June takes time off from her busy exec life

What was your favorite part of the Labor Day telethon? I think Andrea McArdle really brought it on home singing Tomorrow, but you can’t escape the magic that is Robert Goulet.

I need a life. A life that does not recall Jerry Lewis telethons from 1976.

So how was everyone’s weekend? I hope you went to lots of large parties and gatherings. One of my friends had an Instagram Story that just read, “I’m unfollowing anyone who isn’t socially distancing.” I was all, yeah, man. You tell ’em. Then I didn’t do it myself because I wish for people to like me.

But speaking of distancing, I went out this weekend. Not anywhere crowded, but, for example, to CVS for my drugs, which I did not get because insurance isn’t covering it and it’s $370 and stay tuned for a June Begins With a Very Pissy “Yes…,” call to my pharmacy in a few.

I did other important errands, such as get tacos to go, and that’s the first time I’ve been in a restaurant since I think January. You know when I think the last time was? Whenever Kobe Bryant died. I was at that same taco restaurant, and why so fleshy, and they announced it on the TV, there. I know it’s shocking I even know any athlete at all. I know him because of the cheating scandal and that really great pink ring he got his wife after.

The athletes I know. Let’s list them.

Well, there’s Yvonne Goolagong and her iron-poor blood. Is she a gymnast? I don’t know. Was she in the iron man whatever it is, ironically?

Billie Jean King.

Refrigerator or some other appliance. That guy. Refrigerator-someone.

John Namath.

Um. Is that it?—oh! OJ Simpson! He was an athlete! He was like a volleyball player, or did he do jousting? Maybe he was famous for jousting.

Mark Spitting! Spitter? Spitzer? Something having to do with spitting. Mark Sponge? Mark Spiker?

See? I have a wealth of sports knowledge.

In other news that’s less dull than sports,


Any athlete who has scandal or blood lacking in iron, I know. Also, I am TRYING to type around Forest’s tail, which has chosen to SWISH across this keyboard irritatingly.

ANYWAY, in other news that’s less dull than sports and cats, I took the week off. I took the week off because other than having surgery I have taken no vacation this year. I am cranky and dull-headed and not doing my best work, so I decided to take the week off and do all sorts of work.

I know.

But at least it’s different work. I’ll be taxing a different part of my brain. I think. I have a whole giant list. I already got started. Yesterday I organized my hope chest. I know that is a ludicrous task and who care, but it’s been bugging me. I had a bunch of framed photos in there, with ’90s frames, and I took those all out and got rid of the frames. I had my year-2000 special Monopoly in there, all scattered about, and I got it all put back together and placed it in a drawer for easy access in the case of millennial Monopoly emergencies.

I dragged the area rug out from the computer/kitten room, scrubbed it outside like a washerwoman, then cleaned the whole floor in there. I did the same in the laundry area.

Then I sent thank-you notes to everyone who sent an Iris donation. That took almost two hours. Then I painstakingly went through each donation to look for a note that read, “I’d like a reading” and made a NEW list of people to read. I have 50+ people to do tarot readings for, with donations ranging from $5 to $200, and am doing my best to fit it in where I can. Am hoping to do all of them this week and be done. I told this to my mother who said, “Oh, I’d like a reading.”

So then I went ahead and shot self out back.

Also on my list is to redo my metal chair, which I said I’d talk about last week and never did. When I lived in LA, Marvin and I had a deal where we’d have to agree on purchases of more than $150. I was out one Saturday, probably driving down Ventura. When I first moved to LA we lived in the Valley, a thing I tolerated politely for two-and-a-half years before I found us our most excellent place in much-cooler Silverlake. Anyway, for those first two-and-a-half years I spent a lot of Saturdays driving down Ventura. There was actually a lot to see. Many little shops and so forth. I saw Roger Daltry in his convertible once going down Ventura. Also I saw Kristy McNichol at Marie Callender’s. She wasn’t inside a frozen dinner. It’s an actual restaurant.

It’s too bad I didn’t have a blog then, because I often saw celebrities and it was exciting and then I would forget who I saw and if I had a blog back then, dialing into my AOL, I could have told you and had a sort of record. I mean, Kristy McNichol stays in your mind. But I saw many others.

I saw Cuba Gooding Junior at Rite Aid. And Scotty Baldwin at a fancy outdoor mall over in the rich part of town. Oh, and once we were at a tiny restaurant in our neighborhood and Johnny Cochran walked in and my mother-in-law, fmr., GASPED across the room. Never has anyone gasped more gaspily than my mother-in-law, fmr., at that moment.

