June checks in from her isolation booth to inform you she’s not a Ho-Ho

[shoves coat and purse in first, slides into booth]


[unwinds scarf]

Oooo, did you get nachos?

[crunches a nacho]

I don’t even like going to restaurants. Part of my myriad phobias is a restaurant phobia. But if I could go to one RN, I would. The last time I went to a restaurant was the day Kobe Bryant died. It was on the screen in the restaurant that he’d died and I gasped.

Are we that bad at talking to each other now that we need the TV on while we eat? I remember when I was a hostess, before cell phones, this one dad brought a transistor radio to dinner with this family. I assume there was some crucial sporting event that was more important than his family. That was 35 years ago and I still remember it. I wonder if he’s an old man now who wonders why his kids never visit.

He didn’t look up when I brought their water, so glued was he to his stupid radio.

Also, when I say, “I was a hostess,” I mean at a restaurant. I didn’t used to be a Twinkie. Or a Ho-Ho.

Anyway, how are you. I’m tryina think of anything actually of note has happened to me in the last few days. Really, no. I had been watching a show and ran out of episodes (oh my god, and as of this moment I can’t even remember what show I ran out of episodes with. I liked it, too, and was disappointed. And every time I run out of episodes on a show, I think, Well, I should just give up. I won’t find anything I like as much. And then I do).

Oh! I remember. Firefly Lane. I didn’t even like it very much, now that I say it out loud. It was stupid. It had that Kathryn Heimlich or whoever, the one with the big round face.

Anyway, then my TV told me to watch a Netflix show called Love. And you know how now they give you a preview while you’re mulling? It looked clever. So I said OK to the man. That is a line from When Harry Met Sally that probably only Fay is catching.

So, the female character in Love lives in Silverlake, as I did. Silverlake is a neighborhood in Los Angeles. She is a love addict, and I am. Or was. I feel like I just sort of grew out of it. Or can you be in remission?

Anyway. She fucks up all the time and you’re like, Oh my god, stop fucking up.

In general I am riveted by this show. And what do the trolls say? “Triggered”?

People are so mean to each other online. Remember when we used to be nice online and send each other pokes and IM each other on AOL at inopportune times and that was as far as it went?

So I watched a lot of Love, and I read people’s tarot cards, and I took a long walk in Forest’s cemetery. And that about sums it up.

Every time I go in that cemetery I look for kittens now.

And I don’t know if I’ve told you this, but Forest has a routine that is annoying and cute. Most of the day he’s either sleeping on my bed, with Iris, or he’s outside playing in the back with Milhous.

Important film from this weekend.

In the morning, though, as soon as I open this laptop, he jumps up here and gets on my lap between me and the keyboard. Oh, he LEANS on my wrists, and he PURRS, and he gets his dreamy look, and basically typing is a pain in my ARSE because there’s 10 pounds of cat on my hands. But he seems so happy and I hate to deprive him.

He’ll be 1 in March, Forest Lawn Gardens will. This is exciting because I can stop giving him kitten food and I can feed everyone the same thing, Iris’s $700 special food that they all like.

Also, and I hope this is not too controversial, but I’ve decided to just give him the same birthday I gave Lily when the shelter said she was born in March: March 11. They can share a birthday.

Lily will be 11 and Forest will be 1.

Oooo, and the other thing I did was watch the Woody Allen documentary on HBO. It’s in four parts and I saw part one, titled Woody Allen is a Monster and This Is a Very Balanced Documentary. On Facebook of June, I said I think Woody Allen is innocent, and I noted someone left the group, unfriended me and unfollowed me on Instagram all on that day.

Here’s what I have to say to that person, if they are still reading this blog: Fuck you.

Seriously, fuck you. I write a fekking blog for 15 years, I entertain you on social for almost that long, and I have one opinion you disagree with and you’re all, “Well, that’s it.”

Go. Go and fuck off. I probably had to read your shitty political posts for a decade, and never said a word. But go. Go.

I’d better go (hah) and get my work stuff started. I have a big thing to work on due today, and that’s actually pretty exciting because normally Mondays are slow because copy editing is the last step, and on Monday everyone is starting everything and what’s really fun for copy edit is Friday afternoon.

WE NEED THIS BY 5:00!! It’s 4:47!!!

But not today! Today someone started something last week, GAVE it to me last week, and said, “Can you get this back midafternoon Monday?” so I actually have something to do right away.

