Maybe I just need a Dristan. You know what I’ve thought a lot about in 30 years? Dristan.

Yesterday was perfect. Sunny, breezy, in the low 70s, and? I missed all of it.

If I believed in emojis I’d add one of those clapping hands one between each of the following words: I [clap] am [clap] so [clap] sick [clap] (you get the gist) of these migraines. I looked at my Facebook memories today and had not one but two memories from various years, complaining of lots of migraines, so I must get them a lot as it’s transitioning to fall.

But also, this time I drank, a thing I rarely do anymore because it (wait for it) often gives me a migraine. So I go along not drinking for long stretches and then fun presents itself and I forget. Conveniently.

I went to a bar on Saturday, because you know how I’m not at all scared of coronavirus and just bust loose all over yonder with my crowds and partayys. But remember back when life was normal, how on Fridays I’d go to dinner with my neighbors? One of the dinner people is moving back to Chicago to be with her family, so we had a little goodbye for her. It was held at the pub across from our restaurant that we go to, a pub that has outdoor seating. I guess it’s more a brewery than a pub. What’s the difference? I guess they brew it there, on site, is the difference, sparky. Anyway, it was also the last weekend of that place.

I have about a million pictures of me at that brewery, on this here blog. I took Lottie there two or three times. It’s where Griff said he’s “just drawn to foreign films about lesbians.” I played Scrabble there, and won with my excellent word: Za. Yes, it IS in the dictionary. Look it up.

Anyway the coronavirus has brought that pub to an end, sadly. So I gathered all my courage and my mask and headed there, and sat outside 6 feet from everyone else. I saw two couples I know who were both there saying goodbye to the place, as well.

One of the women in my dinner group is going through a major life change, so I said to her, “You know what you need? Is a tarot reading,” so we have that set up. By the way, ALL of them should be done for you guys, so please email me here in this blog’s email ( if you did NOT get your reading. Title your email “TAROT.”

Anyway, so I’m glad I got out and did that and I’ll let you know if I die of plague. Remember when plague was like an exaggerated joke? I’m avoiding her like the plague! Hahaha! …yeah.

I went home and went to a Zoom Mary Kay party, a party a few faithful readers attended with me. I took a screen shot of it but no one said I could use the screen shot so I won’t.

Here. Here’s just me at the Mary Kay party. A party of one. I mean I cropped everyone else out. The point is, I had my signature vodka and Powerade Zero during the party, and not only was my skin smoove after but I was too. I was saying yes to Martini and Rossi on the rocks. Say yesssss.

And here’s what I should do. I should just take a migraine pill prophylactically when I drink. Although I feel like I never want to drink again. Because OH MY GOD I was ill yesterday. That migraine lasted 24 hours and I can tell I still have it, really, I’m just medicated.

The only times I got up yesterday was to feed or let out an animal, and when I saw the breezy perfect day I was so depressed. I hate missing out on life because 9 days a month I am ill. It’s insane. I recently went to my doctor about it and she prescribed an antidepressant. She said those sometimes reduce migraines. I don’t know why I agreed to that, as I’ve tried that before and it didn’t work. I think I forgot I’d tried it before or something.

Anyway, I have to go. I know I told you last week that I took the week off and got a big list of stuff I wanted to do and I did everything on the list, most notably my chair. I did my chair. As it were.

^^^It’s done! How does it look?^^^

No. Down HERE it’s done. And I took this photo after the last coat and it hadn’t dried yet so I want you to know it’s not this splotchy in real life.

I don’t know what made me choose purple other than I liked it because it was gaudy, but now I feel like I have to get new cushions for my patio chairs, purple and turquoise cushions, to tie in the turquoise umbrella, turquoise Adirondack chair and now inexplicably purple metal chair. Currently I have magenta cushions and it’s like Frida Kahlo decorated the patio. I just need a monkey and a strong brow and I’m set.

I also screwed up all my courage and went to my favorite vintage store and got a side table. I was all careful and measured the space by my couch, then measured the table itself with a ruler I took with me to the store like I’m a Virgo or something, and it fit the space but you know what I didn’t measure? Height. The table is exactly as tall as my couch and it kind of bugs. I’ll take a photo when I, you know, feel like it.

Anyway now my vacation is over, a vacation that began and ended with a migraine, and in 10 minutes I have to turn on my email and see what horrors await me.


50 thoughts on “Maybe I just need a Dristan. You know what I’ve thought a lot about in 30 years? Dristan.

  1. Get a purple and turquoise cushion and tie the whole set together. I did and there are dozens. Something’s bound to suit.


  2. My husband always gets a bunch of migraines when the season changes, and if he drinks certain beers. And the doctor won’t prescribe him any of the good stuff, because he’s had two migraines that caused strokes. Didn’t even know you could get strokes from migraines, but there you go. He’s only 40 too. Migraines can suck it.

    Love the outfit on the lady in the header! And the chair came out great! I’ve always liked that style.


  3. Scorpio here who carries a tape measure in her purse and a Swiss army knife. Saved me many a time. The dress on the woman in the header I would die for… just saying. I was born in the wrong era.

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  4. Other things to love in the header: the young man with the bolo-skinny tie showing white socks and leg, and the clothes left behind by someone who Raptured a bit early.

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  5. So sorry about the bad head, as my mother calls it. I’ve been battling one for days in a perfect storm of heat, smoke (bad air + no exercise), allergy season, and frickin’ new glasses. Migraines are a barbed wire haired bitch. Does that Zero stuff have a sugar substitute in it? I can’t drink/eat anything sugar-free.

    I also carry a tape measure because I’m, wait for it, a Capricorn. How’s THAT for a monkey wrench in a theory? Love your chair and the charming backyard attached to it. Wish I had that, but the high desert is ridiculous.

