This roomy dollhouse

I’m already in a MOOD and I just got here. I guess I should say I finally got here. It is not even 8:00 yet and every effing thing has gone wrong. Edsel is skulking around here like a C and I haven’t even yelled or stomped around, and frankly it’s annoying when someone is THIS tuned into your every mood.

When I got up today, everything was stupid. There’s a gigantic box that held furnace filters in the living room. My recycling is full (last week being my birthday, I got several boxes) and no way am I storing boxes in the snake shed. There’s another enormous box by the back door. (My HelloFresh came yesterday, and see above re boxes and the recycling bin, my new band name.)

This discombobulates me and I don’t like it. I feel like I live at Fred Sanford’s.

Also the sink was full of dishes, as I’d cooked last night (balsamic fig chicken with lemon-zested green beans and who am I?) and the dishwasher was full. Like my recycle bin. I put all those dishes away before feeding everyone this morning, then reloaded the dishwasher. Twas bugging me.

Then when I hoisted big ol’ Lily onto the dryer so she could eat, I noted … LITTER everywhere. The cats now use this litterbox system that has pellets instead of sand, which is neater in general but sometimes pellets go flying. Overnight we musta had some pellet-flying extravaganza.

I got the vacuum and the special vacuum attachment that goes at those pellets, but once I started, Lily panicked and flew off the dryer. Picture a flying football. Lily, like nature, abhors a vacuum and I know I use that line every time but come on.

So once I was done de-pelleting the laundry area, I chased her football self down and had to place her back on the dryer where, although she was clearly deeply offended by my actions and the way of my people, she was not deterred from eating.

Then, after pilling Edsel and bathing his foot which looks no better at all, I came in here to blog and?

Laptop was dead.

It may be working too intensely as I am, and I wouldn’t blame it for up and dying. But after fiddling around with it, I got it to restart and it’s in the middle of a goddamn update and must we update? Must we always need more, more more?

So that meant that for the first time since May 1, according to the photos I just uploaded, I’m at my desktop computer. Once I turned this computer on with my smile, and also opened doors with just a smile, I got my phone, thinking, You know, I haven’t plugged my phone in here in ages, and I’ll bet I need to upload a lotta photos.

One thousand seventy-five photos. Since May 1. Remember in the olden days when people took 12 pictures a year?

But before I could plug the phone into the computer, I had to get a cable. Mine had all died, and do your charging cables die, like, all the time? Not long ago I ordered a pack of three new cables and while I knew one of those was next to my bed, I cannot, for the life of me, find the other two.


The thing that annoys me is that anything could get lost in this roomy house. It’s a dollhouse. Were the other cables in the desk where the desktop computer is?


Drawer next to bed?


Cupboard, then. The goddamn cupboard?



I gave up and used the one next to my bed, and now tonight I’ll go to bed and get ready to charge my phone and be all GOD DAMMIT.

Pa Ingalls never had this issue.

…Oh! I just found the other two. I opened the drawer where I assumed they’d be in the first place, and they’re in a box. In my mind they were out and exposed. I was just all, Let me move this box titled USB DATA CABLE and look for m’cables.

So I already have a mild headache, and I have 2,000 hours of work to do, and then my trainer, and somewhere in there I have to bathe Edsel’s foot again like I’m Mary Magdalene, or maybe it was the other Mary, dashboard Mary, and why did they pick two characters with the same name?

Really, when I think about it, I say dashboard Mary like it’s a thing and it likely is but I think my grandmother had someone else on her dashboard. Maybe it was St. Christopher. She had a KICK-ASS fairly large freestanding Mary statue that I think my uncle has and I will never inherit it, as he will likely offer it to one of his actually Catholic daughters, but I loved it. I love all old Catholic things like that. I have my grandfather’s cross with the last rites stuff inside of it. It’s the bomb.

If I happen to die of a virus or being 55, please last rite me even though I am not officially Catholic and they probably won’t honor my coupon.