All right. I’ll talk to you later. Someone give me an idea for what I can blog about whilst I’m stuck here.


85 thoughts on “June checks in from her isolation booth to inform you she’s not a Ho-Ho

  1. I almost forgot, we were kitten sitting and the special food was such a pain in the arse. He had his kitten food and our cat has her prescription food. I don’t think one weekend of prescription food would’ve hurt the kitten, but if our cat eats regular food, she will end up with raging bloody diarrhea (lovely picture I’ve painted there), so we had to feed the kitten separately. Since we had a busy weekend, it was less than ideal to lock up the kitten in the kids’ bathroom while we all tried to get out the door in the mornings. It made me realize we probably need to put getting a kitten on hold until our current cat heads to kitty heaven – hopefully no time soon.


  2. Heck, I meant to comment yesterday! Lovely post, Coot. Also, I hate how no one can have a differing opinion these days. Everyone thinking exactly the same is not only impossible, but so dang boring. Gosh, it aggravates me to no end! Lu annoy! Good riddance to the flouncer.


  3. Where in the heck do you put your legs in bed? Your bed is full of fur babies! I don’t think a king size bed would be big enough for all of you. 🙂

    Quick question. Several of your cats are long hairs. Do you have any problem with their fur matting, and if so, do you have to brush/comb them daily? I have two long hair critters, one (Nosy Nella) has silky smooth, non-matting Norwegian Forest cat fur, while the other (Tilly McTillster) has thick, coarse Maine Coon fur. Tilly needs to be combed daily and cries out when I comb her snarls. I should probably add that when she was just a kitten she had to have a back leg amputated, rendering her a three legged kitty. So, I am very careful in that area.

    I like to hear about your neighborhood and your neighbors. Maybe you could write more about that? Of course, most people don’t venture out in the winter months so that may have to wait until the weather gets warmer.

    I watched the first four episodes of Firefly Lane. It was so-so.


    1. I do brush Iris and Lily when they’re eating, so they don’t really notice. Then as soon as I’m done they look touseled again. Forest’s fur is really silky but he does get mats near his ears. He lets me brush him but he’s not really what you’d call delighted by it.


  4. You’re such a developed writer and have a great style that you don’t need to talk about anything specific. I know it probably sounds selfish but I really enjoy reading your day to day posts.

    Lovely post, you’re pretty!


  5. I hate it when I am late to the comments and I have so much to say now!
    1. On the pet birthdays, all of my pets are adopted/off the streets teenaged moms/etc. so birthdays are nebulous. I tend to give them the closest family birthday. Such as my Angus MacPhee has the same birthday as my son. Ernest T. Bass gets celebrated on the same day as my cousin. But they all get a day.

    2. I think Paula H&B should write a book of fun things from her childhood.

    3. I can not wait to get in there and turn on the Woody Allen show on HBO.

    4. As far as Yellowstone goes, I can not even imagine having a man who would do anything for me the way Rip does for Beth. The way he looks at her just about brings me to my knees. Deep and abiding love and passion.

    5. The very best series I have watched the last 15 years of this damn pandemic has been on Prime Video called Seaside Hotel. It is in Norwegian, I believe with English subtitles. Just a wonderful show. I loved the characters so much.

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  6. I worked as a carhop at an A&W for Two Hellish Summers. So if you want Tray Over the Window Horror Stories, I’m your girl.


  7. I’ve read all the comments. I want to add that I edit resumes most of the work day and people are forever Capitalizing words like Business Requirements, Opportunities, Break Fix, Configuration and User Stories.

    Loved the tray-in-the-window memories with my Dad at the A&W near our house.

    I dislike working from home and I have an office with a door, so many days I am in my office. I’ve eaten inside a restaurant this year. I’ve eaten in a hospital cafeteria. I’ve eaten on a lakeside patio. I’ve eaten take-out at a table with a friend in the driveway. Those driveway meals have been a highlight of happiness for me. What an unexpected pleasure!

    My mom was extremely ill in November and I stayed in her hospital room for 11 days on a floor that had five wings – three devoted to Covid. My aunt is possibly dying and I went to her bedside three times. Both my mom and my aunt were/are in a nursing care facility in December. My MIL fell and landed on her face and I took her to the ER. I go to church regularly. I feel safest in church: the protocols are strict and everyone is in compliance.

