At home with June

Since yesterday, I have been working with someone on a large presentation. She gets a few pages done, alerts me, I go into our system—not literally. Like, I don’t shrink myself and walk around inside a computer system.

Anyway, I download the presentation, look at the few pages she’s done, upload them and carry on. I did this on and off till 8 last night, then got up early and did it again and I figured in between times I will talk to you.

I took all next week off of work because I am illogical. After my appointment TEN DAYS AGO with the migraine specialist, I thought, “Wow. If I’m to go off my migraine medicine, I’ll bet I’m going to have a rough week. I’d better take time off


It makes no sense. Because of course the very day I was at that doctor I got a migraine, as I was getting nearly every day, which is what drove me there in the first place. Why did I think two weeks was gonna be my sufferin’ succotash time? I already DID my suffering LAST week and missed two days of work as a result.

However, conveniently, I have myriad appointments next week, which is smart of me seeing as the coronavirus numbers are higher than ever, so go me. Gadabout, June! Gad a bout.

One appointment is to the dermatologist, who combs me for skin cancer annually. I got the automated call about it last week and it is always news to me. “Oh, right,” I always say. My dermatologist is hot. And not, like, blonde I’m trying really hard hot. Just naturally hot.

It occurs to me that while she’s there, can’t she give me a Botox? I mean, I don’t go to her for Botox but don’t all of them do Botox now? You should see the Panama Canal in my forehead after going all year with no Botox. I can’t believe it’s not gutter.

I also have an appointment to get my hair colored after a whole year of coloring it via a subscription home coloring service. My hair is a soothing creamsicle shade that no matter how much I tell them, “SEND ME A COOL COLOR” turns orange. Why? I don’t know. Anyway I cannot take any longer and if that is what brings me the Hey-19, so be it.

There’s some other appoi–oh yes! Also too next week I got BACK to the migraine doctor to get the barf shots that freaked me out 10 years ago. These are shots I get in my head and neck to help with the stiffness in m’neck, and the getting-shots part doesn’t freak me out (see above re Botox), it’s the feeling nauseated part that does.

I have toyed with just not going to this appointment and the jury is still out on that.

I am doing all the other things he has told me to do. I am working, slowly, on reducing my caffeine. It is killing me. I also today am ordering more groceries, all using the shopping list of allowable foods he gave me, foods that are, to reiterate, lettuce and chicken.

My coworker Griff, of the Ridiculous Griffs, recently went to the drive-up window at Subway and they got his order wrong. He’d ordered a sandwich with chicken and myriad vegetables on it and got a sandwich with just chicken and cheese on it. And here is the part that makes Griff Griff.

He SAT in his CAR, pondering what sort of asshole would order a sandwich like this. It really pissed him off. He pretty much made a vision board emulating the person he imagined would order just chicken and cheese.

Another coworker told me she spoke with a Subway sandwich-maker once, who said it really bothers her when “grown men” come in and just get turkey on a bun.

“You could have made that at home.”

A fair point.

I’ve no idea how I got off on this tangent, but do you know what I’m noticing? Even though I haven’t had a migraine since last week’s pain-and-agony extravaganza? What I notice is each morning, while I’m eeking out the communion glass of coffee I am now allowing self, I have a slight headache.

I don’t drink, because alcohol always gives me a migraine now. So it’s not a hangover. Have I always had this slight pain, and not really noticed it, and that is why I embrace coffee like it just returned from war?

Am I having it only now and it’s just caffeine withdrawal?

Is it cause I grind my teeth at night like they are tiny organs and I am a monkey in a top hat?

Is it a tumor? It’s likely a tumor, and like every other blogger out there I will go get a brain MRI and then ever mention it again.

Anyway it’s annoying and I’d like it to stop.

I guess I’d better go prod the person I have been working with to see if more pages are available for me to look at. I am also clean out of contacts, meaning I am wearing my glasses, meaning I can’t see up close, so every time I have to copy edit, I have to take off my glasses, pick up the laptop, bring it close to my face but not too close because Forest is lying between me and the laptop, and then god forbid I have to type anything. I have to do it one-handed so I can hold the laptop with the other. It’s a sophisticated look and a lot like how I envision Jackie Kennedy editing things.

I’ll talk to you next week, when I am having my grand vacation here at home, as opposed to the rest of my year here at home.

The weather is here; wish you were beautiful.

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  1. A few years after my husband met my mother and my aunt and some of my mother’s friends (all in their 60s at the time), he said to me, “Why do they all color their hair orange? Is it a Jewish thing?”
    I believe, 25 years later, he is now watching me nervously, just waiting for my hair to start turning orange.


  2. I was behind an old man in a Subway here in sunny England (an OAP as they call them, Old Age Pensioner) and he was the cutest thing ever. He was getting a sandwich and when she asked if he wanted any mustard or mayo on it he said “no, I’ve got some at home.”


    I’m having a devil of a headache myself right now. 😦


  3. Having been through that whole process once, I believe that’s the daily caffeine-withdrawal headache. Eventually, that won’t happen. But it takes weeks or months for it to go away permanently.