Ohmygod anyway. So somewhere in LA I saw this old metal chair, the kind your gramma had, for sale at some old shop. It did NOT cost more than our agreed-upon $150 limit, but whatever the price was I lied to Marvin about it by a good $30, I remember that. I brought it home and put it on our balcony in our Valley apartment. As Valley apartments went, we were on the end, which was cool, and we had two bathrooms, which was the only time we ever did in 16 years of being together.

Eventually, that chair chipped, and if I were a good blogger I’d dig out a photo I can see in my mind, of me in that chair circa 1999, with really dumb hair. I would also find you the photo of Marvin with a can of pink spray paint, painting that chair for me once we lived in North Carolina.

Found it. I guess he was priming it.

The pink paint chipped, so I painted it again, in about 2013.

So now what I have is a chair that’s chipped in pink, blue and turquoise. I kind of like it, actually, but the rust bugs. So I plan to paint it right this week.

I have many, many other tedious tasks to get to this week and I plan to bore you with them all. Two or three are not doable by me, or rather I do not wish to learn how to do them because one involves possibly seeing snakes, so I have texted my ridiculous handyman, Alf, who replied that he could do these “if I manage to remember.”

“That’s extremely professional,” I texted him back. “Did they teach you this communication technique in handyman school?” I have yet to hear back from him re this.

Anyway, further reports as developments—you know.


53 thoughts on “June takes time off from her busy exec life

  1. No Labor Day delights from here. Just some lovely downtime. We never watched the telethon because if my father saw Jerry Lewis’ face or, god forbid, saw him start to cry, we all started filling out applications to migrate to another country to get away from him. Everybody in a 1/4 mile radius knew my father’s enmity toward Mr. Lewis and the theatrics, or hammy-drammy as my father called it.


  2. Last night, I was laying in bed thinking, as I am wont to do because sleep remains something that happens to others, and realized I had not seen an email from you in a while. I don’t know if gmail decided it didn’t like you or I somehow unsubscribed myself (I’ll be looking into those) but for a first post back, I am so excited to see a new kitty! I am also making the leap from 3 to 4 cats this week (I hope). I have an appointment at the shelter to meet our new family member on Friday. I maintain that if two (or more) look vaguely alike, they only count as one (plus a stunt double) when you’re doing the crazy lady survey. So Iris and Lily? One cat (plus one stunt double). So you have only 3. I’m going to wind up with only 2. 😀

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  3. Oooh can we please discuss the gorgeous kitchen with copper (nowadays I’m sure the fancy pants description would be “rose gold”) hardware! Love it so much! She does look like she’s going to beat some ass with that spoon though. My Gram had that cookie jar, we called it the Fat Friar and it always had the really good “store cookies” in it, such good memories.
    Weekend was ridiculously spent dodging the suffocating smoke from the CA wildfires all around us and the horrid 100+ degree heat – actually registered 114 degrees at 2pm as we were driving home from helping parents move to new home. It’s like living in a 1970’s ash tray at a week long house party in the scorching desert. My social media feed was filled with jackasses not socially distancing all weekend, sigh. I wish I had the nerve to unfriend the lot of them, would make the political garbage posts much less going into the next two months.
    Cheers to your week off, your gorgeous new family member (we too have a black kitty and he’s full of spit & vinegar always) and your chair project! I’ve repainted two of the same chairs and I second what everyone else has said – wire brush to get the chipped paint off as best you can (though I didn’t deconstruct has Kahuna said), primer with Rustoleum to stop the rust, finish with Rustoleum in two thin coats – definitely get the spray can nozzle grip, it saves your hands and does a very smooth spray finish. Or have Alf do it!


    1. Maybe the woman with the spoon is guarding the cookie jar. “You take one step towards these cookies and thwap!”

      She looks like a no-nonsense teacher.


  4. I can’t get over the lady in the header photo wearing a brown sweater with red slacks, then trying to pull all that together with the beads. Didn’t work for me.


  5. I have a friend that collects those chairs—the more chips and paint colors, the better she likes them. She even has one of the huge gliders. I think she coats them with a clear layer of something so they don’t get chips and rust all over clothing. Her yard is an explosion of wild color and crazy sculptures.


  6. I love the cookie jar behind Woman With Spoon in your new header (or is a header the title? Not-bloggily challenged) but I can’t tell if it’s the Keebler Friar or the Venus of Willendorf in her bathrobe.


  7. I am so happy you kept Forest of the swishy tail and are taking the week off. Maybe it could be a FMLA leave as you need to bond with your adoptee. My best LA celebrity run in was at the Hamburger Hamlet at Sunset and Doheny in the ladies room where I came across Joni Mitchell (my idol) at the sink. Woke up at 5 and closed all the windows because I was coughing, when I got up later everything was covered in ash. And I had to leave work early–an outdoor historic garden–on Sunday because it got up to 120 and I was getting sick. Stacey from California, who can’t figure out how to use my name on WP without rigamarole.


