I walked into the bathroom this morning, and the little bathmat was strewn across the floor and crinkled, the trashcan was knocked clean over and a washcloth had fallen off the tub. I like these signs that, in the night, Forest and Milhous were having themselves a time.

Speaking of, though, also this morning I headed to the snake shed, as I have a basket hanging outside of it where I store the various Blus for Edsel’s chawing pleasure, and right in front of said basket lies a rather large, rather dead, quite frozen mouse. I am once again going to assume F and M had themselves a time.

I really didn’t want a fourth fucking cat. But I’m so pleased by their partnership. The Law Offices of Forest & Milhous.

Forest & Milhous, DDS.

Milhous & Forest, Member FDIC.

Anyway, in other news, you know I can’t tell you everything right? I can’t. But dawgs, this was a week. I had a big thing going on, and now it’s done and everything’s back to normal.

But here’s the thing when you’re a migraine person. Once you come down from all the drama is when you get a migraine.

So I had one all yesterday, and it was annoying, and now I’ve woken up with it still here and it remains annoying. It’s low level enough that I can work, but I’m working with nausea and pain.

Also I am trying to type you from around the very fur-filled body of Forest, of the bath-mat-skewing Forests, of Forest, DDS, and every third word I type onto his actual fur on top of a key. All in all this blogging experience is a 3.

Also, speaking of blogging, I have to change my lewk, here. I mosied over to the ads, and you know what? This new format doesn’t show as many ads, so my cash money has gone way down, and what the hell. I wonder if I could tweak the ads instead of change my design. Like, look around and see if I could shove more of them at you, somehow. I don’t know. It’s a thing I’ll have to do when I’m not working and when I’m not working I’m so busy reading 1970s romance magazines or throwing Blu or spying on my neighbors that I never remember.

I do like this format I currently have so I’m loath to change it.

I guess that’s all I have to tell you, mostly cause my head hurts and I hate everything, so I’ll show you pictures I took this morning of the light on things.

Years ago, Miss Doxie made me a flower to put on my coat. I’ve had it on this lamp since I moved here but today I saw the light on it and it was so pretty.

Here’s the light on Milhous’s arse. Member FDIC.

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  1. Wouldn’t it be great if more people — any people! — most people! — could make some decent cash from their blogs! I mean, people who write regularly, often, well, and make their readers laugh out loud — people who DESERVE to be paid for their efforts. This means YOU. By all means, put those ads back on. -Kate


    1. On your headache going away. I’m a bit distracted today. Catching up on errands on this very blustery, cold day ahead of the snow coming on Sunday. I truly hope your weekend is much better.


  2. Ahh heck ya – put the ads back on! I never even notice them. Ads are everywhere – my eyes are programmed to go right past them and I bet this is true for most of your devoted readers! We all need income! Feel better!

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  3. The way that flower glows in the light is beautiful.

    Our little Giblet seems to have hit the Terrible Twos of Kittenhood. He’s a bit of a handful and sleeps all day and parties all night. He harasses the dog, tries to eat my hair, knocks things off surfaces, etc. The other day, he dug up a plant and dragged the remnants into my office, roots and all and was having a fine time playing with that thing. God, we love him!


  4. The ads don’t bother me, add em on. That way we can contribute.
    I love your Friday pictures, let there be light! We sure need more of it in these times. Hope your migraine takes a hike.


  5. My Crazy T races around the house and it cracks me up every ding dang time, except when he jumps on the table and sloshes my coffee. I love sunlight photos. Hope your migraine resolves so you can enjoy your weekend.


  6. Evidence of happy healthy animals makes us ridiculously happy, doesn’t it? So does a no migraine day and I wish you one.


  7. Thanks for the pictures of the light coming in your windows. I have been spending a large amount of time in our sun room lately – when the sun is actually out which hasn’t been many days. But today it is and I feel so much better! And the cat butt picture is similar to what I see early every morning, except mine is a sleek black cat with a huge butt!


  8. Samson and Delilah enjoy wrestling and rumpus-ing during the night too. I will often get up and find tufts of gray fur in various spots in the house.
    Hope your head feels better, and glad your stressy week is over (well, almost).


  9. Forest & Millhouse, a family company! 🙂 I usually find great tufts of fur along with evidence of a feline rumpus. Or maybe it was more of a fracas?

    I thought the post-stress migraines were just me! I’m not exactly “glad” to hear I’m not the only one, but I empathize?


  10. It didn’t dawn on me that I haven’t been seeing ads lately. But yeah. No ads.

    I love when you do your light pictures. The way my current house sits, I don’t get good light and it always kind of bugs. My last house, house fmr., got great light and had huge windows. I miss that. And my childhood home did too. On my list of musts for my next house, assuming I have a next house, will be to make sure it faces the right direction for good lighting.

    Hope your migraine gets better soon.


    1. I just realized that could have read like I was saying no ads as in we don’t want to see them. That was not what I intended. What I meant was to confirm I wasn’t seeing them. So I hope you can get them back. I used to click them.


  11. Love your pics. Sorry about your headache – hope it subsides before the weekend so you can have yourself a wild time. By the way, I was so happy to see you spending time with Ned; i worry about people that live alone during this endless shutdown. And then I was sad that he has to go back to work & now you can’t hang out. Also I see ZERO ads when I read your post so not surprised your income has decreased!


  12. Sometimes the light makes me so happy and other times it’s just… sad. Or maybe wistful. I don’t know if that even makes sense. I can remember times when I noticed the light going back years and years in my life. Nothing else special about those days, except the light. And that I noticed.

    Also too I just got the “PTSM” in the title. Slow but steady. That’s me.

    I hope your head gets less hurt-y.


  13. The light in your room is lovely! Bright winter light is my favorite. It’s lovely and hopeful. For the first 43 years of life I paid very little attention to the moon, but this house has perfectly situated windows to see gorgeous full moons! It’s such a treat!
    Have a grrrrrrreat weekend! 🙂


  14. I too love that they were having ‘a time’. I remember my kids being fairly quiet for awhile about a century ago. Later I found thst they had moved their mattresses into one bedroom in order to build a trampoline type room before those were even a thing. It was shocking and I had to try hard to keep my ‘this is naughty’ face on when really it was pretty funny.

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    1. Ernie, I had a friend who had triplets and when they became toddlers she put 3 mattresses, covered with fitted sheets, on their bedroom floor with pillows and blankets. They slept wherever they slept with whichever pillows and blankets. Together, apart, no matter. I thought she was pretty darn smart. Put a Dutch door on their room so the door was locked but open.


  15. I hope you feel better today. Milhous and/or Forest are doing their job, murdering critters and LEAVING them in the YARD, rather than bring them inside. The light photos are beautiful.

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  16. I don’t get a migraine after a stressy week but I will have break down palace. Like I can hold it together during said thing but then, break down palace.
    Great post!

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    1. What is it about that letdown? When I was a teacher I would stay well until Friday evening. Then be sick for the weekend. Over and over and over. Made me mad, it did.


  17. I love how the light makes the flower glow orange but then also shows off the orange cat butt. Hope the migraine goes away soon.

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  18. Sorry about your WEEEEK and your head. Here’s what I love. I love that no matter that you had a WEEEEK and you have a MIGRAINE, you still end with the light. Beauty & love.

    Lovely post, lovely June. Hope you feel better soon.

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  19. Do these stripes make my ass look fat?

    hope your head feels better today, J, so you can “enjoy” the “weekend.”

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