In her own words

This morning I was doing all my things, which mostly includes slopping the 87 domestics up in here, and I was impressed with the sun so I snapped it. Hey, who sent me the orange tea? There was no note. I’ve been meaning to ask.

Also, though, I was putting a load of laundry in—because I really know how to throw down on my week off—and I saw Forest, whom I had just let out, tear across the backyard after Milhous, who turned right at the end of the yard, while Forest ran straight up a tree.

Seriously, I think he has just the best life.

To Forest, this yard just must look endless. And then there’s the wild part out past the fence that he similarly loves.

You know, I’ve asked the lawn guy twice to take care of the weeds back there and now I’m sort of annoyed. He’s going to get a strongly worded text. Happy holidays!!

I’m tryina think of what else I’ve done on this, my week off, other than watch The Crown and wait for corona. Which is oddly congruous. Oh! I know! Speaking of crowns, I also watched Diana, In Her Own Words, which was a movie/documentary made from a bunch of tapes of Diana.

In her own words.

Do you remember that scandalous book about her way back when? She really did set that book up, written by Andrew Morton in the ’90s, a book I believe was called Diana, In Her Own Words but maybe now I’m just stuck on that phrase. Anyway, they had a go-between. Andrew Morton, which if you take one look at him you feel in your bones that he’s sleazy, would send tapes to Diana via the go-between. His tapes had questions, and her tapes would be the answers.

Tapes. In her own words. And that is how that book got written in the ’90s when we all wore brown lipstick and piece-y bangs like they were flattering. Has anyone seen my chunky-heeled loafers?

So then recently some yahoo, possibly even Andrew Morton, who looks like maybe he’d sell high-end colonics, made a whole sort of documentary using Diana’s tapes

in her own words

describing stuff about her marriage and time with the royals.

So I watched that. I learned things, which is saying something because I thought at this point I knew all there is to know about that fekking family. Someone could ask me, “What was your great-grandmother’s name?” and I’d be all, Hmmmm. But I could tell you all about Diana’s family. and Charles’s. And Kate Middleton’s.

Also, Princess Margaret is my people.

Anyway, here’s what conclusion I came to as a result of listening to Diana, in her own words. The conclusion I already had, and that most of us have who are into the royal family, is that she was very young and forced into something bigger than she imagined and she wasn’t strong enough to handle it.

All true.

And that she was a good yet troubled person with a gift for empathy and talking to people and the world was charmed by that.

All true.

But also, each story Diana told

in her own words

would end with how then she rushed home and binged and purged. Or she rushed into the room with a knife and hacked at herself. Or she threw herself down the stairs in front of Queen Elizabeth. I mean. There were a LOT of these stories. And I understand that to do any of these things means one is in a lot of pain. I do.

But there is never, from Diana—in her own words in case you didn’t know these were her own words—there is never any insight from her that possibly her behavior might have been …exhausting for those around her. Especially for a buttoned-up group like your warmhearted royals. She’s just always annoyed that they don’t become a sympathetic audience as a result. That they don’t suddenly get her a blanket and some tea and listen thoughtfully to her woes.

I mean, it’s gotta get old after awhile, Diana. There has to be a middle ground beyond your constant histrionics and the royals’ catatonics.

And these are the thoughts of June, in her own words.

One thing I miss about Typepad, really the only thing I miss about Typepad, is they’d tell me how many words I’d written when I wrote posts so I could try to keep my pithy words, my own words, at around 600, as that is when people begin to drift off. But here I am just floating on a page with no idea how much I’ve written.

So I’ll go. But I know. I’ll think of you each step of


Okay, bye.

P.S. As I am doing laundry on this, my week off, I wonder if anyone else is completely taken with that Gain with the scent that lasts. What’s it called? I am on that new anti-seizure medication for my migraines and I think I’m getting that can’t-think-of-words thing all over again. But I haven’t had a migraine in seven days! Anyway, Gain. The kind that smells good for weeks. Love it. Would marry it. Would be June Gardens Gain, which I already am thanks to lockdown. Hand me a diaper I’m ready to wrestle.


  1. Lovely post, pretty June! I didn’t know any of that!

    Do you use Tart mascara? It seems to be a big thing – I tried to search the blog to see if you’d linked it but couldn’t find it. I have a sale link if you’re interested. I haven’t worn make up in close to 9 months now but the information is yours if you’re interested.