    I’m NOT listing all these things to show it’s no big deal. It’s just the year that I’ve been dealt.

    I’m uncomfortable unless I’m outside. I get nervous being too close to others. We live in the upper Midwest and the wind howls about 359 days of the year, so I don’t care if I’m outside. I can’t wait for my vaccine (my husband has one, but my 81 year old mother can’t get an appointment).

    I can’t keep a mask on my face, so I started wearing two masks back in September. The second mask helps to keep the first mask from moving around and it also seals better than one mask (on my face, I mean). I’ve been freaked out, but the decisions were all made out of love for family, not careless, Covid-be-damned jackassery.

    I will say that after 11 days inside a hospital, I believe masks are valuable.
    I’m also the kind of person who doesn’t want to breathe in what anyone else is breathing out, so I adopted the mask wearing pretty happily! Before times, I would hold my breath walking past someone in the grocery store, for example. So masks are good in my mind!

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    1. Hi June. The pets photos are adorable. I’m on a group text with my son and one of my daughters (the other one age 27, only wants us to “single text her; no group texts). They work from home (while I do nothing) and we send constantly send pet photos/videos back and forth. My son has the brother cat of my daughter’s two boy cats. And I have “too many” cats. On the subject of A & W, I live 15 miles from the first/founding A & W. It’s scary looking; I haven’t stopped by for years. I loved the food and wish it (this old drive in) looked less haunted and less germ filled. My mother used to be a roller skate wearing waitress at a rival business of A & W somewhere around 1955. The drive in was in the same town that the “American Graffiti” film was written about. Though my parents never could agree if they remembered George Lucas (as he grew up there too). My father says that he was in the pack of guys who cruised the streets in souped up cars and it wasn’t really like the film but close enough.


        1. Yes, she has made it quite clear that she feels stabby too. I wouldn’t want to group text with anyone other than my kids. I don’t miss the team meetings and group emails, or Team Instant Messenger messages (oh the horror of it).


        2. Oh yes – I hate those group texts. It never fails that someone will text me later and say something like, “who are YOU anyway! ”
          Good grief


  8. Your Uncle Leo story reminded me of a time when my family (all three of us) went to an A&W Drive-In. Mom had the tray on her open window because of course she did, she was MOM. Anyway, we were all done and Mom was gathering up the trash. Her window was still open (passenger side). Another car pulled in a couple of spaces down from us and ran over a ketchup packet. Somehow the ketchup was shot from the packet on the ground, through the air, through Mom’s open car window and splat onto the inside of Dad’s car window (driver side). Dad looked at the ketchup blotch, looked at my mother, who was still gathering up napkins and straw wrappers so was oblivious to what had happened and said, “really, Pat?” He was convinced that she had tried to get him with the ketchup. My peals of laughter from the backseat didn’t help.

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          1. YOU COULD HAVE HAD IT ALL, GAIL. Yes, that’s a classic. I’ll tag you in the tiller story. It’s become a family thing: I can’t drive the tiller.


            1. My guy’s ex girlfriend is a Gael with that odd spelling. I call her Greusome because she was. I called the married jerk liar who was a Donald Dastardly. I am so mature.


            2. As Mark Twain said, “The reports of my death are greatly exaggerated.”

              This Gail is still alive and kicking.


      1. Oooh, yes! I have lots of funny (or weird, whatevs) family stories. Here’s just a sample: my dad got married in nudist wedding.

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  9. 1. I didn’t watch the Farrow/Allen documentary. Woody has always, ALWAYS creeped me out big time and Mia is a child-hoarding nut job although I love Ronan Sinatra Farrow (he’s totally Frank’s kid). But I will say this: as far as his guilt or non-guilt, I don’t know. I do think he was weirdly, unhealthily obsessed with Dylan. I do know that it’s all in the storytelling. A good storyteller can make anyone believe their tale. I remember reading a book about Anna Anderson, the woman who claimed to be Grand Duchess Anastasia Romanov and by the end of the book, I was all “It’s her! She IS Anastasia!” because the author presented such a good case. Yeah, no. Anna Anderson was actually a Polish factory worker. But damn, I was convinced.