  4. Sometimes the headache is what reminds me that I’ve missed my regular dose of caffeine. There’s no way something that gives you withdrawal like that is healthy but I like it anyway. And let’s not talk about sugar. I know that if I give it up for a month I will no longer crave it, but what a miserable month that is. And then I’m fine until the sugar pushers bring holiday cakes and cookies, and it’s such a fine line to slip over into re-craving.



  5. So many one liners in this post. Could be a combination of withdrawal from the coffee and grinding your teeth. Enjoy your time off work. All the doctor offices here have the chairs in the waiting room arranged with plenty of space between people. Since July I’ve been in way too many.


  6. Whenever I would go back on Weight Watchers (I refuse to refer to it as “WW”), I would get horrific headaches starting the 2nd day and lasting for about 72 hours. I’m sure it was my body going into shock at me eating healthy food instead of Mickey D’s and Del Taco.

    “What fresh hell is THIS?” – my body.

    I too use to grind my teeth in my sleep and would wake up with godawful headaches. I wear a bite guard now. Okay, it’s actually for my alleged snoring but it does keep me from grinding my teeth. It’s been a lifesaver and I can’t sleep without it.


  7. I love that song. Isn’t there a line in there about his wife being dutiful that he rhymes with beautiful?
    I hope the weather cooperates for you next week so at least you can be outside enjoying fall on your week off. I feel like it’s a caffeine withdrawal headache, but I will probably never withdraw enough to know for sure. Happy Friday!


    1. That’s how my 25 year old daughter orders her burgers. Meat, cheese and bun. And her sandwiches from Subway are Ham and American cheese on the regular Italian bread. No condiments, no vegetables, nothing. Just a dry sandwich. Bizarre.


    2. I order my burgers without cheese now and get a fresh one ever time. I often get bacon though and I prefer it with ketchup and mayonnaise.


  8. I like plain food. I was going to write a whole crabby comment about it but it boils down to if I am paying somebody to make me a sandwich, I’m going to order it how I want it and they can just get over it.


  9. The hardest withdrawal for me was from regular Coca-Cola and that was twenty-five years ago (she says as she drinks her caffeinated coffee). Lately, I’ve been wanting another Coke, but don’t want to go through the withdrawal again. And decaffeinated soft drinks hold no appeal and so I’ll stick to my coffee.

    All the best with your caffeine withdrawal.


  10. I’m sorry the great decaffeination of 2020 isn’t working on the migraine situation. (I’m working on epidurals to cure consistent back pain due to two bulged discs, one with a tear.)

    I hope you get to sleep in, and take walks, and enjoy a little bit of next week off, too.


  11. I have headachey type pains from allergies and eye strain, and survive by dosing myself on a steady flow of antihistamine and Flonase and Azelastine (allergic to my multiple cats and dust), Four years of allergy shots did not heal me. If my eye glass prescription has the tiniest change, which happens every year; I feel like I’ve been stabbed in the head, until I get new glasses. I stopped wearing contact lenses because I got headaches from the strain of my eyes adjusting from changing to contacts to glasses at the end of each day. I also need to cut out caffeine as it adds to the drama. I totally sympathize with your more serious migraine situation. Although my experience is mild compared to migraines…. it “feels” like it could slay me if I missed even one day of allergy medicine or didn’t get new glasses when I start feeling the eye strain from the annual vision change. If I could only order a new head … Have a nice weekend Junnnnne. Yours Truly, Eyore the pessimistic donkey


  12. I can’t believe that at the end of this year, it will be 9 months for me being home. This year has flown by in a bad way, but I guess it is good that it feels like that, rather than feeling as if it dragged on forever, right? I have to take my Dad to his retina specialist appt next week and this appt usually means spending about 3 hrs in the waiting room. I am dreading it. The lobby is normally packed with chairs lined up against the wall and a person in each chair. I sure hope when we arrive that is drastically different. As far as the coffee, I think it is a good sign that you have not woken up each day with excruciating pain, so the preventative must be (at least trying) to work, right? I’m glad you took off, this way after work today you can just breath easier knowing you are free to do whatever you want to next week.


  13. I cannot tell you how long and hard I laughed over Griff stewing in his car over the Subway order problems. Whew! I needed a laugh like that today!!

    I, too, have the Grand Canyon between my eyebrows and it drives me insane. I got those monthly Botox shots as a migraine preventative (they worked!!! but my insurance wouldn’t pay for them – BASTARDS!!!) and I was hoping they would do something for the overabundance of wrinkles, but it had no effect on THAT!! Of course.


  14. I am finally going to get Botox for my 11s all next year. The office was running a special yesterday, so I bit the bullet. I’m curious to see if it helps! Man, I had no idea how expensive it is – lol!


  15. Lovely post Coot.

    Oh the dreaded caffeine withdrawal. I had to do an elimination diet and to do that you have to go off all food and drink except water and broth for a week then you start adding things back to your diet to see if it causes a migraine. You know what caused a migraine? Giving up caffeine.
    Griff and his image board. Too funny. I also wonder about people who order a hamburger with just meat and bun or a taco with just meat and tortilla.
    Have a lovely day


    1. Water and broth only? What kind of prison diet is that? If I had to do that, there would be carnage and blood because I would have gone completely homicidal with hunger and rage.


      1. I did it not on e but three times. Also and too, I was extremely pissed that I lost not one pound. Not a pound.


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