Up on the rooftop, raindrops’ paws.

I’ve got my forbidden coffee, I’ve got my phone in case I want to add pictures, I’m all signed in to the myriad things I have to sign into to use this work laptop (good gravy)…and?

Rain on m’glasses. I can hardly see. Why?


It’s raining, see, (and no, I CAN’T see) and while I know rainy days and Mondays might always get you down, they don’t bother me a bit. It’s just another of the dumb ways I’m not like everyone else.

Like, you know on those rare occasions a man sets up a whole romantic scenario? A nice evening, rose petals, what have you? Or it’s an occasion that you’re supposed to be feeling romantic? Your anniversary, a birthday, Valentine’s Day?

Soft cone. I have absolutely zero desire to ever fornicate at moments like those. Where it’s expected. I did do it on my wedding night but I promise you I didn’t mean it. I was just so dying to lose my virginity.

Now, when we’re dusty in your gramma’s attic and she’s right below us wondering if we found the crock pot up there? Let’s go.

Why I gotta be all weird?

Anyway, I’ve digressed into a whole nother topic for a change when what I meant to do is complain about my dog because I am a magnificent person.

So it’s rainy, and I mean, not a fine mist. The kind of rain you can hear on your roof. Up on the rooftop, raindrops pause.

Is it reindeer pause or reindeer paws? I guess paws makes more sense.

Up on the rooftop, raindrops’ paws.

So when I opened the back door this morning, all the cats said, “Yeah, not so much.”

“Milhous tryin’ to quit.”

“Lily gived at office.”

“Eyeriss can’t see a fekkin tbing.”

That never gets old.

Anyway, Edsel, a creature of habit and a habitable creature, not that I live in Edsel but I practically do, ventured outside.

Now, the thing with Edsel is, sometimes I suspect he doesn’t actually GO his first trip of the day. I let him out and then I do all my things and come back and let him in, then I FEED him and then he instantly wants out again, which means food travels through him like he’s a goose, or maybe the first trip outside he just kind of meanders. I don’t know. I guess I could spy on him but I have shit to do.

But today, after his after-breakfast constitutional outside, he followed me around and led me to the door a third time. Edsel, a creature of habit and a creature I cohabit with, does not usually do this, leading me to come to the conclusion that the rain freaked him out and he was going outside, surveying the situation, and saying, “Edz pee some other time” and then 14 seconds later thinking, “Man, Edz really haff to pee” and heading to the door again.

So, the THIRD time, I let him out but stood at the door. He hesitated, but I encouraged him with my soothing dulcet tones (“Edsel, COME ON.”) and he walked to the grassy portion of our yard. The gassy knoll. You’re welcome.

And then?


C you next Tuesday, when Eds will actually pee.

Oh my GOD he was a C. He C’d helplessly in the yard, rain making him blink, and did nothing but curve at the spine. He was like modern art out there, all curved and making no sense.

“God DAMMIT,” I said, in my soothing tones, and took off m’socks. These are my favorite ones, with rubber stuff on the bottom so I don’t skid. I didn’t want to get them wet and ruined.

So that is how my glasses got wet. I had to walk around with the dog, hoping it would encourage him to go, and he never did and for all I know he’s not gone at all today, which between you and me is giving me the willies.

But speaking of my back yard, I had an incident where I was kind of a Karen, if you’ll forgive me for saying that.

As you know, from your big book of … as you know, I have a pear tree in the back.

Last summer was the second summer I lived here, and the pear tree went nuts. Branches were on the ground, so weighed down with pears were they. “Oh, you gotta trim your pear tree every year,” the internet told me, but not till it was too late. I mean, it was berserk. Branches got all twisted and broke. It was unpearable.

“Why do I come back day after day for 14 years? Things like ‘unpearable,’ that’s why.”

“Trim your pear tree in the winter, and consider comedy school,” said the internet. So in DECEMBER, I started looking for tree-trimming companies.

“That will be $500,” said the first company. Lily trying to quit.

“That will be $275,” said the second company, and I said OK. They couldn’t come for weeks, though.

“I can do it for $150,” said company three, not three’s company, and he actually physically arrived at my home, which was better than the other two.

“You’re hired,” I said. And then waited.

And waited.

And waited.

I made sure to only call every 10 days or so. “Yes, ma’am, you’re on my list, it’s just …” and every time there was a reason. We’d had ice storms so he was overbooked. Or it had rained and then he was behind. They all seemed fairly legit, but you’re really supposed to cut your pear tree in my zone in January/February, which is why I booked this in December.

I don’t know if you’ve noticed but time has marched on, and it’s March, and the tree looks like it’s fixing to bud. I checked my phone, and I’d last called him February 16, and he had assured me I was on his list for not that week but the week following.

I added it up. That had been 12 days before., meaning once again the week he’d said he’d be there was once again the week he wasn’t there.

Do you ever just go along just fine and then the injustice of the world just gets to you? I was SO TIRED of men disappointing me. So tired of it. Ned, who was nice enough to put up my Ring camera for me this weekend, said HE couldn’t trim the tree because “it’s muddy.”