    Q. I miss going out to restaurants. We’ve frequently gotten take-out from our local restaurants because it’s important to support them but getting take-out just isn’t the same. My husband and I used to go out to breakfast every Saturday. It would be our weekly work meetings where we’d discuss our projects and employees. Haven’t done that in almost a year and I miss it. However, I am not in a hurry to mingle amongst the unwashed and maskless masses.

    iv. What I really miss is attending sporting events and Disneyland. But even if Disneyland reopened tomorrow I wouldn’t go, both because crowd cooties and also because Disneyland cancelled ALL annual passes and refunded everyone’s money and they haven’t announced what will happen to the Annual Pass program when they do reopen. All I know is that it won’t be cheap.


  10. JUNE! My daughter and I just finished Firefly Lane too! We were also upset. We thought our questions would be answered–but NOOOOOOOOO. Still questions. It is annoying. I keep thinking back to it too. I liked it, even if some parts were stupid. The historical parts are fun and I dig their transitions between time periods.

    Lovely post, lovely June!


  11. My MIL said to watch Firefly lane or whatever it is, I can’t stand Heigl and now you’ve solidified me not watching it. Escape to the Chateau is wonderful, started on PBS, now is on HGTV and Peacock. I think Allen is innocent too, I’m not on facebook so no one to stop following me or whatever it is you do. Can you blog about tarot readings you’ve done that haven’t been, um, quite so nice? I want a nacho too.


  12. I love the Chateau series. It is on HGTV on Saturday evenings. (at least for me in California) They are so nice to each other, even in trying situations. Farrow vs. Allen, I watched last night and decided that both Woody and Mia are half a bubble off. (construction term regarding a level) meaning, neither one is level. I do not think we will ever know the truth.


  13. Mr. Helen and I just had the restaurant discussion over the weekend. We have decided that once we both are vaccinated and the vaccines have settled in for a couple weeks, we are going to eat at our favorite Italian restaurant. Funny, we were never really people who ate out at restaurants, a lot, but now that we can’t, we miss it so much. I wonder why that is?


  14. I know for sure that two of my dogs have January birthdays (4th and 24th). We adopted our 3rd dog on January 2nd. I have no idea of the age or birthdate of our 4th dog … ALL of them get a year older on January 1st, no matter what! LOL! It’s just so much easier that way. I love the group bed photo!!


  15. Lovely post Coot.
    I have not eaten in a restaurant since December 2019. We have gotten deli food from the supermarket a time or two. Probably will not be eating in a restaurant for a long time. I do miss having Lunch Lady Wednesday. There was a group of us that met on Wednesdays for lunch. It was a very diverse group of mature women who consisted of everything from an artist to a minister. They always had the funniest stories. We tried to do a Zoom call and it was just boring.


  16. People are getting weirder and weirder. Why the group think? I hate it. I can’t believe Forest is going to be a year old. I can’t believe how fast time is going. It makes me feel melancholy.

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  17. Who left? Inquiring minds want to know. I am grossed out by the Woody Allen sitch but you opened my eyes to some points I was not aware of. You are entitled to your opinion. Leaving and blocking is very stupid. Your entertainment value is beyond compare. I love reading your posts. Yes, F her. It’s her loss.


  18. Good morning! I love the video of ALL the creatures on the bed together. It’s always a good thing when they all get along. But who could not get along with Edsel? Really! Enjoy your work day and every one of your furry friends. Your mother’s neighbor


  19. Dear June;
    My learnin’ today has been of the tiny Singapura cats (of which I want) and the lifestyle of the American nomad as per Nomadland. I don’t have a streaming service for Nomadland so I have ordered the book from my library.
    I very much enjoyed the ‘important film from this weekend,’ and I excitedly watched it, maybe four times, but who is counting. I especially enjoyed the eye roll from Edsel and the ear flick from Forest. Meanwhile, the girls slept on.


  20. We (I don’t have a mouse in my pocket), meaning me and my husband, have eaten out, not going through the drive-thru, three times in the past year. All three at the same place, the OK Cafe in Atlanta. The Atlanta people will know this is a great place to eat, if you’ve never been there, it’s good. Anyway, we ate there on our anniversary, actually we had breakfast after a doctor’s appointment. The other two times were after doctor appointments. Last time we went to the doctor we decided to pass on the eating there because of the surge in covid.
    As a child I can remember eating out two times, occasionally my dad would take us to the Old Hickory House, but we ate in the car because they had curb service and mounted one of those little trays on the side of the car. I suspect most of you are too young to remember those car trays. The rest of the time we ate at home, all together at the table, or we ate at my grandmother’s, usually, we ate there one evening during the week and always on Sundays.
    Have you watch “The Chateau”? It was on our local PBS channel here. It’s about an English couple that bought an old, abandon…are you ready…chateau in France and restored it one room at a time. Their dream was to use it as an event location. They got married at their own chateau, hosted other weddings and restored the barn or carriage house for her parents to live close to them. Actually, the project was overwhelming, but they made it work.