Anyway, I do have to say that despite it taking 85 years to get here to my desktop and ALIGHT, it’s nice how big everything is on the desktop. You know what would make me use this more often? A comfortable chair. I bought an old wooden chair for this area. I got it from the antique shop, and while it’s delightful and charming, I feel like I’m sitting on your grandmother’s old brittle bones.

I really want this, but that’s insane, right? In the olden days, when we took 12 pictures a year, I could’ve written this off on m’taxes as I freelance and this is my work desk. But now they made it hard to write stuff off and I for one am offended, but will still eat on top of the dryer.

I mean. $204. And FREE shipping.

Please note I am not asking your opinion on the matter. Not really. A few days ago I saw a Facebook memory where I live streamed from the carwash and I saw my old cute car that I loved so much and why did that person have to plow into me and ruin it?

Anyway, in the Facebook Live I mention I got the $12 car wash and you have no idea how many people felt the need to comment. “I NEVER pay more than $5.” “$12? That’s too much.”

GOD, that’s rude. It really is. And over $12! So you can imagine I don’t want to really hear how people feel about a $204 chair I will not order.

Sorry. $204.99.

I imagine it has to be put together, right? See. That right there dissuades me. Plus also? Nothing in this room is pink. It’s all browns and greens.


All right, I have to go. I’m sure my mood will be sparkling soon.



52 thoughts on “This roomy dollhouse

  1. When I had to sit my butt in a chair 8 hours a day, I used the bungie cord chair from the Container Store. I couldn’t tolerate anything else. I would have had bedsores or whatever the heck the equivalent of those are for office workers stuck in a chair all day. Now I’m unemployed, but I still sit in it all day, perusing the Internet and pretending to myself I’m job hunting. Hey, Twitter isn’t gonna read itself, you know…


  2. $205 is not too much for a chair that you use to work at and sit at all day. Being comfortable is priceless.


  3. Oh! I just saw the same pink chair offered on the same website for $184! They also have other colors and my husband is in need of a new office chair, so thank you for the tip!


  4. Umm trying to get past the visual from what Just Paula said! lol
    Love those chairs – buy one, June! I go back to my PC when I feel insecure. Which lately is often. I hope the day did get better and better for you June! I am forever putting things in safe places – only to never find them again until it is way too late!


  5. We just had a cable die last night and the one in the truck did the day before. I do like the pink chair, though the green one might work better in your room. Aunt Kathy


  6. I don’t care if it rains or freezes
    Long as I’ve got my plastic Jesus
    Ridin’ on the dashboard of my car

    My extremely Catholic grandparents had a plastic Jesus on the dashboard of their pink 1956 DeSoto and a magnetic cross on the dashboard of their blue 1961 Buick. And their house was filled with statues of the BVM and the Sacred Heart of Jesus and relics, etc. Surprisingly, they did NOT have a “Mary on the Half Shell” grotto in their backyard. After my Grandma died and we were holding an estate sale, we set up a table called “Catholic Stuff” which was all the statues, rosaries, devotionals, religious artwork etc and those items sold like hotcakes.


    1. Mary on the Half Shell – dead, I’m dead, still laughing. My Portuguese Catholic family all have her in their yards, fancy living rooms, dashboards, etc.

      Oh June, sorry for the craptastic morning, there’s something in the stars or alignment of the moon or whatever that crap is. Our power & internet went out at 11am right as I was digging in to get dozens of emails and little projects done, work deadlines, everyone trying to race to finish before Friday when we have a two week shutdown. It’s like they forgot the first 7 freaking months of this work year that we have things to do and are surprised we’re off in 2 days. Just came back on and now I’ll be hours into the evening working, blah! All I want to do is lounge in the backyard hammock reading a book and eating plums & tomato sandwiches all day…….sigh.

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  7. What pretty chairs. Hope this afternoon improves after an annoying start to your day.

