June Goodall forgets the point

Here we all are again, in the kitten room, me sitting here like Jane Goodall, observing my wild creatures from the depths of my vintage leather chair. And by vintage I mean it was scratched when I got it.

I will take a photo of whatever is happening right now. Hang on.

Hissy, examining the drawer, and Fitz, running in terror because I raised my arm. SEE, people who keep insisting that your entertainment is more important than their adjustment? Stop asking for photos. They leap at sudden movement.

I took that drawer out of the desk because Fitz kept hiding behind it. He’d climb up in the desk and I could hear him clanking behind the drawer. So now he hides behind that hope chest you can see at the back of the picture, but fortunately he’s getting too big to wedge back there.

The goal is to get him used to me, and if he can hide in the bowels of things he won’t. We did have a playpen and the zipper on it broke so he was able to escape and bowel again.

Hissy is doing well and even Fitz is actually progressing, maddeningly slowly. Now he runs to his hiding place but half the time doesn’t go all the way back there. He just stands NEAR the hope chest and peers at me. I’ve not gotten to pet him again since my last very scientific report.

And that’s the wild report by June Goodall.

Meanwhile, life continues on while I hunker here and avoid The Virus. Remember my neighbor a few weeks back coming by and then complaining of coughs and body aches and a fever? Remember how I inwardly Munch The Screamed when she said that?

I’ve felt fine but have had this nagging cough for the last four or five or seven who knows they’re all the same days. Not, like, it affects my life kind of cough but maybe four times a day I stand here and cough. What is that? I’m I be-virused? Nothing else seems wrong. No fever or aches or anything.

Work is kicking my ass, and I know I say that every day, but it is. Afterward, I now have all these mouths to feed and arses to clean up after, and then I cook my FreshPot or FreshMouth or BabyFishMouth–what the hell are those groceries called that I’m getting in boxes each week?

HelloFresh! That’s it, thank god. Anyway, I cook that and clean everything up and then there’s just enough time each night to go out and admire fireflies before the sun sets. Here’s last night’s fireflies, complemented by cicadas.

Then I make sure everyone is situated and go to bed. That sums it up.

What do you miss most, assuming you aren’t an ASSHOLE who’s gone back to everything while the rest of us get sick and die. I mean, I know I am more stay-at-home than most people. Right? But assuming you’re on some sort of abbreviated life schedule, what do you wish you could do?

I long for my old movie theater. You know how often I went there, and it’s coming up on what would have been the summer festival. Remember those, how I’d go to, like, 13 movies in 15 days? I’d spend the peak of summer in a dark movie theater watching old movies. Oh, hell, yeah.

I just thought about something. When I was an adolescent, and let’s talk about what a pretty, not-at-all-bushy-haired-or-manly adolescent I was. Anyway, when I was one, we lived in an old house that had been turned into apartments, and from our second-floor place I could see down the street to—wait for it—and old movie theater.

My mother had to work, so during summer vacation she’d leave me a couple dollars each day to do what I wanted. Some days I’d head across the street to the convenience store and get a Tiger Beat, a burrito and a Vernor’s. They had a microwave right there on site and microwaving my burrito seemed like the ultimate luxury. It was my version of fine Corinthian leather.

Is there anything better than catching up on what Barry Gibb was up to while eating a microwave burrito? I’m here to tell you there is not.

Other days I’d walk way down to the soda fountain at a drug store, sit at the counter, there, and have THEM microwave me, like, a cheeseburger or something. They had one of those round wire displays that had paperback books on it, and I recall buying books off that thing, including the very dirty book Wifey, which I did not know was gonna be dirty because it was written by Judy Blume who up till that point had given me God and Margaret and scoliosis.


Other days—in my memory, most days—I’d head to the old movie theater. They had dollar movies during the day, and they’d show the same film for weeks at a time. This bothered me not at all, and as a result I saw the Sting I don’t know how many times, and I saw the original Rocky even more. Both more than 20 times apiece, I think.