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  2. I’m happy for you about the lack of migraines lately!! Are you still weaning off caffeine and have the morning caffeine-withdrawal headache? That can take quite a few weeks to go away.
    I love that floofy black pooferkitty. And the rest of them too, of course.
    I’m surprised that you can tolerate (let alone like) detergent scents. I don’t tolerate any of them. Going into that supermarket aisle gives me a migraine.


  3. I know the morning is long gone, but love the morning light in your kitchen and on your fence. Somehow, I don’t think Forest even noticed as he went flying across the yard, but what an action shot!


  4. I’ve seen that documentary and agree with everyone that she was not ready for any of it, and the RF simply did not understand that forcing the marriage was the root cause of everything. I did enjoy how honest and raw those conversations were. I mean, she was pregnant with William when she threw herself down the stairs. If that’s not desperation and utter sadness I don’t know what is.


  5. I read Diana’s account of throwing herself down the stairs somewhere (gestures vaguely) and immediately formed the same opinion. It sheds new light on the behavior of her sons.


  6. Do you all know that Febreeze has a Gain scented spray? You can have that fresh Gain smell any time you want! [Which is great for those of us who prefer the cleaning ability of Tide.]

    Josh O’Connor really nails Chuck’s mannerisms and now I will always call Charles & Camilla ‘Fred & Gladys’ when I see them.


  7. I have a confession. The night I heard Diana was in a car accident I thought she pulled that stunt. I nearly fell over when I found out she had passed away. I felt horrible. But, she was staging so many stunts at the time. I felt like she was one dramatic event after another. So you’re right, I bet the royal warm-hearted family did get sick of her.


  8. Tea is from Pike Place Market and it helped me go from caffeine to decaf. Strong flavor made up for not having caffeine. (in my mind anyway) Hope you like


  9. What Diana experienced is exactly why I, as a royal obsessor (as my family calls it), believe that it was most valuable for Kate (meanly called Waity Katy by the tabloids) to have all that time in a relationship with Wills before she became part of the family. So much “this is what your life will be like” time — PLUS a lot of time to research and explore all that surrounded Diana, if she wanted to.

    In The Crown, season 2, when Charles is all pissed about being sent away with the military or some such thing, and storms home, he asks not to see his mother, but the queen. And is told it’s not a good time, she’s busy… CAN YOU EVEN IMAGINE. His own mother. Her firstborn son and yeah, too busy. It’s almost like being sovereign makes them not your children, but things to groom.

    I too am waiting for thanksgiving day to watch the new season. My youngest daughter and her BF are coming Saturday, since my husband works Thursday anyway, and we’ll give thanks and eat a lot then. My brother’s family isn’t coming from NY because Rona, and my mom died in May and she was the reason we all gathered at my house, even thought I am the one person in the family who hates hosting and the cleaning angst that precedes it. So my teenage son will most likely play video games Thursday and I will binge the Crown.

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  10. I loved Diana. It really killed me when she died. I still blame the French way of treating emergencies. She might have survived if they had rushed her to the hospital instead of babying her.


  11. As you all know, I am saving The Crown to binge on Thanksgiving. Now I will also watch Diana IN HER OWN WORDS. I shouldn’t have an opinion yet since I haven’t seen either, but, of course I do. (Just like I have a scathing opinion of Meghan and have never met her.) I agree that Diana was too young, couldn’t handle it, needed attention and affection and that the entire Royal Family are about as warm as iced salmon. I read somewhere that when Diana’s mother left and Diana was very young (seven or eight maybe?), she told her (mom told Diana) that should would come back for her. And the poor thing (Diana) stood at the door and waited every day. This does not dispute the opinion that Charles was an asshole. But I also think he was forced into a suitable marriage when the RF should have just let him marry old Camilla.


  12. Way back at the dawn of time, I worked at B. Dalton bookstore. The dream job for every yahoo with an English degree. I read every single book and magazine that came through the doors that had Diana and/or the royals in it, on it, or around it. It was like diving into the internet of the early 80s. I’ve always thought Chuck was a prat, but I also thought Di was really young for her age. Growing up in a weird aristocratic bubble gave her fairytale expectations that no one could fulfill, even if she could have articulated them. Stunningly photogenic. About five years ago, I went to an exhibit of some of her dresses. It was on the Queen Mary in Long Beach and was amazing! She was so tall, yet tiny. I spent hours. They also had one of Wallis’s nighties!


    1. Hail, fellow yahoo English major! B. Dalton alum here, ’83-’86 in Minneapolis. Still miss that massive employee discount. I barely earned enough for bus fare, but Christmas shopping for family was a cinch (and my own collection coincidentally mushroomed).