    Your soaking Edsel’s foot reminds me of years ago (pre Sadie-Dog) when a friendly cat showed up and when no one claimed him, I took him to the vet who asked if the cat would let me soak his back paw in Epsom Salts because it was swollen. I said I’d try and do you know that cat absolutely let me hold him while soaking his back paw? Multiple times. I think he was so happy to have a new home and was the best cat ever for the next 16 years which was the rest of his life.The end.

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  8. I love those chairs. Hope today gets better for you. Yesterday started snowballing into an annoying AWFUL mess and ended better than I thought possible. I’ve got to remember that “maybe” a bad day can stop earlier than expected. If it should choose to. As it must have its own brain and as if I have no power to stop it ( do I ? I am not convinced of that).


  9. Someone on my Twitter feed was also complaining about expensive office chairs this morning. But she was looking at this: (It’s the newest Herman Miller Aeron chair). It’s on sale for $1,185.75. Ooo, just realized there are options (like leather armrests and fancier wheels) that bring the price up to $1,313.25. For a chair! And there isn’t even a built-in back massager or remote control caddy!


  10. My family and charging cords = me insane. There is either a mad tangle of a dozen cords that go to I-don’t-know-what on the counter or no cords to be found anywhere. I even got Gumbo and the girlchild ( these so they could keep their eleventy gajillion cords together and not constantly be on the hunt for them. I love these little wrap things ( to keep mine neat, AND I can color code so I know what cord goes to which device.

    I need an office chair, too. Since March, I’ve been at the dining room table and these chairs suck.

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  11. That green chair is fantastic. The chair I ordered to work from home in is not super comfortable. I should have spent more.

    I have taped more charging cords than I can count. My current one at my desk looks like a cat chewed on it.


  12. Looking at a nightstand at Pottery Barn (no I”m not that person, all my other stuff is vintage and hand me down). A nightstand that weighs 31 pounds, that I could lift and put into the back seat of my car or trunk. PB would like to charge me $150 to get it home. Not going to happen. And also very disappointed, as it would have been ideal. Sadness…


    1. I think PB is one of the stores where you can have your item shipped to your nearest store then go pick it up. Free!


  13. Slipping silently into your room with a tray with a glass of ice water, a cup of perfect coffee and two small tastefully plain shortbread cookies. Unobtrusively placing tray and backing out. Will look in on you later at lunch time with cucumber sandwiches, Sun Chips, and iced tea.

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  14. Both those chairs are so pretty! I got my son a new chair at Christmas and couldn’t believe how expensive they were. Also, the building was a pain in the a$$.


  15. Being the chea..frugal person that I am , I would put a cushion on the chair seat and try that,even a bed pillow.

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    1. Lu annoy. Charging cords drive me crazy. The computer cords aren’t the problem, but the phone cords are always missing and both our phones use the same cord. I hope you find a comfortable work chair that doesn’t require an engineering degree to assemble the thing, usually the box says, “some assembly required,” yeah, you are going to need that engineering degree, better yet an engineer to do it for you.


  16. I hate days that start out like this. I have to go back to the dentist today because something he did last week is not quite right. He replaced 2 silver fillings because they were old BUT they were not bugging me. Anyone else struggle to bite properly WHILE YOUR MOUTH IS NUMB on the black film stuff so the dentist can adjust your bite after fillings? I bit the paper weird, I guess, because my mouth was all wonky. What do they expect? Now I have to go back. #!$*!@€!

    Charging cords are in high demand in my home. My oldest son is FOREVER ‘borrowing’ other family members’ cords. He insists it is not him but when he was away at school we all charged using our own cords. Like normal people. Guess who needs a job so he can move out and preferably not pack everyone else’s cords with his stuff. Anyone hiring?

    Also since you like old Catholic things, I wonder would you like me to drop kick my mother in law to your doll house? Will not package her in a box since your recycling is full.

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  17. Love the new photo! Are we supposed to recognize the pensive writer? If I had any plants in the house they would look like that poor spindly vine-in-a-box. Note the compensatory flowery lamp and curtains.

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  18. Days like this do annoy. My days are the same boring stuff except the anxiety decided to come for a vacation right here inside my head and everyone has lost their minds about going back to school. Those chairs are beautiful. Maybe I should buy one in case I have to teach from home this fall.