Truth be told, you really need to see The Sting 109 times because everyone’s scamming everyone and it takes awhile to catch on to the finer points.

Who do you think is cuter: Paul Newman or Robert Redford?

My mother also signed me up for drama classes over at the local theater, and as you can see the drama classes really stuck. Most days we’d all go down to the green room, which was in the basement of the theater and was nice and cool. We learned how to balance by looking at one spot. We also learned to relax by lying on the floor and tensing each part of ourselves. That’s all I remember learning.

I don’t know how I’ve segued into the memories of summers ’77 through ’79, but there you have them. Oh! I know! My old movie theater. I guess that’s why I love going to it, is because it reminds me of the lime Kissing Potion, ELO, Ban De Soliel summers of my youth.

You know what? That poor Valley Girl actress up there was totally trying to Farrah Fawcett some June hair. It takes one to sausage-curl one.

Give your lips a taste of something delicious,

P.S. I was able to sneak this 4-second Jane Goodall video just now…

55 thoughts on “June Goodall forgets the point

  1. Restaurants. I miss restaurants the most. I like sitting down and having food brought to me on nice plates. I have to pick Redford (or Bob as they call him around here) because he seriously has done a lot of good for Utah where I live. Everyone says he is a super nice guy in person too. Good looks bug me on a mean guy. He’s older now, but gosh he had the looks for decades.


  2. P.S. I miss going to coffee shops for my one-on-one teaching sessions. It’s all Zoom now.


  3. I went through a lot of those Kissing Potions (not because I was kissing). Now I wonder what kind of horrifying chemicals and petroleum products were in those things, to coat one’s lips in such a heavy way. Think of how much of that stuff actually ended up being inadvertently consumed. Shudder.


  4. I forgot about Kissing Potion. I also had Kissing Koolers and now I wish I still had them.

    I read Judy Blume’s “In the Unlikely Event” and before that did not even know she wrote books for grownups. I guess I have some to add to my reading list. I miss reading. For some reason during this, our pandemic, I haven’t been able to focus on reading.

    I also miss going to restaurants, wandering around Marshall’s and Target, and just generally being able to go anywhere for fun. I do not miss my commute to work though. That’s 52 miles a day I’m saving so at least I’m not buying gas, I guess.

    Thanks for keeping us company, Juen Goodall.


  5. When The Sting came out, I went with my two girlfriends to see it. One of them was drooling over Redford, the other over Newman. I was drooling over Harold Gould, he played Rhoda’s Father on tv. I like my houses like my men, old and with character.


  6. I miss El Rancho. My favorite restaurant of all time. I also miss just wandering in Home Goods or TJMaxx. I’m mostly a homebody so it hasn’t been as difficult for me as some. Back to normal does sound good though.


  7. Paul Newman.

    Why did we slather our mouths in that glop, and why the giant message combs in the back pocket of painter pants, or the hairy winter boots…I could go on…


  8. I miss going into the office and not having children interrupt conference calls with their arguments over who is supposed to clean their bathroom with plenty of gross details. Bah humbug! I’m glad it’s at least another month before I have to go back to the office – hopefully I’ll be able to live this down by then.

    Love the Hissy & Fitz video! We have lots of fireflies here – I pretend the kids need help catching them, but I enjoy it as much as they do. Oh, and Paul Newman.


  9. You have such a lovely writing style. I read a lot 3-4 books a week. I cannot imagine how difficult it is to write about Groundhog Day for weeks. You do it so well. Exceptionally. You’ve created a place that helps us through a pandemic. We come here and giggle a little or a lot. Sometimes cry. Sometimes vent. You help us all. I hope you feel that deep down.

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  10. I loved The Sting, Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, both! Those two were just magic together on the screen. I could never choose between them.
    For me, it’s the smell of Jean Naté, Herbal Essence Shampoo, Noxzema for my face and strawberry or vanilla kissing gloss.