    Out of curiosity, when you do Tarot readings, what do people want to know? And how do you do a reading if they’re not right in front of you, spewing their energy? I find the whole thing fascinating but confusing.


  6. Hope your head is feeling better so you can enjoy the next lovely evening sitting outside admiring your pretty chair.


  7. I wonder if Alf is a trigger .
    You could find a stick on flower of some other thing that was turquoise to put on the chair back or arm.
    Like pin stripes on a vehicle, they make those that are stick on.


      1. Oh my gosh! I actually did have a few dresses that were similar I think. I worked for the phone company and I guess I thought I was “all that” – haha not really but… I did like clothes . Now I live in shorts and tank tops… went through my closet yesterday and threw a lot away. Things change, don’t they!


  8. You know who carries a tape measure in her purse? Texas Kari, Virgo.
    I’m glad you got out and about in the world a bit. Yay for fun!


    1. Also carrying a tape measure in her purse, PJ, Virgo. Also, do you need postage stamps? A lorazepam? An emery board? An extra mask still in a hermetically sealed plastic bag? Because your mask protects me. And I’m a Virgo right down the organized line.


    2. Also carrying a tape measure in her purse, PJ, Virgo. Also, do you need postage stamps? A lorazepam? An emery board? An extra mask still in a hermetically sealed plastic bag? Because your mask protects me. And I’m a Virgo right down the organized line.

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  9. Your chair looks gorgeous. All the home stores will have their outdoor pillows, etc., on sale so I hope you find something fabulous! You and I are in the same town [not stalking] and I’ve been plagued with more migraines this past month than I had all of 2019. There is something in the air or air pressure.


  10. I hope you’re feeling better today and have recovered from your migraine. Say, have you tried…?
    Love the purple chair.


  11. I wish there was something I could do to get you out of migraine-land. My daughter gets them – it’s why the Army wouldn’t sign her when she was in college ROTC. The army wouldn’t approve the medicine she’s on to keep them from happening, so they suggested she take a test without the medicine and see if she could perform certain tasks with a migraine that would make her eligible to lead on the battlefield, if necessary. So the Army hooked her up to something and INDUCED a migraine and put her through the tests. Which she failed. Her only consolation is they had to clean up her vomit.

    The chair looks great! I just bought two very rusty vintage metal chairs for our balcony and thought about sending them to you for expert rehab.

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  12. I thought the new header woman had 3 feet – 2 without shoes and a smaller one with a brown shoe – and it took me waaayyy too long to stop seeing it.

    I, too, have been plagued (hehe) with migraines lately, but I attribute it to the insane amount of smoke we are living with in California. I don’t know if that’s the cause, but that’s my excuse. Because the way things are going, I think drinking is the only acceptable lifestyle choice available.

    The purple chair looks great. It’s nice to accomplish home goals. I just got through binge watching The Home Edit on Netflix, and now I am ready to color code everything in my house.


    1. I think that’s the one I tried to get that was $420 so I did not get it. At this point I might be willing to pay that much just to get my life back.


      1. I know you love advice about things but I pay nothing for Emgality. My dr. works with a certain pharmacy in town and they know what to do to get it. I’ve been taking it about a year and have never paid for it. You have to get some card online and it takes about 10 minutes to fill out that form. I know this might not work for you but I hope you can get it. It really has helped! I’d be glad to ask what the strings are that need to be pulled if you want me to.


  13. Sorry about the migraine ruining your nice weekend. We are waiting for temps to cool off – still baking in the 90s here in central Alabama. I’m hoping the storm (“Sally”) drags the hot temperatures and humidity out of here and leaves us with nice fall weather.


  14. I used to get migraines maybe once or twice a year and they were totally debilitating. I can’t even imagine having them as often as you do. You are a warrior.

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  15. I love the new header. This is how I imagine my Grandma B was in her younger days. She is the Grandma I hope to turn into.


  16. Purple chair! Love.

    Sorry about your migraine, AGAIN. God, that must suck.

    Try gin? It does not bug. Vodka is not my friend. Yuck.

    Hoping work is not too horrific…


  17. I’ve found that vodka is no longer my friend. Maybe it isn’t yours either. I think our bodies change through the years and what once was okay is no longer. I recently switched to tequila and am not having the same reaction I had from vodka. Love the purple chair!!

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  18. My husband used to have migraines in October, there must be a trigger floating around that time of the year and we didn’t get those annoying pollen alerts so we never figured out what caused the migraines.
    You did a great job on the chair.
    I hope work goes surprisingly well for you today. It always took me a day or two to get back into the rut of work after vacation.


  19. Saturday was our perfect Autumn like day and I missed out on it due to an IBS attack from hell. I was chained to the house and the facilities. I feel you. I missed out on a ride in the VW convertible perusing antique shops. I had eaten two cinnamon buns slathered with cream cheese icing. Hello lactose intolerant. I didn’t buy them but I should have left them alone. I know better. Now I am eating very carefully and hoping for another gorgeous weekend I can DO something on. Friday was pretty too but bussiness stuff was done then. Sigh. I hope your migraine goes away soon.


  20. I’m so very sad that I missed the MK party. It sounded as if you all had a great time!

    I’m also sad that this stupid pandemic is putting so many good businesses down. Especially restaurants and bars/pubs/breweries. With all the restrictions on them, they can’t seat and serve enough people to stay afloat!

    Feel better, Juan.


  21. Dristan!

    I’m just going to say, I miss the old timey drugs. I one-hundred percent think they worked better. Now, even if I have to go to the pharmacist and show my ID, I get the stuff they put behind the counter. I don’t care! I want something that works!

    Also, I don’t get migraines, but I just can’t drink like I used to. I mean, I CAN, but I know I’m not gonna be a peak performer the next day. Hope you feel better.


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