Saturday. He is 88 so I have had him on lockdown even though it is just our family of three here at the house. Resuming our Saturday coffee will make things normal again.

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  29. I have been commuting to work daily, to my client site, and not to another chair in my home. It’s been weird, but I like the routine. I’m USED TO the routine. I wear a mask at the only three places I visit: Harris Teeter, Ace Hardware, and Sheetz (I need junk food).

    No one I know has gotten married. One person I know died, of being 91, I think, and nothing else.

    Being single and living alone had prepared me for the imposed isolation, but I still don;t like it. I’m looking forward to being on a road to nowhere, much like the Talking Heads. Maybe like The Monkees, I may come to your town. With a mask. To visit your Harris Teeter, your Ace Hardware, your Sheetz. Or their equvalents.

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  30. I have gone to work every single day since this whole mess started. I still go to the grocery store on the weekend. I went to a local garden center a few weeks ago. So, to sum up, my life has not changed. Oh, wait! We did adopt a hound dog a few weeks ago. He’s a sweet, adorable, anxious, deaf mess, but I already love him dearly.

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  31. I have gone to my office twice a week since isolation began. Just me, all alone, practically all alone in the entire building and I LOVE IT. The other three days I work from home. No surprise: I get up and keep my entire morning routine and sit at my desk in my bedroom. Because if I didn’t? I’m afraid I would never get out of bed again.

    As for the first thing I am going to do when this is over, is go to the city and walk around. Just walk around. I never realized how much I missed NYC until I was told I couldn’t go there. Before isolation, nearly every week I would plan to go to the city on the weekend and then something would come up and/or I’d be too lazy. I took it for granted. Also I am going to make a sincere effort to visit my aunt, who has been hospitalized for a very long time, even though that will entail my going to Long Island, which I avoid at all costs. Obv. But my other aunt (actually my godmother) died earlier this month and I hadn’t seen her in probably nine or ten years (because of my aversion to Long Island) (and because I can be an anti-social asshole) and she was kept on ice for ten days and then sent off with about five people in attendance, masked and six feet apart, no flowers and one lone bagpiper. (My cousin IMed me a video.)

    Huh. I guess that is bothering me more than I thought since I’m airing my dirty funereal laundry here.

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    1. I have tried to reply to you 3 times and WordPress sniffs the air and won’t allow the post. Is it because I’m talking about Long Island and Fire Island and Manhattan bagel shops? It was a good story, too. The Fire Island one. I even went back and changed all the possible red flag words.

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  32. Grab that extension cord the fridge was plugged into and use it for the laptop, maybe? I never think to use an extension cord on a computer, but unless the plug on the laptop cord is really odd, I think it should work.


  33. I have worked every single day since this has all started. I did start doing Walmart grocery pickup and Shipt deliveries to stay out of the grocery stores. We also did curbside pickup more often to support some small local restaurants. I enjoy having a cup of coffee in the beach early in the morning so that was the first thing I did when they opened the beaches back up. My husband has also worked every day since it has all started.


  34. We stayed home for the first 8 weeks. Went for groceries twice in two months and that was it. And then I Was Done. I live in Illinois where we are governed by a tyrant who, it has become clear, intends to lock this state down until we are all broken. We went from “flatten the curve” to “the peak is coming!” (six weeks straight we heard that one) to “here’s my 67 stage plan to release you and the final stage involves a cure”. I recognize an unachievable goal when I see one.

    And you know what else I’m sick of? Being lectured by celebrities. I saw a picture of Ahhhhhh-nold out riding his bike wearing a sweatshirt that said something like “Don’t be an ass. Stay inside.” And Matthew McConaughey telling me that I could be spreading “asymptomatic symptoms” – say what now? “Listen to the EXPERTS” they say. “Pay attention to the SCIENCE” they tell us. And then they roll out these dudes? Done. I mean it’s not like I have anywhere to go because everything is CLOSED, but I’m just done. We live within driving distance from Wisconsin – which is OPEN thank you Jesus! – and going there is like visiting my old life. People acting NORMAL.