  11. For sure the movies.
    I miss when there wasn’t us and them – and by that I mean us wearing masks and them half-ass or not-at-all wearing masks, all mingling in the same town.


  12. I miss thinking about going somewhere and then deciding I didn’t feel like it, instead of realizing I can’t.


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  13. Not related to the pandemic but I just realized that I miss fireflies. I guess Seattle is not warm enough?


      1. I’m wondering if the neighbors here who decide to have their lawns sprayed for mosquitoes realize the spray is killing all the insects, not just mosquitoes. So besides fireflies, it is killing honey bees and other beneficial insects. Grrrrrr.


  14. Paul Newman. His nickname was chicken legs but I don’t care!
    I miss my little part time job and volunteering at our lighthouse. The lighthouse is up a windy road and located within a nuclear power plant property. Guests have to come up in a small van, so there’s no social distance possible. I don’t think we can reopen before the vaccine.
    The kittens are so happy, I hope that they are adopted together for Fitz’ sake. I’ve never had a ginger cat but aren’t they supposed to be the most affectionate?


  15. Loved the Hissy & Fitz video starring Hissy and Fitz. Hissy looks bigger than Fitz so I guess she is eating his food while he is playing hide and don’t seek.

    Thanks for the outdoor video complete with summer sounds. I’ve been watching the fireflies, but realize I haven’t heard the cicadas yet. Where are they?

    As others have already said, I miss the impromptu going out to dinner or visiting my favorite thrift stores. Need something from the grocery store? No problem, just go. Want to have friends over? Call and invite them. Want to visit family out of state? Hop in the car and start driving. Not now. Everything has to be planned and there have been no get togethers, no going out to dinner, no visits to family, Only planned grocery shopping or curbside pickup. Take-out dinners for a treat. No shopping other than grocery stores.

    Paul Newman.


  16. I miss the pool – I, too, live for my time relaxing at the pool with a book. They are supposed to open the pool July 3rd and I CANNOT wait. I do miss my workout classes, but I have had time to workout on my own with no babysitting commitments. I do NOT miss the hectic pace of life – mainly racing off to drive my youngest to her Irish dancing classes. Sadly, Irish dancing classes are starting up again at the studio tonight. I now have to brace myself for giving up 3 or 4 evenings a week to drive 25 minutes to dancing and then dart back again to get her on the nights when Coach is working late. Dreading it.

    Growing up we did not live close enough to anything that we could get to on our bikes. I hated that aspect of childhood. Suburban Chicago – but not a suburb with a cute downtown area that was walk-able. My mom did take us to the pool almost daily and that was the best.

    Um, I guess Robert Redford.


  17. Wait! I was just drying my hair and realized you had referred to your adolescent self in unflattering terms. You were adorable! I would have envied you. Stop that. You were sweet and wild and a teen- aged queen, no, not that kind. Stop it.


  18. At least once a week a good friend and I went to see a movie followed by dinner. Sometimes it was just dinner, but we saw each other every week. I miss being able to just mull (my grandmother’s expression) around a store. Now it’s get want you want and get out as fast as you can. Just yesterday I mentioned all the magazines from my teen years. I loved Tiger Beat, Seventeen, and 16. I lived for Seventeen’s Back to School issue! Remember the romance comics? I used to sneak reading my mother’s True Story and True Confessions. I miss Love’s Fresh Lemon spray, Avon’s Hawaiian White Ginger, and Herbal Essence shampoo.


  19. Paul Newman.

    I had the mint Kissing Potion and I wish I could put some on right now! All gooey and sticky.

    I miss sitting in a bar while people watching and playing the jukebox. I miss having a leisurely meal at a restaurant. I miss museums so much, I was furloughed for two months and desperately wanted to visit the Cleveland Museum of Art (it’s a really good one.) What I am missing most though is concerts, I had several planned that were cancelled and that is what I will look forward to most.