  8. I always hated most sports except parts of the Olympics, ice hockey in the late seventies (Broad Street Bullies/Philadelphia Flyers took the Stanley Cup ’74 & ’75). I love Figure Skating so I know Peggy Flemming, Dorothy Hamill, Oksana Biull (sp), Tonya Harding and the chick she attacked, scandal! I know Mark Spitz and Michael Phelps, I like swimming and diving too. I only know major people like Joe Namath (pantyhose ad), Pete Rose (Philadelphia Phillies baseball scandal). Tony is a sports nut he played, empired and coached. He watches quite a bit while I do other things or play on my phone. I am often shocked at some of what I accidentally absorbed over the years, names and places of teams. Thank God Tony loves movies, SCI FI, mysteries and true crime too. The last sports dude I dated was my jerk one note jock first boyfriend. This is totally different.


  9. June I am so glad you are taking a vacation. This change of pace will do you a world of good plus the projects will give you a great feeling of accomplishment. I am hoping for the same myself re emptying my house which my nephew is buying from me. You also have Mil and Forrest entertainment! Didn’t do a darn thing for Labor Day weekend except chill at home and outside a bit. Beautiful low humidity weather equals tons of tourists. Living not at the shore is weird still but cool in it’s own way. Bonus, no fireworks. I bet they were going on by my house.


  10. You and Paula and your projects! I don’t even bother with a list. I’d probably forget where I put it, anyway. I used to have a cookie jar like the one in your new header. If you’re interested and can’t read the writing, it says, “Thou Shalt Not Steal.” You know more sports people than I do, but I do know it’s JOE Namath, and Mark Spitz is from this area. I like your chair. My grandmother used to have green ones.


  11. On Monday I went on a little road trip by myself to a state park I hadn’t been to. My state has a state park passport thing where you check in at parks and get entered to win prizes (say “state” or “park” one more time). Few prizes, many entries but it’s something to do. On the way home I stopped at a convenience store because I like their cookies and I had forgotten it was a huge stock car race weekend and the place was packed. Not a mask in sight. So I didn’t go in and was disappointed about my cookies but I’m pretty sure if I’d gone in wearing a mask some redneck would have started a fight or coughed in my face. It was good to get out anyway.

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  12. Loved this post. The sports part cracked me up. I’m certainly not a sports persons either. Herschel Walker is a famous football player from UGA from Wrightsville, GA (we have friends that live in Wrightsville), so Herschel is known in Georgia. Al Mead participated in the 1996 handicap (that’s not the right term, I know) Olympics, I know him in real life. Yes! Tiger Woods, how could we forget. Our Labor Day was very low-key, we had lunch with our neighbors, who are the only people we are around (we are all old, so we have stayed home to be safe). There’s another blog I read occasionally written by a couple that has an old, old house/townhouse in Alexandria, VA, who are constantly working on projects. They reconditioned some old chairs like yours with, seems like, boiled linseed oil. I’ll have to look back to see if that’s what she used. I’ll report back. The boiled linseed oil arrested the rust and kept the old patina on the chairs. Paula is going to be so excited about your to do list.

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  13. A few weeks ago I wrote a page-long list of things I wanted to do that week and checked off all but one of them. It made mundane things like vacuuming much more satisfying to be able to check them off a list. It just started rowing (rain-snowing) here so yesterday I blew off the back porch and vacuumed the van and made space in the garage to put said van. Today I will make a list of mundane things I hope to do this week, mostly related to de-junking this house.
    Good luck with all your projects this week. I love your chair. Whatever you paid for it all those years ago was worth it.


  14. I would KILL for a week like that, to do projects. I have a huge project looming (clean out the basement) and every time I get started, I get distracted. On the plus side (how rude. let’s keep my weight out of this), I get a lot of other, smaller projects done. Instead of cleaning out the basement, we installed new shelves in the laundry room. Then new curtains. Then I went to start the basement (again) and found a box of memorabilia sent to me by the friend of a recently-deceased second or third cousin, possibly removed, and omg, tmi. A box of family photos, some of which I SWEAR TO GOD are from the Civil War era. How would I know who these people are? I can recognize even baby pictures of relatives I know, but not these. Then yesterday, again on my way to the basement, I got deterred by the refrigerator, and not the way you’re thinking. (Again: rude.) So I cleaned out and scrubbed and reorganized the fridge. I was so so happy and then my daughter came home with three containers of salads and a half-eaten Snickers bar and messed up my picture-perfect fridge. But, if I had a WEEK, I could start, get distracted by smaller projects, finish them and still finish the basement.

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  15. I have a set of 4 of these chairs that belonged to my grandmother. I wanted to spray paint them but my Kahuna told me I had to take them apart and take a steel brush to them. So now I have 4 chairs in pieces in my storage shed in various stages of repair. I need to finish them. They were green they will be bright yellow.