    1. A. That show sounds right up my alley and I will watch it after my love addict Silverlake girl show. 2. Once we went to one of those restaurants with the trays, and for no reason I can remember, we were in our car and my Aunt Kathy and Uncle Leo were in their car. The waitress took the tray things off our windows but Uncle Leo kept his strawberry shake to finish it. At the same time, my mother and I happened to look over and Leo threw the remainder of his shake out the window. The problem was he’d rolled UP his window and forgotten this pertinent bit of info. For a moment, all you could see was pink. But then it revealed my Uncle Leo, laughing hysterically inside the car. My aunt was not as amused.

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        1. Decades later, Uncle Leo makes my day. Pink splat and slow reveal! Still giggling. Thanks for that visual, June. Reminds me of another classic slapstick moment when my little brother, trying to come indoors from the pounding rain, shut the umbrella right over his head and got drenched.

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            1. I have to watch the Woody documentary. From what I’ve read over the years I also lean toward his innocence. He’s still creepy but he can be creepy and still not be a molester.
              This was similar to our Scott Peterson is/isn’t guilty conversation. A few people got heated. Dudes. I 100% believed he was guilty. I watched the documentary. Now I 97.5% believe he’s innocent. That doesn’t mean your opinion is less. It doesn’t mean I can’t still like a person. It means we have differing opinions. Which I naively thought was ok between people.


              1. Good point, Jan. On all counts. Someone said they didn’t like how Woody Allen looked, so that made him a child molester. OK. I wish you’d say something I disagreed with so I could literally say, “Sure, Jan.”


              2. Scott Peterson isn’t guilty? Now I have to watch that. And Woody. Am currently watching murder documentaries on Netflix and cannot believe these savage animals.

                I might try Firefly (is that it?). I was recently talked into watching Virgin River. Season one was ok. Season two was horrible.


            2. He was, like Aunt Kathy and Queen Victoria, less amused. But he is remarkably tolerant whenever I have brought it up more recently.


    2. Ooo – is that the one where they build to dome out on the lake as an air B&B? I’ve watched one episode, and now I want to watch more!


      1. TK, the Chateau is surrounded by water and they do want to use it as an air B&B. This is the one where the lady has BRIGHT red hair and two cute, little children and the guy looks like a walrus with his beard and mustache.


        1. Yes! That’s it! I cracked up that their children’s names are Arthur and Dorothy. Completely lovely names, of course, but like they took a grandma and a grandpa and shrank them into children. I can’t wait to watch more.


  21. March 11, huh? Well. I considered leaving you after this announcement, but I guess I’ll take the high road and stick around for more controversial content.

    I wanna watch the Woody doc. Someone remind me. I’ll Withhold Judgement until I’ve seen the Evidence. Do you ever see people who post things and Capitalize Every Word. How do they do that?

    If anyone is looking for something interesting to watch I highly recommend Nomadland. It was a real eye-opener.

    Lovely post lovely June!

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    1. There is a guy on my Next Door, and every time he comments I am delighted, because HE IS A FRUITCAKE and Capitalizes Words that Don’t Need to Be because he thinks it makes them Seem Important.

      Our Local Government needs to fix the Traffic Lights on Wendover! I seen Many Accidents on this Road due to Carelessness and people being Other Colors than Me.


      1. Ha! I’ve noticed the Unnecessary Captitalizers are also the Apostrophe Abuser’s. And the metaphor mixers. Seems to go Hand in Glove. (I can barely type that without going back and fixing it!)

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    2. Well, That’s Just Charming!
      There is a blog I’ve read for a while that I really enjoy, but for a time, the author capitalized words that she felt were godly. Like “When I saw the sunrise over the water I felt such Hope and Peace after such a difficult week.” She was totally sincere, but it bugged. She’s stopped that.