    Going for long drives was a life saver during the time off. I never went farther than the next county but I drove down every country road, gawked at every barn, every trailer home, every fancy house, every goat. I wish I was still furloughed because I’d love to be driving to see Lake Erie at this very moment.


  20. I would be tempted to lie/lay on the floor, still, but he would probably scare me when he jumped on me for the kill.
    I wonder if it is like this in countries that have governments that run the countries with an iron fist. Freedom is what I am missing.


  21. Thank you for taking me back to the summers of ’78-9! I remember begging my piano teacher to let me play the theme song from The Sting’ (aka Scott Joplin’s ‘The Entertainer”) and there were so many sharps and flats I bungled at first my dad finally asked me to practice while he was work. Bain de Soleil!!! Tiger Beat!!! Jean Nate and Sweet Honesty were the smells I remember of those summers. Newman or Redford? That is a toughie—-Newman’s personality makes him so swoonable, but I always have had a thing for blonde Redford-types.

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  22. I miss camaraderie. I miss working at Loaves and Fishes and the group of us who worked, sweated, or froze together every Friday morning for years. One week we’re checking on each other’s ailing mother, bronchitis riddled kid, new car, fender bender, new grandchild and poof! All gone. I miss live music. (that made my eyes tear up). We have a great organist and choir, people full of gaiety and occasionally, after performance (not service) full of a bit of alcohol and a funnier bunch you will rarely see. Our church is multi-everything and last week we had to be out of the house while the Realtor was doing photos and with nothing to do we drove to the church and walked around the grounds. The service is always started with the ringing of a dirt old bell that is on a pole outside. Distinguished goes for the Big Ben sound and is not fond of the clang a clang a clang but it makes me think of the generations before. When we got to the bell I couldn’t help it, I reached up and rang it and to my surprise burst into sobs and couldn’t stop crying because it was the sound of community and working side-by-side, and demonstrating and caring together, feeding the hungry and each other, and singing, and celebration in ONE place, not in diaspora. I miss community and if this here particular screen lit print and picture community weren’t here I’d really miss it. Thanks, Ms June Goodall.

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  23. I’m so glad June calls us all together each day. It’s so lonesome here at the old homestead that I lovingly run my finger over each name on the screen. I appreciate every ding dang photo you slave over and I’m nearly forgetting the faces and voices of non-zoomers.

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  24. I miss going to the movies. I miss going to restaurants. Now that summer has hit I really miss going to the pool almost every day. Every summer I practically set up camp at our city pool where I read in the sunshine all day.


  25. I miss really good Tex-Mex and margaritas. Yes, I know restaurants are open, but you won’t catch me there, Mr. Covid! Oddly, I haven’t minded cooking every day for the last 3 1/2 months, but there are a few restaurant meals I miss.
    I miss going to church. I watch it on YouTube, but it’s not the same, of course.
    I miss going and doing things as a family. One of the last things we did was see Come From Away. It was EXCELLENT and if theater ever returns, go see it. We had tickets to see Hamilton in two weeks, but no. Cancelled. We’re gonna watch the movie on Disney+. Rise up. Wise up. Eyes up.

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  26. I miss the things I was apparently taking for granted like being able to just walk into a store (grocery or goods, not casual shopping) without standing in line. Lines everywhere! And they’re Socially! Distanced! so they stretch back to the corner and wrap around leading to the game of how long is it really? (That’s what she asked?) I also miss being able to just grocery shop which is pretty much my only activity. People are still laying low in our area for the most part – or entertaining at their own homes, don’t get me started on new neighbors! – as the store shelves are barren, the meat counter a Wild Wild West shoot off for the last package of drumsticks ad the dairy case, well, we don’t speak of what happens there. I know there are services out there that will shop and deliver for you but when this “event” started, it was over 2 weeks to get an appointment so I figured I’d just go every 2-3 weeks but donate what I would have spent on the fees to the shelter. Plus the idea of someone else picking out produce was …icky.