  19. The Container Store has a lot of cute cord-organizing things, but their delivery time since COVID is ridiculous. Maybe they’ve reopened somewhere now, I don’t know. Anyway, the cord thing I have is like this: (But not exactly. I can’t find the ones I got exactly; it was a pack of three. Mine are not adhesive, they are weighted somewhat so they stay put.)

    And I also have a couple of things like this: tucked away to keep all the cords out of sight. (Not that exactly. I can’t find anything exactly today!!)

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  20. I also would like to know about the cable organization device please.
    I hope your day gets better!
    Even while grumpy you manage to entertain us and to be funny.

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  21. You’ve already had a full day of nonsense. Hopefully you’re able to relax into work and it gets better. Is that a thing? Are you able to relax into it?
    I buy everything from Wayfair. I love that damn website. Problem is, it doesn’t come assembled. Ha! Once I bought a file cabinet and didn’t tell my husband. The plan was to get it together and in place so that he hopefully(yet right) didn’t notice it. It took me many hours. He. Noticed. It might have been all the shits and damns that were flying. The last chair that I purchased went together easily. I love both of those chairs. So pretty.


  22. I didn’t see your car wash post or I would’ve chimed right in. $12? IS A BARGAIN. I can’t get a car wash for under $15 for a BASIC (practically a 12 year old with bad acne, an attitude and a garden hose). If I want, say, SOAP, then it’s $20. Everything else is an add-on. (Oh? Windows? $5. Wheels? $10. Dry? $10.) Also? My stupid car is white. WHITE. I thought white would look cleaner longer than my previous car (black). WRONG.

    I have many charging cords. I carry extra in Bag (the large tote bag that goes to work with me every day) (Yes, I call it Bag. As in, “where’s Bag?”). I have a phone charger that I leave at work. I have my phone charger and other chargers at home and have a thingy to keep all the cords lined up. Oh, don’t act surprised; you all know what an irritating pill I am.

    St. Christopher was probably the dashboard saint. He is patron saint of travel, but he also dabbles in toothaches and fruit dealers. Travel is his main gig. I’m not sure how he feels about GPS or Waze.

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    1. Wait. What KIND of thing to organize the cables?

      Also, charging cables are becoming my new reading glasses, as in I need them all over in every room.

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    2. We have had many different colors of vehicles. If you want the one that shows dirt the least, silver is your winner.


      1. Silver is my car color of choice. I’ve had one black vehicle and it already looked dirty fresh out of the carwash so no more black vehicles for me. They’re a bitch to keep LOOKING clean.


  23. Oooo- excellent chairs, June! A proper desk chair really makes a difference. I have a teal blue desk chair the same shape as your green one, but not nearly as cute. My butt hearts it!
    I hope your day becomes less frustrating. Yesterday was weird for me. Today’s already better.
    Note: Episcopalians also perform anointing of the sick, which is last rites. It’s good to have options! Ha!


  24. I like the pink one, with the high back. Yeah, that’s what SHE said.

    Sorry your morning is off to an annoying start. I feel your pain. I have an enormous project looming and I couldn’t sleep for the mental grinding, so I just up and came to work, with the driving and into the office and EVERYTHING. None of that walking down the hall in my fuzzy pants. I was at my desk by 5:45. PDT fo shizzle. I feel a headache brewing…


  25. You accomplished a lot before I even woke up!!
    And at some point I think about $225 is going to find itself to you. When it does, don’t debate if you should pay a bill or something—just go straight to that website and get whichever beautiful, comfortable chair you want! You can always add more pink in there!


  26. Jobe. I hate it when I cant find a charging cord. Also why do they not make one cord to charge everything and then stick with it? No everytime they come out with a new device it has a different plug in and I end up have eleventy billion charging cord and I can never find the right one.
    Also and too, I got that green office chair in grey at Sam’s Club. It was part of the Kathy Ireland collection. It was 99 USD.

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