I’m in my prime. You are too.

First of all, before we all up and forget, it’s Steely Dan’s birthday. He is one, according to the estimated birth date the vet gave him back when I first brought him in. I would take a picture of old Steely Dan, but he’s outside tripping the elderly or whatever the hell. Continue reading “I’m in my prime. You are too.”

The Affair Continues

I know I haven’t written in three days, like Jesus’s blog that one Easter weekend, and all your water towers read Save June and so forth, but I’m back now. I awoke with a dang migraine Friday morning, and I kept thinking, Oh, surely I can drag self to work, but the harder I tried the more I could not do so. Continue reading “The Affair Continues”

She ran callin’ fireflies

Because the first thing they teach you in kitten school is How to be a Pain in the Ass, my cats all want to go out in the morning, but they all want to go out at different times. Each one saunters to the door, and even if the back door is open and it’s just the screen door, the girl cats mew piteously till I open it. Continue reading “She ran callin’ fireflies”

Let me call you Megan, I’m in love with you.

This morning, I woke up at Ned’s. Continue reading “Let me call you Megan, I’m in love with you.”

Look sharp

Last night, I went to my old movie theater and saw Joe Jackson. Not that he was in an old movie.

You know Joe Jackson from this song:




Continue reading “Look sharp”

June visits a perfect puppy. Conundrums.

Yesterday after work I schlepped out to the country, and let’s talk about how much I want to move to the country. I just love it there, even though I spend much of my time there thinking about snakes and ticks. Do you ever just go somewhere and find yourself happier? That’s me in the country. I know for others it’s fancy places such as Rome or Cakes and Turquoise or whatever that tropical place is called. Continue reading “June visits a perfect puppy. Conundrums.”

Yore what, I’ll never know.

“Hey, June, can you proofread a deck by 2:00? It’s 80 pages.”

A deck is a presentation, usually a PowerPoint one, and there’s another of those two words squished into one with a capital letter in the middle that I like SoMuch. Continue reading “Yore what, I’ll never know.”