    3. I watched Nomadland last night because my nephew is living that life right now. He has terrible PTSD from what he saw with his top security clearance in the Navy and wants to live off the grid in New Mexico. His wife, who said she was all for it, suddenly left him and took the kids when they were on the road. So sad, the family is all concerned about his welfare. I know that there is a community out there on the road and I hope he finds some companionship and peace. BTW, the movie was wonderful.


  22. First let me say that your pets are completely saaacked out! Like comatose, they are sleeping so hard. I want to sleep like that!
    OK – I have two things we can talk about.
    1. Re-entry into Restaurants: I have been cooking every day for a year. Mr. Texas and I are fully vaccinated and decided to bravely go out to dinner for our anniversary. (27th!) I’m glad we went. It was nice to have choices of what to eat, have it simply appear in front of us, and then whisked away with zero work on my part. Having said that, two cautions. One, it was more crowded than I expected, and it will be awhile before I eat out again. Two, my tummy was like whoa, there, lady! What’s up with all these rich ingredients? So that part wasn’t fun.
    2. Yellowstone: We are about two episodes into season 2. We’re into the premise of this show and the scenery is lovely, but DANG the characters are so unlikeable. I mean, like, ALL of them. Who are we even supposed to root for? I thought the little boy was the only one I could like until he decked that nurse.


    1. Oh my goodness, Texas Kari! I couldn’t agree more! They are ALL awful people, or should I say Awful People. We are in season 3 now, and I sort of like Jimmy. And sometimes I can like some of them, but only fleetingly. Awful People.

      P.S. I hope you and your home are okay after the big winter storm. I have been thinking a lot about you and all you other Texas people! xo


      1. Awful People! hilarious!
        So kind of you to ask about us! Our home is fine. We were without power for 2 1/2 days, but we had water (required to boil first) and a gas fireplace and a gas stove. All in all we fared well. I’m glad it’s behind us now.

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    2. All of the people on Yellowstone are horrible. Really, truly horrible. But I can’t help liking them and pulling for them. Keep watching. You’ll learn more about them and their pasts.
      I love all


      1. Damn it. Fat thumbs hit done.

        I love all the bunkhouse guys. Every last one of them.
        I love Rip and all of the Duttons except Jaime.


        1. I like the bunkhouse dudes, too, but I don’t like Rip. He’s a snake in the grass. You never know which version of him you’ll get. Beth, on the other hand, is a total NIGHTMARE, but at least she’s super up front about it. ha!


          1. Rip is a good, good man. A loyal, good man. Please keep watching.
            I am completely in love with Rip Wheeler. Deep, Abiding, Everlasting Love.


            1. Well, ok, JAN! I’ll take your word for it! I need someone to like in this show, and it might as well be him. I did appreciate him trying to save the two trespassers stuck on the side of the cliff, but they were not good listeners. Splat.


              1. Just remember- I called dibs on Rip once you realize you also love him. He and I are married. It’s a spiritual marriage.


    3. I think I’m still on Season one of Yellowstone, but yes, they are all hateful awful turds. I remember the tribal commission guy (Tom …. Waterspout? Tom … Rainbarrel? Tom …. RAINWATER!) from the Twilight series, unfortunately, so I have a hard time taking him seriously.


  23. Great post June.

    Right now I’m feeling the cat food problem hard.

    If you or any of your readers have any thoughts can you put here please!!! Any advice is good advice no bad.

    My Singapura, (very rare breed) has just decided the only food he likes is either chicken necks or specially formulated Kitty kibble to clean cat teeth (last March I paid $550 for the vet to clean good teeth).

    My other cat a Devon Rex, will eat anything…

    Does anyone have a suggestion?

    BTW June, your tarot reading results are halfway through (I hope) and I take good things get better for us both. (As per the reading).


    1. Try raw. I shop at an independent store in Michigan, the owner is a Board Certified Naturopathic Doctor, I believe they ship overnight for raw and have tons of other good options and supplements if you don’t want raw. The owner researches every food she sells and won’t sell foods that don’t meet her standards. Disclaimer, I worked there for a few months when I got laid off 8 years ago. I switched my 15 year old cat (at the time) over to 50% raw and she liked it, lived to be 18.5. They are good, honest people, check out thepetbeastro.com. Not trying to plug them, but they are very good, can offer advice and I trust everything I buy from them to be good for my cats.


    2. Rogue, I don’t have any answers but if you ask your question on the Book of June you will get more suggestions. It’s harder to comment on the blog than over there.


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