The $300 dilemma

I know this makes some of you nervous, but I have a meeting right at 8:30 this Monday morning, here, which means I have to make sure I’ve said everything on this page, read it over for terrible errors that shame me, hit Publish and then copy/paste this tome to Facebook, all in the next 35 minutes.

I got up this morning thinking, OK, dash through all your things so you can blog, but then I looked up whilst doing my things and it was 10 to 8:00 already and I was all, COME ON, SERIOUSLY? And then for no logical reason I decided to try to blog from my desktop for a change, which I haven’t used in 252 days. My desktop TOLD me this. I got some sort of email.

“You haven’t used your desktop computer in 250 days,” it said, all concerned. Where was I? Was I mad? What had desktop done wrong?

I used to get up every weekday and do all my things (and you know “all my things” means feeding and pilling and letting in and out and in and out and in and out like mama’s squeezebox the pets, right?) and stampede to my desktop computer to blog. But since my surgery (did you know I had surgery?) and this inconvenient pandemic, I have used a laptop provided by my workplace for working from home. We’ve had so much more work that I’ve practically worn this poor laptop right out.

Anyway, I went to my desktop this morning, as I’ve said, but it is smack in the middle of updating something after 252 days and I was all, COME ON, SERIOUSLY? and so I had to set self up with laptop after all and here we are with

{checks time}

Thirty minutes exactly to write and begin said meeting.

So, hello.

Saturday was an absolutely glorious fall day, just the kind of fall day you want, and I had a migraine. Of course I did. It wasn’t that dreadful of one, but it was enough that I didn’t feel like doing anything so I sat outside and read a book when I could. I can’t remember the title. I got it from one of those “leave a book, take a book” little huts people have around town.

It was about a kid with CF, whose mom is a vet at a shelter. They get a dog in the shelter, a large unattractive one, that the kid can sort of read psychically. He can feel what the dog is feeling.

Anyway it was good and I never want to have cystic fibrosis and of all the things I fear I think I can cross that one off the list. I would, however, like to be able to communicate psychically with animals. That would make my life complete, if I could do that. I could head off to the zoo and be all, “Yes. Excuse me. The kinkajou is irritated by the strange-tailed tyrant. Can you move them apart?”

My plan was I’d feel better Sunday and could live my life (meaning go somewhere with my mask on) and then Sunday got here and it was cold and rainy and I said goddammit. I ended up on one of my drives to nowhere, though, and got some frozen custard with my mask on. I’m like a custard superhero.

Are there any just heroes anymore or is everything “super” now, like how there are no more just plain models? If everyone’s a supermodel, no one’s a supermodel.

Also what happened this weekend is my blog. I got an email from the fine folks at WordPress, who say my membership or something is up for renewal, and they tried to just take $300 out of my checking account, but for some mysterious reason it didn’t work. It didn’t “go through,” is I think how they put it.

I’m genuinely curious. Do you just have $300 in your checking account if it’s not right after payday? Because I don’t.

I talked about this on Facebook of June this weekend, and some of you said, “We’ll give you tips, June, so you can renew” and I said, “Hang on. Let me just see what else is out there before you do.”

So I did. And if I took all my blog posts from 2007 till now, which is what I’d want to do, I’d end up spending money anyway to do that because I’d have to hire someone to help me design a new blog. Plus then everyone would have to go to a NEW, FOURTH place. I’ve already gone from blogger to Typepad to here. And if I downgraded to just regular cheaper WordPress, I couldn’t have all my old pictures, nor could I put up new pictures. I’d be out of room.

The problem is I’m big and bulky. I’m almost 14 years old! My first day of blogging was December 15, 2006. Which by the way is right about when Pioneer Woman began blogging and you can see we have a similar trajectory.

I do have to say I just adore my two Pioneer Woman pans. I really do. See how mature I am?

So I think I will put up a tip jar here. If I don’t raise $300 to renew my blog for the year, I’ll figure something else out at that time. If I do, we’ll keep going here with all this riveting material, especially today.

Let me know if that link doesn’t work. There’s also a tip jar link on the right side of this page. And for heaven’s sake, if you can’t afford it, don’t do it! Don’t tip! Just you reading all this nonsense is enough for me.

Oh, crap. While we’ve been talking, I got a “ping!” and it was that same message from WordPress that I got over the weekend. And then I heard my text ping and I was all, OHMYGODWHAT and it was my credit union thinking it’s fishy that a company is trying to take $300 from me.

Which by the way is nice of them but OHMYGOD I do NOT have $300 to my name right now and now I am tense and they’d better not overdraw my account.

It also makes me tense that their text ended in a comma and not a period, but I will not fret about that now.

OK. Talk to you tomorrow. In case you’re worried, it’s only 8:23, so I have plenty of time to hit Publish. Here’s a photo of Iris as consolation because this was an extra-boring post.

Look how the ottoman/coffee table is ruined. THANKS, MILHOUS.


38 thoughts on “The $300 dilemma

  1. I’m extremely broke, sorry. But I want to let you know that your blog posts are the highlight of my day.
    That’s a scary little doll head or something in the cabinet.