    I saw Jo’s wedding pictures – she was A FABULOUS BRIDE!

    Also too KITTENS! Oh my! Edsel, get ready my man… your day is coming!

    Liked by 2 people

      1. JB is the WORST! His billionaire self is completely out of touch with what real people have to deal with. Flying his family all over the country and deeming it “essential” because he has “working farms” and they must tend to the animals… riiiiiiiight. The literal worst. Today it comes out that he’s had Illnois construction workers traveling everyday to his one of his WI properties to do renovation – all while we are told to STAY HOME. Every time I hear “the governor will ALLOW the following businesses to open” I wanna strangle someone with my bare hands. Like he’s GRANTING us the right to live our lives. Ugh. I am NOT a COVID doubter by any means – it’s real, it’s serious and for a MINUTE number of people it’s deadly. But this prolonged lockdown is slow death for millions in our state… how is that OK?

        Sorry. Rant over. I need a good stiff drink. Too bad it’s only noon time.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. I got a pedicure the other day. They hung sheets of plexiglass Over the water so it is between the nail person And the client. Then you run your own credit card. We all wore masks. My feet were very happy!

        We haven’t had any new cases in our county in over a month, so I felt like we were safe.


  35. My husband and I have still been going to work each day but my start time seems to get later each day. The problem is that we don’t do anything else. All this togetherness is really starting to wear on me. My once brooding Teenager follows me around like he did when he was a toddler yip-yapping at me all the time about Memes and video games. And I am tired of hearing about all these people who have been deep cleaning their houses and playing games with their families and really making good use of this time in quarantine. My house is a disaster and I’m ready to kill my husband! The first thing I want to do is go to the lake. We can’t do that because the state parks and lodges are not open yet so we would have nowhere to stay. That is what I am craving the most.

    Liked by 1 person

  36. re: the GERD – if you belong to Costco? (other bog box stores probably do this, too; I only know of the Costco) – Buy their Omeprazole (I think10 mg?) in bulk. I take it every day so I don’t wake up in the middle of the night with horrific heartburn and worry if its a heart attack in disguise. So do that.

    I LOVE doing laundry. I wish there was a way for me to go into peoples’ homes and do it for them, during these trying times. It’s my Zen.

    Also, check your tip jar later today bc there may be some dolla dolla bills you can spend on Amazon to get you a lap desk and/or longer power cord for your laptop. Just sayin’ thanks for keeping me sane during this pandemic, by writing words that make me LOL.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. a. I don’t belong to Costco but I do like Onomatopea or whatever it’s called, so it makes me sort of consider it. !. I hate putting laundry away. It makes me disproportionately angry. And god forbid I think I’m done with all the clothes in one room and find something that goes in that room hiding in, say, the pajamas. Oh, the wrath. I have to traverse this giant 999-square-foot house to put a wayward shirt away. 5. Aw, thanks! They cost the same as Botox. Yeah. That’s the ticket.

      Liked by 1 person

    2. Please come to my house and do my laundry. I actually don’t mind putting the clothes in the washer and dryer, it’s the taking them out, folding them and then putting them away that I hate. When I win the lottery, I’m having someone come in and do my laundry for me. And rub my feet.


  37. I have probably been more social in quarantine than I was before. My best friend is out of work so we’ve gone for walks and laid out in the sun. I also started dating someone about a month before everything shut down and I continued to see him. We pretty much see each other every day now, and we’re leaving today for a weekend at the beach.


  38. Going out to eat in a restaurant was the first thing I did when restrictions were lifted a few weeks ago. Jim and I were the only ones who ate in! It was lovely.

    As for your GERD, Pepcid is your friend. My GI has me on it eternally as he says it is safe enough to take long term.

    P.S. I would also stampede to see the kittens, sooo worth it to get out of the house!


    1. Pepcid is what I was put on. Famotidine is the generic. Your doctor can prescribe it for you to get it cheaper. It has fewer side effects that Omeprazole which did work great. Not Pepcid AC, just Pepcid.
      The only ones in the restaurant? Sounds wonderful.


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