A real shot in the arm

Yesterday was flu shot day at work, and of course none of us GO to work anymore, but we had to pop in at our allotted times yesterday. When I pulled up, I immediately saw the automobile of Wedding Alex and I squealed.

When I got out of my car, I saw the woman who has that fun birthday party every year that I always include lots of photos from. You remember. She lived walking distance from my last house, and one year she had a signature drink she called La Cougar except we all pronounced it La CouWAUR, and I had 170 of them then walked home, ordered myself a pizza, FORGOT I’d ordered a pizza, then was so delighted to get pizza at 11:30 at night.

Anyway I saw her.

“How are you handling all this?” she asked from behind her mask, across the parking lot.

“I actually don’t mind it that much,” I said.

“Argh,” she said, disgusted with the whole thing, including my weird secluded self.

Then I headed in for the shot. “I thought you were getting a HUGE SUV,” said one of the HR women, whom I’d worked with about my time off when I had my accident last year.

“Did you see that little pickle car I used to drive?” I asked her. “Compared to the pickle car, this IS huge.”

I’m forever calling my old car,

a car I LOVED, a pickle car. It’s because in my head I think of this:

but nobody knows this because no one is in my head. No one wants to be in my head. You know how in scary movies they say don’t go down to the basement? Anyway, I always say pickle car and no one ever asks, “What the Sam holy Hill do you mean?” I guess people assume half of what I say isn’t going to make any sense.

Then finally I saw ANOTHER HR person, who gave me a gift card to a restaurant because I got Employee of the Century this month. She had a cute little swingy dress on. The HR person, not my gift card, whose sex I don’t know.

As soon as my shot was done in our huge fitness room, I left out another door for maximum spacing and all, and there was Wedding Alex, who had gone to her desk and done work till her shot time, instead of hobnobbing with all the people, because that’s how Wedding Alex is. She’s very corporate-ladder-y.

Then she had to go get her shot, so I went to my desk. Not to do work—pfft—but to wait for Lottie Blanco to bring my food. The calendar on my desk was on February, still, but there was my boss who wears all the Stitch Fix we vote on, and also Vilhelm Oyster, y’all! Vilhelm Oyster and I were friends the moment I got to that job nine and a half years ago. Also there? The copy editor who sits behind me, the one who won the spelling bee. I have a series of photos I have secretly taken of the back of her over the years, and I keep meaning to compile them all as a treat for her and I never do it.

In all, maybe 10 people were in that giant room at work (it’s a former mill), people who decided to work at work for awhile after or before their flu shot. We all had our masks on, and I stayed maybe 10 minutes, so I hope I did not just infect self but oh! It was nice to see people I like.

The crowning moment came when Lottie Blanco showed up with my food. I was one free kitten from having a perfect day.

Speaking of kittens, Forest is here, lying his head on my hand that’s bouncing about as I type. He doesn’t care that his head is bouncing. He has his purr on and his eyes closed. It’s very cute, but twice now he’s starfished his paw on the keyboard and erased entire lines. Does the pound have curbside service, so I can just hand him over?

Anyway, I went home and got my requisite migraine. I have a THIRD doctor’s appointment re this today.

But despite my usual migraine, it really was nice to see people I like. I’d forgotten how much I like everyone at work. Like, I really like them a lot. A big part of the charm of work was just the three-minute conversations I’d have with people in the break room or on my way out the door or what have you.

I know I’m alone in this but I’m excited about this whole thing being done and going back to normal. To my abnormally normal life.

I have to go. Speaking of work, it’s before my start time but they want me to start. So.

Oh! And my hair. It didn’t look good yesterday but I know what I did and why it turned out dumb. I used the conditioning treatment but not normal regular conditioner. I know other people can get away with doing that but not old cave woman hair, here. So it just looked dumb yesterday. My goal today, if I can ever get this cat off me, is to wet it again, condition it, gel the everliving hell out of it and see if it’s going to be cute again.

This kitten is a barnacle.

OK, work is freaking out.

Armed against influenza-ly,

50 thoughts on “A real shot in the arm

  1. RE work and work being ridiculous. I recently had to complete the annual “self-evaluation” they use every year. After I spent about 45 seconds giving myself “scores” in various categories, in the box for “comments,” I wrote: “This year, anyone who has managed to get through work most days, take care of themselves and their loved ones, and not go completely insane, is doing FANTASTIC and nothing else matters.”

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  2. Normal seems hopeless right now! Wouldn’t it be nice though.
    It is good they did the shot thing at work! I need to do that…
    It is really hard to hear with a mask on – and sometimes it is hard to talk too! But – these people that insist on lettig their nose hang out… what the ….