  2. I don’t think of myself as one of those animal communicators, but when I was going to house-sit for a few weeks I couldn’t decide whether to take Duckie Doodle the Dumpling Dog along or leave him at home, where he is spoiled rotten by my husband but adores *me*. Can’t explain it.
    I thought he’d rather stay in his own home with all his comforts and be spoiled and petted and coddled morning, noon and night, fed like a king, etc… treated far better than he would if it’s just him and me. Then I thought, why don’t I ask him? and I imagined him sitting there, and me asking What would you like to do? and then my imagined dog replied “Are you kidding? Of COURSE I want to come with you!” Not the answer I was expecting, and certainly not if it was only my imagination — which you’d think might give a reply out of wishful thinking, wouldn’t you? for I really would rather have gone without the dog. Less hassle. Dog’s home, well taken care of, etc.
    So … you might be surprised at how much you can communicate with animals. -Kate


  3. I’m one of those annoying daily-readers-who-rarely-comment, so it seems the least I can do is add to the tip jar!


  4. I’d gladly donate but don’t use PayPal. Any other options? And, speaking of Pioneer Woman, have you thought about pitching a cooking show to Food Network? I’d watch that!

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  5. My dogs have ruined my boyfriend’s furniture too. He is not amused but we’re all still here although they spend more time in my room. My late husband helped make them spoiled brats who don’t listen. Attitude adjustments are occurring and it’s a good thing.


  6. When I was little I wished that I could know what people were thinking. Now that I’m older I really don’t think I would want to know.


  7. Donation on its way. I would miss you too much if press of the word can’t wait for the donations to get to you. Not sure how long it takes for pay-your-pals to reach your bank account.


  8. When our twins were born they were in the hospital for months. I basically stayed there 24/7 and it’s weird you’re there with other parents with desperately ill children. And you become a tribe sharing updates and stories. We got very close with a woman who’s daughter had CF. At that time it was a death sentence. And her daughter did die. That day the mother got a letter from her pastor saying that lack of faith was the reason the daughter was dying. If they had more faith, prayed harder and were better Christians she would be healed. I have never been more ashamed of a “Christian.” That’s my riveting CF story. I think about that family every time I hear CF.

    Will hit the tip jar. 2020 has been an awful year and you are a little bright spot chugging away at your non blog.


    1. That reminds me of one of Mr. Sadie’s childhood friends. This friend was a life-long member of his church and when he married, both he and his wife were active members. After their only child was born with mental challenges, the priest told them it was because they hadn’t tithed enough. And that was when they left the church.


    2. That guy wasn’t Christian. He was a mentally ill criminal preying on the hurting. Unfortunately there are a lot of wolves in sheeps’ clothing. Or Jackasses wearing stoles.

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      1. You are exactly right. And when I hear about “Christians” like that, I always think I want to be there the day they ACTUALLY meet Jesus. THAT’S gonna be some meeting!!

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    3. A sweet, very bright girl in a growth stunted body like a ten year old died of CF a couple of weeks before our graduation. It was horrible. Despite her illness her grades were wonderful and she was planning on going to college to be a child psychologist. That was in 1977.
      Those ministers/priests are Satan’s minions on earth. What awful things to say to grieving parents. I hope karma slaps them hard or already has.


  9. I’m glad you told us what you need. I think of your blog as something I would subscribe to. I don’t expect my magazines to come free so I try to keep a dribble coming through because I want you to be here.


  10. Speaking of animal communication. There is this AMAZING dog on Tiktok named Bunny who uses buttons to talk. I’ve been watching the progression and it’s mind blowing. She’ll tap like three to four buttons to communicate her thoughts and it’s seriously one of the coolest things ever. Have you guys seen the videos?


  11. Another wonderful post June. And thanks for the picture of pretty Iris. All of your animals are lovely, even gap toothed Edsel. He did lose that one tooth didn’t he? I’m beginning to lose memories the longer this pandemic goes on for some reason. Maybe I’m not exercising my brain enough. Off to find a puzzle to do for exercise!


  12. My dogs have ruined my couch. We just purchased it last year. Why would we get a new couch when my dogs are horses and ruin everything? That was stupid. I can donate on Friday. Hang on until then!


    1. Last I looked I was more than halfway there. Save your dollars! No one should sacrifice on my account, really! Also I feel the same way about Grammy’s chair. Milhous has RUINED it already.


      1. My dogs have ruined my boyfriend’s furniture too. He is not amused but we’re all still here although they spend more time in my room. My late husband helped make them spoiled brats who don’t listen. Attitude adjustments are occurring and it’s a good thing.


      2. I’m glad the Blog fund is coming along nicely. I also sent over a tip just now…really enjoy your writing, photos, pets, and adventures.


  13. The updating computer makes me nuts, too! I rarely use a computer at home, but when I need to, it has always been a zillion days since the last update and the updates take an eternity. A super long time. Ha!

    I don’t recall what year I started reading, but it was after Bye Bye, Buy. I have always wanted to go back and start at the beginning, so I should do that since you’re kindly keeping all of the old content online.

    I am reading and commenting as I wait in my car at the specialty vet place. Our dog has to have an ultrasound for some surprise kidney issues. Surprise! Our healthy dog is…not so healthy! Our kids are getting a framed ultrasound image of the dog’s kidneys for Christmas. Not really, but sheesh. Maybe I should play the lottery!

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  14. I agree with the super everytbing. It is like porn star (which auto correct.made pork). Everyone can’t be a star. They never say porn actor/performer. No, they are all stars!


  15. I started giggling as soon as you said this is going to make some people nervous…Paula. Help is on the way. Sweet Iris. I hope she is doing better.


  16. You’re better than cable, which I do not have, so I will be contributing.

    Also, my sister was getting headaches and when she quit wearing her FitBit watch, they went away. Made me wonder about you and your headaches. Electromagnetic woo woo? (Hey, it’s a technical term!)

    Lovely Iris. She looks very healthy.


  17. Has anyone else noticed that the happy little girl in the blog photo looks like she’s wearing a pussy hat? Is the family on its way to a rally and she’s thrilled because it was her idea? Also, I love your blog, and even if it moved I’d figure out how to get to it.

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