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  16. The Fridge! I’m from the town he’s from, and he’s a few years older than me. Actually, we both live here again. His name is Richard Perry. He has a brother named Michael Dean Perry. They both played at Clemson and then went professional. The Fridge built a huge house on the edge of town (where nice big houses don’t stay nice for long) because it was next to his mother’s trailer. I always wondered why he didn’t build a house for HER in a much nicer part of town so his house could also be in a nicer part of town. I once saw him slam dunk a basketball in the local rec center. It was quite a sight!

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  17. I love your chair – I have the set from my maternal grandmother, including the glider. I repainted all of them earlier this summer. While you don’t ask for advice, splurge for the Rust-Oleum primer in addition to your topcoat color. The rust will stay away much longer. Depending on your topcoat color – if it is a light color [say pink or yellow], use the white primer. Darker colors [blue or green] can cover the grey primer just fine. I look forward to more pictures!

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  18. Awesome! A list of things to do on your week off and expectations of getting it done. I can’t seem to do that. I get sidetracked so dern easily. As for expensive meds, I have a suggestion. Try Goodrx.com. I haven’t used it but that place has saved a friend LOTS of money. I think she goes to the site and enters in the required info, and then prints out a coupon that she takes to the pharmacy. There is no charge to her from this website and I have no idea how it is funded.

    Keep us up on what all you accomplish, please. Maybe that will push my butt to actually get something done.


    1. I use it and it is great. I don’/ print coupons. The pharmacy at Wally World has my number and they know to apply it to all prescriptions. I have a deal on my insulin until January 2021, pandemic relief.


  19. Hope your weekend weather was as delightful as ours. The lack of humidity drew us outdoors for yard work and relaxation. Enjoy your vacation week and doing whatever you want to do.

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  20. Your sportiness is so funny! Refrigerator Perry and Joe Namath
    OH, checking things off a Pandemic To Do list is v v satisfying! Getting rust off is a challenge. Two summers ago I repainted my railings. I THOUGHT I got all the rust off this one in the backyard, but apparently not, because, sighhh, it’s rusty again. I’m in the ignoring phase.
    Anxiously awaiting developmentally-warranted reports!


  21. I remember those Jerry Lewis telethons. We used to sit and watch the people answering phones, guessing who was faking a call. And trying to guess who was answering our call when we detonated.

    My weekend was OK. Ended badly. Oldest son, recent college grad, is struggling. Mental health issues. Unrelated to Rona. We walk on eggshells usually. Tolerate his explosive moods and irrational outbursts. No one can challenge him. 5 other kids try to steer clear. He cannot own his behavior. Always someone else’s fault. In a word: unpleasant. We tried discuss guidelines for living here, expectations, etc. Eggshells cracked and he left. Came back. We said no more use of our car till he converse with us. Left again on a bike. Didn’t come home. He has no friends so no idea where he stayed. Sent us horrid text messages. So didn’t feel very holiday-ish.

    Glad you took the week off. Sounds dreamy. You deserve it. Looking forward to the freshly painted chair.

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      1. Letty – thanks. If I didn’t have 5 kids without similar issues I would start to believe the crap he says about how horrible we are, but my other kids are very supportive (even thought they are younger than him – they see how destructive and disturbed he is) and I remind myself that his words are the dysfunction talking.

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      1. teesmithii – Thanks, it is so hard to talk about with people who know us. Easier to be annonymous. Feels better knowing we are not alone. He just had a head CT to see if this could relate to his concussions, but he has always struggled to get out from under hurtful feelings. Bullied in grade school, etc. And I think it has more to do with a build up of small traumas that have manifested into a personality disorder. Can you tell I have read a lot on this topic on the internet? His therapist can’t talk to us because he’s an adult.

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      1. Paula – I really appreciate this. Been a hard 5 plus months. We are actually grateful for the pandemic, otherwise he could have started a job and we could have just thought his mood issues were job related. Being home with him all this time made us realize something was messed up.

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      1. Jeanie- thanks. It sure is difficult. I feel tough love at this point and I want to remove his stuff from the house and change the code to the garage. It takes a toll.


      2. I’m so sorry, I always think of you as a motherly kind figure because of the childcare you provide for many children (before corona) and this must be very upsetting for Everyone. Hope he heals and improves soon.


      1. Pam- the accusations and hurt he is spewing is nothing I could EVER have anticipated. I just told Coach that it is not fair to the rest of the family to live like this.


    1. My heart hurts for all of you. There are mental health issues with siblings on both sides of our family and it sorely affects the whole family. Our poor sibs couldn’t help it. I hope for help for you. One of our sibs got help, the other didn’t. It made a difference for everyone. I feel for you.


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