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Undercover June

Morning. Do I sound intimidating? I've been watching a lot of Undercover Boss, and thank god my weekends mean a lot lately. Undercover Boss is where a CEO or president or whatever hoo-hah of a major company (7-Eleven, 1-800-Flowers, Waste Management, the Chicago Cubs) (not that I watched 109 of these this weekend or anything)… Continue reading Undercover June

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Say “mulch” one more time

I had ideas about what I was gonna write about today and then I sat down and ...blank. ...Oh! Mulch! Yes. I came home for lunch and there was poor Chris of Chris and Lilly, unloading m'mulch. With a big pitchfork, like he was the devil. The devil who made my yard so pretty it's… Continue reading Say “mulch” one more time

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Easter Par-Aid

Last night, even though it was two hundred million thousand below zero, Ned and I went to a restaurant whose name bugs me: Pastabilities. Oh, stop. Pastabilities. However, it.is.delicious. You can't go wrong there. It is an impastability. I had The Traditional, which is penne pasta that cost more than a penne, with pink sauce… Continue reading Easter Par-Aid

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Also, Heinz.

I hope you had a good Easter weekend. Ned and I went to the cemetery. Before you go getting all judgy, Jesus spent Easter weekend in a cemetery, as well, so. Get off your high horse. Ned and I both like to go to old cemeteries. He seems to like to go obsess over how… Continue reading Also, Heinz.

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Yesterday I had brunch with Dick Whitman's mom. It was very pleasant to meet her. Oh please. I LOVED HER!!! Wait. More exclamation points are needed! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I knew she'd be the bomb. Every story Dick Whitman ever told me about his mom, I would listen and then say, "I love your mom." I think… Continue reading JG + DWM = TLA

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June has first-world problems

In case you were fretting and wringing your hands, I seem to be on the mend. I realized, being home all these days in a row, that I don't get to see a lot of pretty-things-the-light-does in my house, because I am off toiling all day. At least my iron gets to appreciate it. I… Continue reading June has first-world problems

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Post. Posty post post post.

Sorry to take so long to post today, and I like how I have to apologize for not POSTING first thing in the MORNING on a SUNDAY when people like Miss Doxie go a year between posts and I post every day, and I wonder if I could cram the word "post" into this sentence… Continue reading Post. Posty post post post.