      1. ‘82-‘84 in Reno and San Francisco area. I totally hear you about that employee discount! I had to quit and get a clerical job in order to pay for the bigger apartment I had to get to hold all the books! Lived the dream, though!


    2. I saw that exhibit, too! I LOVED looking at the dresses along with Wallis’ negligees. We should bring back fancy negligees and peignoir sets to wear around the house instead of the Covid uniform of pajamas and sweats.


  13. I saw a new migraine Dr yesterday. I was nervous about the tests and treatments he might recommend based on your recent experience. I was pleasantly surprised when he approved of my alcohol and caffeine intake, recommended no tests, and added a couple of medications to take as needed. He might increase the dosage on the Imitrex injections but wants to wait until he sees how I respond to the added meds, return appointment in two (2) months before deciding if the Imitrex needs to be increased.
    He spent about 45 minutes with me which was also a lovely surprise. I love a thorough and detailed doctor that makes me feel like I get what my insurance is paying for.
    I am glad to hear you have had seven (7) days without a migraine

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  14. I’ve recently read that Andrew Morton using a go-between allowed him to say he’d not asked Diana those questions.

    I’m just now starting Season 2 of The Crown. It reminds me of a friend who defines himself by what he’s accomplished professionally, which is quite a lot. Husband, father, whatever? No mention of that in correspondence, just accomplishments. Who he is as a person doesn’t enter into that picture.

    In a similar way, The Firm is a bunch of people who are roles and obligations and expectations and traditions. Margaret was less willing to subjugate herself to that and paid a high price. Last night I started reading a biography of Charles, and I thought of the line in The Crown when Phillip says the children were backward…Charles had the sensitivities of a girl and Anne the forcefulness of a boy.


  15. you haven’t had a migraine the same number of days you haven’t been working. Hmmmm…

    I plan to watch The Crown starting today at 4:30pm. I hate that I am a week behind. Stupid work.

    waiting for an all staff meeting to start (already three mins late!!) to explain the layoffs of yesterday. 😦 (at least I wasn’t one of them?)

    happy Friday!

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    1. I hate those post-layoff meetings. We actually had a VP tell us that we should feel good because we were the “A” team, while they laid off the “B” team. What never occurred to him was that we had a lot of friends on the so-called B team. Ass!

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  16. Lovely post Coot.
    Just finished watching season 4 of The Crown, or as my husband called it that Diana show. How I loath Prince Charles. He is a spoiled, whiney, self-centered, pencil dicked wanker.


  17. I’d guess you were just over 700. Maybe 750. I do some content writing – which isn’t really writing but more like creative plagiarism, but whatever – and am always trying to hit the 700 word mark. So I’m kind of used to what that feels like.

    What a messed up group those royals are. They just haven’t been the same since they lost that war way back in 1770 whatever. Took a lot of starch out of their sails.

    Lovely post June! You make me laugh every single day.


    1. I just found a little button that told me 894. But that’s after I waxed on about Gain, which I likely did after you wrote your comment about content. I edit content. Did you know that? Is there a word that means less than the word content nowadays?


      1. I am also a content writer. Hello, my fellow content people, a sentence that makes it looks like you’re just really satisfied with the state of things.
        Anyway, one of my kids informed me the other day that in the online video context, “content producer” means that you film porn. As in, “Demi from high school was going to college for a while, but now she’s a content producer.”
        So does that underscore how meaningless the word is, or does it show that the word contains multitudes?

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          1. I mean, if you were the one “producing content,” then maybe the contents would be hot. In my case it would be more like “Contents may be tired, pudgy, and annoyed.”


      2. I did miss the Gain content. I am content with my laundry detergent though – I use the pods, which frequently I think “is this wasteful?” but then realize I don’t care. No mess, no spills, no detergent on my hands. When I do a bigger load, I throw in a few extra pods and call it good.

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  18. You could write your post in a word document first and check the word count, but that would make it much more of a hassle to just get the post up.

    I’m super interested in the Diana documentary now. That is an interesting perspective. I really don’t know anything about her.


      1. I’m not sure if I have seen Diana In Her Own Words. I have seen so many films/documentaries about her. I have read tons of books and I bought all the People magazines she was on plus The National Inquirer or whatever rag had good pictures of weddings, christenings, etc. You would think I would have OD’d on her by now but no. I enjoyed this season of The Crown too and I agree, it is That Diana Show this year.


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