    Lovely post, pretty June! Everyone looks great. Is Edsel bitter he hasn’t gotten his admittance yet and can’t gaze at you during the day?

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    1. What state are you in that is still so supply chain challenged? Just curious. Everything but Lysol wipes are easy to find here in Utah.


  27. I almost screamed out loud, WIFEY! Oh how I remember that one. All the girls passed it around. Judy Blume is a god dam national treasure. I love your summer of 77-79. Sounds just wonderful. A time where a kid could just do stuff on their own, but feel like they are doing grown up stuff.

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  28. Those kittens are so cute. Fitz is making progress. My summers were filled with riding my bike around the block with friends that lived across the street (we are still friends), roller skating on the Cannon’s PAVED driveway (we thought they were rich because the drive was paved), walking to the drug store, which was a very long walk, for a lime sour (soda water with fresh lime juice and salt), cherry coke or limeade (sweet like lemonade) or sitting under the friends’ tree reading (mostly talking and laughing) because there was some type of incentive if you read ten books during summer vacation you got a certificate when school started. My mom would take us to the movie at the Grove Park Theater, but we could only have popcorn and Coke, but not any of the other goodies. Mostly, they were John Wayne movies, but I do remember seeing “A Man Called Peter” the story about Peter Marshal and I sobbed when he died (in the movie). The Sting had great music. Paul Newman.

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  29. OMG – the summer of 1977. My dad took us to see “Star Wars” (why, I don’t know, because taking his kids to the movies was NOT something my dad did) and I fell head over heels in L-O-V-E with Mark Hamill. When he was looking at those two suns setting, my 16-year-old heart just melted. That summer, I took my brand new driver’s license and rounded up every friend I could find and took them, one at a time, to see “Star Wars.” I must have seen that movie 25 times.

    What I miss most from pre-COVID is the ease with which we did everything. If we wanted to go out to eat, we just went. If we wanted to have a group of 10 go out for drinks, we didn’t think twice about it. Now, everything requires planning and masks and – usually – forget about it.

    Wow – that kissing gloss model has some white teeth. Yikes!


    1. YES! The ease of doing anything!!!!! It’s so complicated to do anything. I have always hated going to the grocery store, but that hate has a completely new, more intense meaning.

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  30. “What I Miss Most”…the modern times version of the What I On My Summer Vacation theme of the days of adolescence. Those days were soundtracked by Badfinger, Looking Glass, Argent…and the ice cream truck. In my version of suburbia, there were three! Jolly Roger, before lunch, Joe, about 1p, and Scotti, right around dinner. Sometimes right around the time the fire siren sounded, denoting 6p.

    I guess I miss those fun memories of summers past, and not too much from present day broken collarbone influenced National Emergency pandemic virus reality.

    Thanks for the firefly cicada video, Marlon Perkins…


    1. Wasn’t there a shampoo called Agree or something too? I loved the smell. That kissing gloss was always in my back pocket of my short crotched pants and wearing Candies.
      Good kitten work June.
      Why do we have to CHOOSE, too unfair.
      Like maybe Paul on the weekend and Bob during the week?


      1. And Also everything is wide open here and everyone is merrily going about their business and at least a quarter of jerkwads have no mask. I work at a resort on the beach where people come from Miami every weekend because their beaches are too crowded. Ask me how many times I wash my hands a day and wipe.


  31. I loved the music from The Sting and have the soundtrack on vinyl. Definitely Paul Newman.


  32. my first job was in a movie theater and the movie that was playing was Sting. I never, ever, EVER (like Taylor Swift-level, NEVER) want to see that movie or hear that damned song, ever again.

    But I do love going to the movies, alone, and bogarting an entire bucket of popcorn with fake butter, all by myself.

    and yay! kittens! getting out and about!


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