  3. BusyTown is the greatest place in all the world. Lowly Worm and Huckle Cat and all the rest. Just seeing that pickle car makes me miss my son because he grew up on those books. He decided to move to Hawaii to wait out Covid and yeah, good call for HIM, but left me with just the occasional photo of Paradise and a garage full of those Richard Scarry books. I guess I’ll go down there and relive his youth. I know somewhere down there is Lowly’s apple car. If we had the pickle car, Joob, I would send it to you.


  4. I would love to see people again. I’m not sure how to do it without hugging and sitting on top of them. I’m so starved for human contact.
    Thanks for sharing your damn near perfect day to brighten our regular days!!


  5. I’m baaack! Not that I went anywhere, but I was busy, busy, busy with work and can’t handle it as well as June. I’ve read the posts I missed and the cute picture of Milhous and Forest in the tree made my week. It is one of my all-time favorite pictures.

    We had our annual flu-shots last month and it didn’t hurt at all. Nothing like the shingles shot although Mr.Sadie said they didn’t bother him either.

    Hope your migraines leave you the heck alone so you can enjoy yourself. Glad you got to see some of your favorite people at work. The Lotties are two in a two million, bringing you delicious food.


  6. It would be fun to see a running video of what is in your head! When you said pickle car I just thought little car. But I did recognize the Richard Scary book.


  7. The dude at the door when I was leaving Walmart (which became a thing before Covid-19) had his mask on under his nose. I was super annoyed. I don’t like my mask either and I wear it properly. I guess shoplifting is the reason they check your stuff against your receipt. I don’t steal so wasting my time annoys me greatly.


  8. My husband still works from home, but I am a teacher and we have been back since August. We have had no outbreaks at our school. There is social distancing, masks and frequent temperature checks. I was terrified to go back, but it hasn’t been that bad. My mom refuses to be around me as she and my dad are still hardcore quarantining. I completely understand, though. I still haven’t eaten at a restaurant. I can’t bring myself to do it.


  9. I had to go to the doctor yesterday. My doctor is very safe. No one else can be in his offices, except staff, while you are there. So there is no one waiting in the lobby, there is no one coughing in the exam room next to you. It is isolated. The nurse practitioner calls you when it is safe to come in the building. She takes your temperature, she makes you clean your hands with sanitizer then glove up, then she ushers you into an exam room. She is constantly cleaning after every probe and exam. Then the doctor comes in examines you and talks to you. This is all done while we are all masked up and gloved up and being extra careful. I feel very safe going there. This is my surgeon. Then I go to my GP and it’s a cluster f*&k. The waiting room is crowded with some masked, some not. The staff is running from one room to the other not cleaning in between. Right now I could be dying of coxilliousis of the blowhole and I would not go to my GP.
    On another note. A friend of mine made a suggestion which helped me with my recurring/ongoing migraines. She takes an allergy pill when she takes her migraine meds. For allergy migraines, it was a game-changer for me. I am sure you have tried it all, but this was new for me. I hope you migraine is gone and your feeling better soon.


  10. I want all of this to end primarily so that no one else gets sick or dies, but the second reason is because I CANNOT HEAR with a mask on. My pharmacist said it’s because we all read lips subconsciously. I do not have any hearing loss, so I think she’s right! Had to go to my office yesterday and each time I have ever been back, no one else is there. Yesterday, 3 people were. My boss, who was wearing a mask, and 2 others who were not. They were working on something together in one of their offices and sitting right together. Then all 4 of us talked and we stood apart but those 2 still didn’t have on masks and I got really panicky after I left because I ended up staying there much longer than I planned.


    1. I have hearing loss and I really do read lips. I have done it for years and don’t really notice it anymore…except now. I realize I just nod a lot in public. Not that I’m in public but when I am I just nod. They could be saying anything to me. Gladys, we are going to dump you in a barrel and send you over Niagra Falls, are you okay with that? And there I a nodding my fool self over the falls. Yeah, masks aren’t ideal but they are better than ending up with Covid so, I will continue to nod knowingly while being totally clueless.

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  11. Your work people are the equivalent for me of basketball parents, ie chatting with people at my kids’ games. So hoping the season happens, but I have my doubts.

    I need to get my flu shot and make sure all my people get them too. Adding to my list.

    Laughed at you considering dropping Forest off at the pound. Have a good weekend.


  12. I am living half a normal life now. I am required to go into work Monday-Thursday and work from home on Fridays. There are only 8 of us who are required to work these days. Everyone else has to work at the building 1 day a week, a day of their choosing. Some days there are only 8 of us there. Some days 20. Other than work I stay home all of the time and am quite content with it. I have ventured out for hair cuts and to get a pedicure. I want life to return to normal but I am enjoying the slower pace and quieter work environment.


  13. Employee of the Century! For a whole month! Congratulations. But I’m concerned that they may award that to the person who worked the most insane hours for an entire month, which would be Joon. Maybe they should give you some paid time off (or just the extra pay) instead of a restaurant gift card for a restaurant you won’t want to go into. Can you get takeout? I’m very concerned about all of this. Not sure why.