I thought about the day that second place called and said, “We can come today” and I said, “Oh, no thank you. ANOTHER place is coming for $125 less.” Boy, I showed THEM.

So here’s what I did. I gathered up my clipper and my saw thing and my ladder and I called that company, company three.

“Yes. I just want you to know I’m 55 and have bad knees and I’m going to climb a ladder and cut the damn pear tree myself. I called you multiple times and you always said ‘next week’ but next week never came. I have several large, mature trees I would have used you for when the time came, so you should’ve considered that before you blew me off.”

Then I hung up victoriously and immediately felt bad.

But I pulled on my damn wellies and got my damn clippers and —

I just got bad news on the phone. I’ll talk to you tomorrow.

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  1. My husband is a general contractor. He could build a house by himself to code. I’ve been asking him for years to please fix our screen door, fix the toilet, fix this, that and the other thing and he always says he’ll do it and then does not do it. And when I say “Fine, I’ll call a handyman/plumber/whatever,” he gets pissy and asks why I’d pay someone to do it when he can do it himself. Lather. Rinse. Repeat.

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    1. Yep. I am in same boat. Mine has handyman ADD. He will start a project then before he is finished will see something else that needs done so the first thing gets out aside for thing 2 which falls way to thing 3 and nothing is ever completed

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    2. My Dad was a plumber. The toilet always ran, faucets dripped and only when Mom went on strike did things get fixed from scrounged parts so the fix didn’t last very long.
      One of their friends who was a contractor started an expansion on their house when the “new baby” was on the way. That baby was my classmate and the room wasn’t finished when we graduated high school. It’s a thing.

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  2. My own husband is the absolute worst at having things on his list that he never bothers to do and then has the nerve to look offended when I remind of something he promised to do 5 years ago.

    I really do hope the phone call news is not horrible.

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  3. Reading this made me angry at all the things my husband won’t do. He’s just not a handy guy. But I hate to pay for things to get done. And some are things that I could do, but he won’t LET me do them by myself and then we fight and he screws something up and it’s my fault.

    Hope everything turns out ok.

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  4. Standing in your doorway, June. I have cobbled together it is something with your dad. I will sit in vigil here, sending hopeful, peaceful, and healing thoughts.


  5. Wish I could send you a box of courage to get you through your day. Late night, early morning phone calls make the whole body tingle. Thinking of you today.


  6. Prayers for the bad news. Those early morning calls are terrible, my heart stops when I get a call from my sister-in-law because she never calls to say hello, it’s always bad news about my brother.
    We have been waiting three months to have a huge oak tree cut, same excuses. My husband just found a crew that can cut it without driving heavy equipment across the yard. Now we wait…
    My cat was in and out three times last night. The third time I told her I would see her in the morning, then I couldn’t go back to sleep. Right now she’s in her chair sleeping.


  7. Hope your Dad is ok!

    My problem is similar – the guy doesn’t get the work done when he says he’s going to…but the guy is my husband, so I’m kind of stuck. It is tempting to call in someone to do it for him, but then I’d likely run into your situation, plus I just can’t stomach the idea of paying money for work the husband would do better. Sigh. Men…I’m pretty handy, but I swear the husband hides his tools on me. 😉

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    1. This was me by the way. First time I’ve ever commented from my phone. Which leads to a really long story about my computer and Apple and terrible service but I’ll save you all that drama.


  8. Glad you could get your tree trimmed so it won’t be unbearable again. Hoping your bad news turns out OK.


  9. Positive thoughts for your Dad. Those calls are terrifying enough let alone when you’re an only child and especially in this pandemic period.

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  10. Lovely post Coot.
    Poor C Edz. I hope he finds a dry place to make wet. He needs a doggy umbrella and his own Wellies.
    I hate when service people blow you off. I was refinishing my wood floors. The floor guy gotten sanded then said I will be back tomorrow. A month later no floor guy. I got my 3 Yorkie made them sniff a rag he left and commanded they find him. Like the true bloodhounds they weren’t they yiped and peed and did nothing. But, I found him 3 blocks away on another job. When I confronted him in the mayor’s foyer, he was at the mayor’s house, you know what his his excuse was? His brain swelled and he forgot. HIS BRAIN SWELLED AND HE FORGOT! so there you go.
    Hope all is well on the home front

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    1. “My brain swelled and I forgot” is right up there with “I forgot armed robbery was illegal!”


  11. Your beautiful neighbor from another street….she is your woman for tree trimming.
    The news …the bad news… good thoughts coming from here


  12. Ooof. What an ending.

    Thinking of you and your father. That’s just exactly how those calls come, isn’t it?


    1. My aunt called while I was writing, and for her it’s 6 a.m. and I knew that wasn’t good. I changed the ending of this post to be less specific. Further reports as developments warrant.

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      1. I’m sorry to hear there is bad news. Those early calls are the worst. Sending good thoughts.


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