    1. I think time off with pay would be far better too but jobs are rarely in to that. Most restaurants have take now here or they would have been out of business. Then there was outdoor dining and finally indoor at lowered capacity. I’m in New Jersey.


  14. “I was one free kitten from having a perfect day.” Loved this and the pickle car.
    Have you ever had a tetanus shot? It makes your arm feel like it’s going to fall off. Fortunately, you only need those every ten years. Our PCP told us years ago there is NO cure for tetanus and if you get it you die.


  15. Thinking about Forest resting his head on your hand and purring. How lovely.
    It’s a good feeling when you know you’ve made someone so happy.


  16. Lovely post, pretty June. I think relishing a glimpse into familiarity is perfectly normal. Fingers crossed that the doctors have an option other than cutting it off.

    Did you have any adverse effects of the shot? We have appointments for them next week. I’ve never had one before but immunocompromised so it’s on the menu this year.


  17. So now you’ve got the flu shot out of the way. Hope you rubbed the area where the shot was given yesterday so it’s not too sore today. My short to-do list includes a flu shot. I’m a little nervous because they’re (Kaiser) having drive-up flu shots this year. I have it in my head that the nurse will be at an awkward angle and will hurt me. Several years ago they had a line for the shots where you just walked up to a nurse and stood there while the shot was given. It hurt more than any other shot I’ve had over the years. I told the nurse it hurt, and you know what she said? She said, “Of course it hurt. It’s a shot.” Real nice, huh?


    1. As someone who give herself a shot daily (insulin) I can say they are not all equal. Some hurt way more than others. Bad angle, lousy needle? Who knows but I grit my teeth as I count to ten some mornings.


  18. I am tired of being worried about catching something every time I go out. I’m working from home half time/going into the office the other half. At least I got out of patient care and into the business side, so I’m not in a hospital (otherwise known as a festering pool of bacteria) every day.


  19. How exciting that you got to see all those people you liked. It made me happy to read about it. Are you one of those people who walk out and say they “didn’t even feel it!” My knees often buckle at the pain. I detest having to have a shot in the presence of others. Thank goodness I don’t have migraines.


    1. Yeah, shots don’t bother me. And this one didn’t bother me after, like, say, those migraine shots I get sometimes. Mother of god, those leave an ache.


  20. When it’s over, if it’s ever over, I shall rejoice. To see people, and to not have to wear a freakin’ headset all day (bc my husband is also working here, so we try to keep our own noises to our own selves). I noted, just this AM, that I had hilariously switched my closet this spring to bring out summer dresses. HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHA. Not a one of them, was worn. Leggings are year-round attire!

    I’ve been in my office 2x since March 13, and didn’t like it either time. I have zero confidence the facilities folks have figured out a safe way to clean the air there. So I am happy at home, with my two puppies (18 months and 3 months) at my feet. This is apparently my new normal.

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  21. I, too, am ready to return to normal life, even a life with Shelly in my office who never stops talking about her ovaries and her hormones and her conspiracy theory husband who tries to posit that the holocaust never happened. I’d like to return to rolling my eyes at her all day. That’s really saying something.


  22. Our office never closed. No one has to be there, but there is a core team that shows up. I started going back to the office in July. I don’t like working from home, but I like the flexibility of not going in every single day. It’s working out nice. I don’t feel terribly threatened by the virus except when I’m around the boys (or any young people, really) and that’s only because they’re young and could have the virus, be healthy and not know it. I go to the grocery store, church every week, to the office some days, visit outdoors with friends. I drove to see my mom and stayed in a hotel both directions. I’m a little freaked out and wear my mask. But I just can’t hole up in my house. Doing that earlier this year caused me anxiety over the top.


  23. I knew exactly what you meant by pickle car! We had stacks of the Richard Scarry books as kids, I was fascinated that animals wore pajamas and hats and constantly disappointed in real life when they never were – my favorite was the worm in the apple-copter. Sigh – the Rona lockdown has me constantly nostalgic like I’m a 90 year old granny on the porch rocking away to the memories. I went into the office a few weeks ago to pick up some paperwork and was equally excited to see a few familiar faces (behind masks) and sad that we’ve had a bunch of people retire, so many empty desks and nameplates missing. Ready for the old normal for sure. I too have a cat across the desk as I type, he’s a purr machine walking back and forth rubbing across my chin, nothing like cat hair coffee.
    Cheers to no migraines this weekend for you and finally being online early enough to comment towards the top (the only good thing about a 5am training call)


    1. I knew the pickle car and I loved Lowly Worm too I had my daughter’s back to school night yesterday on zoom and most of the teachers were all “well, remote kind of sucks, but we’re all in this together, so we’re making the best of it,” except this one older woman who was like, “this is awful and I’m sure your kids hate it as much as I do. Tell me what they’ve said about it. No really. Tell me!” It was super awkward.


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